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Features are the mechanics that drive the game of War Robots, and will show what this game has to offer, outside of battle.

This page will cover; many various features, from ways to commence a battle, to acquiring or spending resources, as well as links to more developed and specific pages to name a few.

This page will not cover battle mechanics.

Starting a Battle

There are two different battle types; rated and unrated battles.

Battles are 6 robots versus 6 robots, or 6 robots all against each other (depending on game mode), they come with an assortment of different game modes, and are played on a variety of different maps.

Rated Battle

Main article: Game Mode

You start a rated battle by pressing the orange button on the top right of the hangar screen (shown below)


Here you will have a two choices; Random Mode or the currently featured game mode.

Random Mode (on the left), when selected will start a battle using one of the game modes listed below "Available battle modes".

The currently featured game mode (on the right) periodically changes when the game updates with a newly added game mode (the newly added game mode becomes featured).

Sometimes temporary (special) games modes which will show up to the right of the featured game mode.

Note: When starting a rated battle, maps are always randomized (cannot be chosen).

Custom Game

Main article: Custom Games

A custom game allows for casual (unrated) battles.

This mode can be accessed by pressing the button on the right side of the hanger screen (shown below)


Once pressed you will have two options "Create Squad" or "Create Custom Game".

Once "Create Custom Game" is pressed it will open the screen seen below:


On the left side of the lobby screen is where you can invite friends (see Friends for more info), Clan members, or pilots you have recently battled with or against, to the custom game.

On the lower left is the chat button (with a chat bubble symbol), this allows you to chat with pilots who are currently invited to the game.

On the top middle of the lobby screen there is a small button (gear symbol), that once pressed allows you to choose the game mode and map that will be used for the battle (shown below).


Note: By default the game mode and map is set to random.

Acquiring Resources

Below are various ways to acquire resources such as, Robots, Equipment, and Currency.

Supply Line

Main article: Supply Line

Supply Lines allow players to acquire resources without the need of being active (idle). The content of the rewards improves the higher the current status of the pilot's League Ranking, encouraging players to keep playing the game, whilst discouraging tanking behavior.

Every 20 hours you will receive a crate (drop). You can store only one of them, however once this occurs you will no longer receive another supply drop, until you collect it.

Rewards currently only include Ag (silver).


Also you may watch an advertising video to reduce the wait time by 30 minutes by pressing the respective button (as shown above).

The button used for acquiring the supply drop is located on the top right corner of the hangar screen (shown below).


Battle Rewards

Main article: Battle Rewards

Battle Rewards allows players to acquire crates that will be automatically opened upon gathering a required amount of Honor Points (see Honor Points for more info), which can be earned by being successful in battle. The higher your League ranking, the better the obtainable rewards.


The Battle Rewards screen can be accessed by pressing the crate circled on the image below, and is located on the top right of the hangar screen.


This will bring up the Battle Rewards screen, where you can view your current progress.

As shown in the picture below, you get rewarded with silver, War Robots Royale Tokens, and featured robots and/or equipment components (the amount of components you receive may be random depending on your current League).


The quantity of these rewards are increased the higher your League ranking, however they also require more Honor Points to acquire.

Lastly, the player must progress his/her way to open the crate of the current League they reside in (opening lower League crates along the way).

Note: Once the player acquires the crate of his/her's current League, the Honor Points will reset (0 Honor Points), they are then able to start over and can reacquire the previously rewarded crates, in the same manner as before.

Honor Points

Honor Points can only be earned in rated games, and by completing the battle objectives shown below.


Note: Depending on the battle's game mode, some of these objectives are unattainable.


Main article: Tasks

Tasks are objectives that once completed will give various rewards.

This section will cover the two different types of Tasks.

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks are goals that are completed by fulfilling certain (random) objectives in rated games, and upon completion the player receives a sum of gold as a reward.

To view available tasks, first press on the button shown below, which is located on the top left corner of the hangar screen.


On the proceeding screen press the "Tasks" button on the top of the screen (shown below).



Pressing the "Tasks" button will bring up the Daily Tasks screen (shown above).

Here, you can view both the objectives and the reward for completing said objectives, also this is where you collect the rewards once they are completed.

The player has an option (after completing a battle) to watch an advertising video to add progress to an incomplete task, by clicking on the button to the right of the objective.

Note: Everyday two new tasks become available, however there can only be five ongoing tasks at a time. If the player currently has five tasks, the player must complete at least one task to be able to receive a new one.

Bonus Tasks

Bonus Tasks are usually completed in the same fashion as Daily Tasks, however they are only available for a limited time. These Tasks often become available during events (see the Events section), and give rewards ranging from robots and equipment, to gold and special tokens.

The Bonus Tasks screen is access simply by pressing the button shown below, located on the top left corner of the hangar screen.



In the above image is an example of what tasks might become available during an event (this example is from the 4th Anniversary Event).

In the image below is an example of a task that you may receive either after making an in-game purchase or logging back into War Robots after an extended hiatus. These objective are not achieved in battle, but by making in-game purchases with real money.


Spending Currency

Main article: Currency

Currency comes in various forms and are used for different purposes, this section will cover the ways this game's currency can be spent.

Purchasing Robots & Equipment

See also: Robots or Equipment


The Store is the in-game shop where players can buy their robots and equipment from. Silver, gold or components, are used to make purchases.

To access the robot store press the "Change Robot" button on the bottom of the hangar screen (see below).


On the proceeding screen, press the "To Store" button on the top of the screen (see below).


Now you have entered the store, here you can scroll to the right to view what the store has to offer. To purchase a robot select the green "Buy" button below the robot you are interested in purchasing.

To access the equipment store, press the "Equip" button on the bottom of the hangar screen (see below).


On the proceeding screen, select the piece of equipment you would like to replace (example below).


Now you have entered the store, here you can scroll to the right and see what the store has to offer for the respective equipment slot type you previously selected (if the equipment you selected was from a light slot, the store will only show you light equipment, this also applies to medium and heavy equipment). To purchase a piece of equipment select the green "Buy" button below the equipment you are interested in purchasing.

Note: When pressing the "Buy" button for a robot or equipment that costs components, a window will pop up giving you three options, of how many components you would like to purchase with real money (shown below).


However, if you already have the amount of required components (10,000 components) pressing the "Buy" button below the particular robot or equipment will automatically convert your components into the respective robot or equipment, which in turn will be added to the player's inventory.


Main article: Workshop

Note: This section is outdated.

The Workshop allows you to convert silver (Ag) into components of robots and equipment of your choice.

To get to the Workshop main screen, press the button (shown below) on the left side of the hangar screen.



Pressing the "Workshop" button will bring you to the Workshop screen (shown above).

Here, is where you have all the tools needed to build whatever item you want. By pressing a green "produce" button to the right of a robot or weapon you are interested in building (use the tabs above to switch between robots and weapons) will add it to the production line, on the right of the screen. By default it will add 100 components (to the queue), in order to see other options press the button circled in red, next to an item you are interested in (see below).


Pressing it will bring you a pop-up menu similar to the one shown below.


Here, you can select a bigger batch of components, which in turn, is more cost and time effective.

Leveling up your Workshop allows you to gain more production slots, and more choices of component batches. You can view your current level (and progress towards the next level) at the top of the Workshop screen.

Lastly, your three most recent orders are shown (highlighted in blue), allowing for easy access of building components for a particular item in bulk.


  • All production slots produce components simultaneously, unlike the previous Workshop (which produced one slot at a time).
  • Some items require a certain level before any components are available to build.

Component Storage

This is the location where a player can view how many total components he/she has for each particular robot or equipment.

Also, this is a better alternative to converting your collected components into the respective item.

To get to the storage screen, first press the button shown below, located on the left side of the hangar screen.


This will bring you to the Black Market screen, from here you press the "Storage" button on the top right of the screen (shown below).



Pressing the "Storage" button will bring to the Component Storage (shown above).

Here, you can either purchase needed components, by pressing the "Purchase" button to the right of a robot or piece of equipment that doesn't currently have 10,000 or more components. Selecting this will give you three purchasing options (see Store for an example image) in which you spend real money to purchase the item's respective components.

Lastly, if you have enough components (10,000 or more) for a particular robot or equipment, you can press the "Get It Now!" button on the right side of the respective item, doing so will convert the components to the respective item and it will become available in the pilot's inventory.

Purchasing Extra Hangar Decks

Extra Hangar Decks allow for more options before the battle starts, thus giving you more choices of robots to deploy.

These can be purchased by first pressing the button shown below, located on the lower part of the hangar screen.



Pressing this button will open up the menu shown above.

Here, you can purchase Hangar Decks for a cost of 7,500 gold.

Once a particular Hangar Deck is purchased this menu can then be used to switch from the players original hanger (Hanger 1) to any newly purchased hangars, and vice versa.

Also, you will see the robots being used in the other hangar decks in your robot inventory. This allows you to swap a robot from one Hangar Deck with a robot from another Hanger Deck.

Note: Any newly purchased Hangar Deck will have as many slots as the player's original Hangar Deck (Hangar 1).

Black Market

Main article: Black Market

The Black Market is where a player can try his/her luck, by spending keys (earned from battles and given in Supply Drops) on a chest to receive a random reward spin.

To enter the Black Market, simply press the button shown below, which is located on the left side of the hangar screen.



This will bring you to the Black Market screen (shown above).

Here, you have an option of three different chests that can be opened; bronze chests contain basic equipment, gold, silver, and keys, and they cost 10 keys to open. Silver chests will yield bigger quantities of gold, silver,and keys, as well as equipment available for gold and components, they cost 100 keys to open. Gold chests contain top-tier equipment components in large quantities, but also a small chance to receive currency (gold or silver), and they cost 1,000 keys to open. Lastly superchests contains latest and hottest stuff with very small chance to get gold, these are opened by completing progress in the superchest bar (located in the top middle of the Black Market screen), progress is earned by opening bronze, silver, and gold chests (the better the chest, the more the progress bar is filled).

Note: The superchest progress bar is reset every 30 days.


Above is an example of what a spin may look like (this example is from a bronze chest).

Players also have the ability to view some of the rewards they won in the past. This can be done by pressing the "Rewards Log" on the top right of the Black Market screen (shown below).



This will bring up the Rewards Log (shown above).

Here, you can scroll up or down to view your most recent rewards won from all chests.

Lastly, Black Market keys may be purchased by pressing on either the top left corner of the screen (plus sign symbol), or the bottom right corner ("Buy Keys" button) on the Black Market screen (prices shown below).



Offers are a way to purchase currency (silver and/or gold) and Components (for robots and weapons).


The button used to enter the offers screen is located on the left side of the hangar screen (shown above).

There are four different types of offers:

Daily Deals

These offers last for 24 hours and consist of a combination of two component types. Everyday four different offers are given that is purchased with Au (gold). Each offer can be purchased twice before it expires.


As shown above, gold offers are usually 50% off.

1 Hour

These deals appear with three at a time, four times a day, last for one hour, and cost real money (prices vary).

One Hour

These offers are often comprised of gold; alone, or combined with a robot or weapon, robot or weapon components, or silver (above are a few examples).


These deals appear after winning a robot from a Black Market chest and may sometimes cost real money (prices vary).


The above image is an example of what deals may be offered after winning a Gepard from the Black Market.


These deals are offered for a limited time and often appear during events, usually costing real money (prices vary). 


Main article: Boosters

Boosters are purchasable items that can give you temporary stat boosts in rated battles.

To purchase a Booster press the button shown below, located on the top right side of the hangar screen.



This will bring you to the Booster store (shown above).

Here, you have can choose from three different types of Boosters (attack, defense, and resources) or your currently active Boosters from the panel on the left side of the screen. By default it will show you all of the Boosters of a particular type, however you can filter the choices based on their duration, by pressing on a filter tab (just above the Booster choices), to only show, for example; 2 hour, 1 day, or 5 day Boosters (these numbers are based on the above image and may vary based on Booster type).

For information on what the icons on each Booster mean, you can click on the "?" on the right side of the word "BOOSTER" on the top of the screen.

Paint Jobs

Main article: Paint Jobs

Paint jobs are cosmetic skins that can be purchased for all but a few robots.

To purchase a paint job enter the robot Inventory (see the Inventory section for details).

From the Inventory scroll to the robot of you choice, then press the "Paint Job" button on the lower left of the screen (shown below).



Pressing the "Paint Job" button will bring you to a screen similar to the one above (depending on the robot).

From here you can either purchase or apply already purchased paint jobs on the right side of the screen. Pressing on the desired skin will give cause a "Buy Paint Job" button to appear on the bottom of the screen (below the robot) or the "Choose Paint Job" button option (in the same location), if the chosen paint job is already owned.

Note: Applying a non default (standard) paint job will not alter any of the robot's statistics or hardpoints, as they are only for cosmetic purposes.


Upgrading is a way to improve the statistics of equipment and robots you currently own. This section will show you how to start and speed up upgrades.

Robots & Weapons

To upgrade a robot, you can press on the robot in your current hangar, then press the "Equip" button on the bottom of the hangar screen (see below), or enter the robot Inventory screen (see Inventory for info).


To upgrade equipment, you need to enter the equipment Inventory screen (see Inventory for info).

When in either your Inventory or the Equip screen, press the green "Upgrade" button below the item you are trying to upgrade (shown below example).


Pressing this will cause a pop-up to appear (similar to the one shown below).


Here, it shows what level it will upgrade the item to, as well as how much its statistics will improve (in the example above it the Bulgasari will gain 10,000 hit points, but no speed as a checkmark means the statistic is at its maximum).

Pressing the green "Upgrade" button will start its progress, however if another item is currently being upgraded a new pop-up will appear with a similar appearance to the image shown below.


This pop-up will give you a choice between either speeding up the upgrade currently in progress (to make room for the new upgrade) or to instantly upgrade the one that isn't in progress. The amount of gold it costs to speed up depends on how much time is remaining on the current upgrade.

Once you have started a new upgrade you can view its remaining time on the top of the hangar screen (shown below).


Here you can either instantly finish the upgrade for gold, or after each battle you can watch an advertising video to reduce it upgrade time by 20 minutes.

Mark II

Main article: Mark II


This section will cover how to add and potentially make friends, and how to play with them.


Logging Into Facebook

Friends can only be added via logging into Facebook.

To do this, press the "Menu" button on the lower left corner of the hangar screen (shown below).


This will bring up the Menu screen (shown below).


From here, press the blue "Log In" button on circled in the image above.

Upon pressing, a pop-up will appear asking for you Facebook ID and password, if you do not have a Facebook account press the "Create Account" link on the pop-up screen and follow the proceeding instructions.

Friends List

Any friend you currently have on your Facebook's friend list will show up on your War Robots friends list (if they are logged into both War Robots and Facebook), and they must play War Robots on the same platform (Android, iOS, or Facebook Gameroom).

To view your friends list click the button shown below, which is located on the right side of the hangar screen.


After pressing the aforementioned button, press the "Friends" tab on the screen (shown below).



Here, on the Friends screen you can see any of you Facebook friends currently playing War Robots and their current rating.


If you press on a Friends name (see above image), from here you can see their Pilot ID and weekly activity (see Activity Points for more info), also if the the "Profile" button is pressed (see Profile Info for details) you can view their current hangars and various other statistics.


Main article: Clans

Note: This section is outdated

Clans give pilots an opportunity to make friends or rivals, forming a brotherhood to become the best clan in the country or possibly even the world.

To create or join a clan, first press the button (shown below) on the right side of the hangar screen.



From this screen, you can create your own clan by pressing the green "Create Clan" button (see above). However creating a clan isn't free, it costs 1,500 gold.

Here, you can also join a clan, by first pressing the name of a clan that interests you, then on the subsequent pop-up menu by pressing the green "Join" button.

If none interest you, you can filter the results by country. To do this, press the small "INT" button to the left of the clan search bar.


This will bring up the pop-up menu shown above.

Here you can scroll through the list of all the countries in the world. Once you have found a country that interests you, select it and press the green "Choose" button. This will then show clans from that country in the results.

Note: Only one country can be selected at a time via the filter. Also, not all countries will have a clan available.

Lastly, one other way to join a clan is to be invited to one by a clan's leader.

To view recent invites, press "Invite and Requests" tab on the top of the clan screen (see below).


This will bring up the page shown below.


Here, simply press on the name of a clan that interests you (or one you aren't interested in), On the proceeding pop-up menu you have three options; first, you can reject the invite, second, you can view the clan leader's profile, and lastly, you can accept the invite to join the clan.


Main article: Squad


This section will cover some miscellaneous features.


The settings allow for a pilot to personalize his/her's in-game experience.

To access the setting screen press the "Menu" button on the lower left corner of the hangar screen (shown below).


This will bring you to the settings page (shown below).


Here, you have multiple options. On the left side of the screen you can turn both sound and/or music on or off, and you can disable the lock-on target button (in a battle this button is normally located below the fire all weapons (large red) button).

In the middle of this screen you have the option to set the Country you represent, as well as renaming your pilot name, and logging in and out of Google Play Games (on Android devices).

Lastly, on the right side of the screen you can log into Facebook, clicking the button will bring up pop-up page, here you need to type in your Facebook credentials.

Note: Renaming your pilot the first time is free, all preceding name changes cost 500 gold.

Profile Info

The profile info page allows you to view your personal statistics.

There is a way to also view other pilots' profile pages, but this page will only cover how to view your own.

To view your personal info press on your pilot name, it is located on the top left of the hangar screen (see below).



This will bring you to a page similar to the one shown above.

Here, you can view various statistics and your current hangar configuration.

The top of the screen shows; all your victories, the most robots destroyed in a single battle, the most damage done in a single battle, and the most games won in a row in your War Robots career.

The top left shows your current pilot level and your experience progress bar.

The top right of the screen shows your current league and rating, as well as how many rating points (trophies) you have accumulated in the current week.

Above the hangar configuration you can see; your average number of robots destroyed, average damage, and average win percentage in your last 50 rated games.

To view the current level of the equipment mounted on a particular robot in your hangar configuration, simply press on the robot of your choice, this will bring down a scroll box showing the level of the robot's equipment.

On the bottom of this screen (if applicable) you can switch between your extra hangars.

Lastly, you can share your statistics with friends on Facebook, by pressing the blue "Share" button on the bottom right corner of the screen.


Players' storage, otherwise known as the Inventory, is where their unused weapons and robots are kept.

The equipment inventory can be viewed by pressing on the "Equip" button in the lower section of the hangar screen, then on the next screen pressing on an equipment slot (see Store for more details), to view the inventory (which is selected by default) of the respective equipment slot type you selected.

The robots inventory can be viewed by pressing on the "Change Robot' button to the right of the "Equip" button mentioned earlier, this will bring up the inventory (which is selected by default).


Main article: Event

Events occur around holidays (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) or during War Robots anniversaries (In May).

Often during events the hangar screen is decorated accordingly, as well as event tasks becoming available (see Bonus Tasks). Sometimes new robot skins are released, and temporary game modes can be played.


Operations are a reoccurring event that gives lots of rewards when you level up in the operation, starting from level 1, going up to level 80. At this time, you can earn lost of resources like silver, gold, etc. And some special edition variations for some robots such as the Scavenger Griffin and the Deathwing Ao Jun, you can also earn some non-component weapons and legendary paintjobs that provide a bonus as well.

Usually, all players start with a "free" operation pass that gives you plenty of rewards and does so until level 60, after that you stop earning rewards. You can also buy the premium operation pass for a low price (values are different for each country) and would give you double the amount of rewards found in the free pass. Also, if you have already got to level 60 in the operation using the free pass and then you buy the premium pass, you get all the rewards from level 60 and under. You can also get more rewards after level 60 when you purchase this pass.

In order to level up in the Operation, you have to earn OXP (Operation Experience) from matches that you complete and from a daily operation task that normally gives you 100 free OXP when you earn 100 OXP every 24 hours. The amounts of OXP you earn varies for each individual, generally the more active you are, the further you will get in the Operation.

Each Operation lasts around 45 days (about 1 month and a half), which would give plenty of time for any player to get to level 60 or higher depending on how much they play. One important thing to note is that once, you reach level 80 in the operation, it does not reset. At that point, you stop earning OXP and will have to wait until the next Operation starts. Also, your progress from a previous operation does not transfer over to the next one. So you will have to start from the bottom again, it is currently unknown if you will still retain your Premium Operation Pass (if you have purchased one) when the next operation starts.

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