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What's better suited to intimidate your enemies than a giant wasp by your side?! And a shooting giant wasp at that. This not-so-little drone will help dominate the battlefield in any situation!
— in-game description

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WaspInfobox.png Notice.png No microchip installed AddChip.png
DroneAbility2.png A-type chip.png A-type: effects
Notice.png No microchip installed AddChip.png
AddChip.png Notice.png No microchip installed Explosive32.png A-type chip.png B-type: attack
AC-type chip.png Arms Controller type
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B-type chip.png B-type: attack

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The Wasp Drone is a Tier 4 Drone introduced in Update 6.3.0 that can install up to 3 Microchips, including one Arms Controller. The Drone can hold up to 32 Energy.


The Wasp Drone's special ability is called Acid Sprayer. This allows the Wasp Drone's built in weapon to deal corrosion damage per shot. Every shot landed on an enemy will deal 145 stackable damage each second for five seconds, bypassing any damage resistance in the process. However, it is unable to bypass Reflector shields.

Built-in Weapon

The Wasp Drone has a built-in weapon which can be adjusted depending on what Arms Controller microchip is inserted into it. By default, it is stated to be a rocket weapon.

Microchip Summary

Microchip Summary
AC-type chip.png AC  A-type chip.png A  B-type chip.png B 
C-type chip.png C  D-type chip.png D  F-type chip.png F 
Press Down Arrow Button to View the Components of each Slot. Hover over individual Components to view each.


Wasp Drone.png

Update History

Version Changes
7.0.0 Now comes with fixed microchip slots
Energy capacity removed
Built-in drone ability added
Microchip slots cut in half
6.6.0 Now comes with fixed energy capacity
Power Cell activation cost removed
6.3.0 Drone was added to the game