Adam O'Leary

Pilot legend adamoleary

Adam's Edge: Robot's ability recharges faster.

Adrian Chong

Pilot legend adrian

Adrian's Mastery: All weapons deal increased damage.

  • Max: 5%
  • Robots: All

Alika Renner

Pilot legend alikarenner

Alika's Temper: Robot deals increased ability damage.

Amalia Itegumo

Pilot legend amaliaitegumo

Amalia's Resilience: Robot has increased defense points.

Ariadne Shaw

Pilot legend ariadneshaw

Ariadne's Thread: Robot's ability lasts longer.

Arnav Poe

Pilot legend arnavpoe

Arnav's Arms: Robot's ability gets an additional charge.

Basil Lapatte

Pilot legend basillapatte

Basil's Eye: Weapons with a range of 800 meters or higher deal increased damage.

  • Max: 7.5%
  • Robots: All

Clive Vicious

Pilot legend clivevicious

Clive's Trick Upon activation, the robot deploys a defense system, instead of an Aegis shield, that decreases all incoming damage.

Cormac de Vos

Pilot legend cormacdevos

Cormac's Ambition: The weapon in slot 2 (middle slot) deals more damage

Jad Parkes

Pilot legend jadparkes

Jad's Glee: Robot deals increased ability damage.

Kang Strong

Pilot legend kangstrong

Kang's Wrath: Robot deals increased ability damage.

Kyle Rogers

Pilot legend kylerogers

Kyle's Gizmo: The robot repairs a portion of its maximum durability each second.

Lilian Statera

Pilot legend lilianstatera

Statera's Synergy: The firing range of the robot's built-in weapon is increased.

  • Max: 600 (meters)
  • Robot: Hades

Linda Cano

Pilot legend lindacano

Linda's Spirit: Robot's energy shield recharges faster.

Michelle Dubois

Pilot legend michelledubois

Michelle's Mischief: Robot has increased Defense points for 8 seconds after ability activation.

Min-ji Novak

Pilot legend minjinovak

Min-ji's Courage: Robot deals increased weapon damage for 30 seconds after reaching 50% durability.

  • Max: 10%
  • Robot: Ares

Nicolas Wodanson

Pilot legend nicolaswodanson

Nicolas's Miracles: Robot has increased defense points while its ability is active.

Olga Minina

Pilot legend olgaminina

Iskra's Devotion: Robot's ability lasts longer.

Sigrun Valka

Pilot legend sigrunvalka

Sigrun's Support: Robot repairs larger amount of durability with its ability. The durability of its physical shield also increases.

  • Max: 20%
  • Robot: Tyr  

Soren de Vos

Pilot legend sorendevos

Soren's Tenacity: Robot's ability lasts longer.

Stanislav Chen

Pilot legend stanislavchen

Stanislav's Know How: Robot has increased suppression effect.

Tal Mokri

Pilot legend talmokri

Tal's Neuroenhancements: Robot deals increased weapon damage while its ability is active.

Thomas Mindread

Pilot legend thomasmindread

Thomas's Guile: Robot has increased speed while its ability is active.

Tobias Mwangi

Pilot legend tobiasmwangi

Tobias' Live Feed: All active modules on robot recharge faster.

Virginia Walker

Pilot legend virginiawalker

Virginia's Mercy: Robot's ability recharges faster.

Yang Lee

Pilot legend yanglee

Yang's Discipline: While its ability is active, the robot activates a Quantum Radar.

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