All robots released since game version 3.1 have been classified as medium. Because of this, the wiki has come up with a criteria (approved by the War Robots forum and Reddit as acceptable).

The robots are classed depending on which of these 3 rule sets they fit in best with (fitting preferably 3 out of the four requirements in a given set).

Important Note: All the robots that use this criteria to determine a class qualify as a medium robot for daily tasks (view the 'List of Robots using Criteria' section for a full list of robots using this criteria).


Note: The values are based on a robot at level 12 (Mark I).


  • No more than 100,000 durability
  • No more than one medium and one light, 3 lights, or one heavy hardpoint
  • No less than 55 km/h max speed (not including abilities)
  • Generally small


  • No more than 150,000 durability
  • No more than 3 medium, or 2 heavy hardpoints
  • 41-60 km/h
  • Generally sturdy, but not very large


  • No less than 150,000 durability
  • No less than 2 heavy hardpoints
  • No more than 40 km/h
  • Generally large and bulky


Here are a few exceptions (robots that appear to belong to a different class):

  • Spectre (Medium): Although it seems to fit the light class criteria, it is considered a medium robot due to it being able to wield 4 medium weapons (way beyond the criteria for a light robot's hardpoint capabilities)
  • Strider (Light): It has more durability and firepower than the light class criteria, however, this robot has a very small frame and high (60 km/hr) speed, allowing it to qualify as a light robot.
  • Raven (Heavy): Although this robot fails to meet 3 requirements for a heavy robot, we labeled it as one due to it essentially being an upgraded Griffin (which is a heavy robot).
  • Bulwark (Heavy): The Bulwark has a top speed of 45km/h when fully upgraded, placing it in the medium class. However, the Bulwark meets all of the other requirements for a heavy robot, sporting 2 heavy hardpoints, more than 175k hitpoints, and a large, bulky frame.
  • Hellburner (Medium): Is classified as a medium because it has too much HP to be a Light, and too much speed to be a Heavy.
  • Falcon (Medium): it can carry 3 Heavy weapons, so it should be an Heavy, but it does not have enough hp (without damage resistance), and is too fast, so it is considered medium.
  • Invader (Heavy): This bot only has one medium and two light weapons, but it has a large frame, slow speed, and very high health, leading it to be a heavy.

List of Robots Using Criteria