This blog is for those strider lovers like me out there that are wondering what the best strider builds are.

Striders with snipers are not useful unless their significantly higher level than the enemies weapon are.

The strider is a brawler. the top setups are...

Strider with glory/halo my personal favorite is is versatile and powerful at close range.

Strider with ember/blaze is amazing for damage and splashing around corners.

Strider with calamity/spark decent range and is great because of the lock on it has 100% accuracy.

Strider with avenger/gust great damage at range will serve you will in any situation.

Strider with redeemer/magnum decent but not as effective as flamethrower.

Strider with viper shredder great range and decent damage output.

Stider with dragoon marcuis effective at range.

Strider with exodus pinatas has great damage per second use this build as a hit and run.

Strider with thermites and aphid is a solid build use it similar to the death button build.

There are many cross builds that are very popular as will such as ember/ halo that are great this strider does require high level however so pick something you want to upgrade to do it.

The strider is versatile and is one of the best robots in the game in my opinion if you are considering to get it i would definitely recommend it.

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