War Robots: Battle Across Time

Narrator: Some time in year 3027 the world has fallen into ruins at the hands of a dark and evil company named Pixonic. Only few biological organisms survive. These brave fighters have stolen some of Pixonic's mechs... To fight back against this growing threat.

Fujin: C'mon Mercury! We need to get out of here now!

Mercury: I don't think I can go much longer. My nuclear fuel cell has been critically damaged, and they are right behind us. You must go, there isn't much time left until I explode.

Fujin: I understand. We will miss you! 

Mercury: Bye, friend.

Narrator: At Pixonic's headquarters...

Tyr: Sir, They have managed to escape. Next orders?

Pixonic: Damn it, We are losing. What is happening with Ao Jun right now?

Tyr: He is scouting the area for any enemies.

Pixonic: Good. I will send Loki and Fenrir to assist you in retrieving the blueprints they stole in 2798.

Tyr: Affirmative

Narrator: The trio is sent back in time to rewrite the situation...

Lancelot: Galahad, Get ready to defend our beloved country from these invaders!

Galahad: I know dad

Lancelot: Also, Alert Bulwark of Pixonic's third division. They're coming from both sides.

Galahad: Bulwark, Do you hear me?

Bulwark: What is it?

Galahad: The enemy is approaching from your both east and west. Ready the mechs for battle!

Bulwark: Yes sir

Kumiho: Sir! This is really bad!

Bulwark: Yes?

Kumiho: I just saw a portal and three enemy mechs just came out of it! They are advancing from the south!

Bulwark: I will alarm Spectre, Mercury and Inquisitor of it.

Narrator: The south wall busts open.

Tyr: Spectre, Hand over the blueprints now.

Spectre: Never! You think I am a fool?

Tyr: You are one for challenging my might!

Spectre: You only have two weapons, who are you to call me fool?

Tyr: *Reveals two more weapons*

Spectre: Inquisitor, I don't feel so good right now.

Fenrir: Attack!

Narrator: They have a brutal battle, with the trio winning. But what they don't know is that Inquisitor has an alternate power source reboot in case of these situations...

Lancelot: Defen—

Bulgasari: Surrender now or feel the wrath of my orkans!

Lancelot: Never!

Narrator: Haechi, Kumiho, Fury and Weyland arriveat the scene.

Bulgasari: Shoot

Gareth: *Witnesses it all*

Fury: Search for the blueprints.

Galahad: Raijin and Gl. Patton, Lead our fourth division to assist the east. Ares, Bolt and Natasha, Destroy intruders from the west

Loki: Now that those nuisances are dealt with, lets go retrieve the papers.

Inquisitor: Not so fast buddy.

Fenrir: What?! You're supposed to be dead already. My scourge melted your core!

Inquisitor: Say no more, Live no more.

Tyr: Oh no. We are all low on HP.

Narrator: Meanwhile in the present...

Invader: Sir, The Ragnorak squad has failed, but our mechs of the past has gotten control of the blueprints

Pixonic: Goood

Invader: What now?

Pixonic: Go to the facility. Program the machines to mass produce Ares.

Invader: The Ares models have been made.

Pixonic: Good job. Now, Pass on orders to the generals about our attack on New York.

Invader: Okay, But are you sure we are ready? New York is one of their main bases.

Pixonic: Of course we are! Do not worry, I have already created advanced robot and weapon prototypes from the blueprints that will definitely turn the tide of the war in our favor.

Part 2 Coming soon!

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