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Game Version: 6.7.1

Available on: iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook Gameroom, and Steam.

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The new Legendary Weekend mini-event is out! From 14-18th January 2021, enjoy a series of bonuses on Pilots, including:
  • Only Legendary Pilots in the Training Centre!
  • Purchasing Pilot EXP costs 50% less Gold!
  • Promoting Pilots costs 10% less gold!

The Game

War Robots (formerly Walking War Robots) is an online multiplayer combat game developed by Pixonic, in which players pilot giant robots (Mechs) in either 6 on 6, or 6 player free-for-all matches, lasting up to 10 minutes, on random detailed maps, competing for either beacon control or total destruction of the enemy.

The Wiki

This Wiki's purpose is to provide a collaborative encyclopedic repository for everything related to the game, War Robots. Here you will find a community of dedicated players sharing hints and tips about the game, and information on the various Robots, Equipment, Modules and Maps!

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Want to share an awesome idea for a robot? A weapon? Or even a new game feature?
If so, check out the User Ideas page, a place dedicated to the users of this wiki.

The Test Server

On Saturdays and Sundays be sure to try out the War Robot's Test Server! Here you can test out robots and equipment (and more!) that Pixonic has in store for the game's future (see here for details).


Thank you to all who are maintaining this wiki!

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