The developers of War Robots announced in Youtube that in Friday, they will discuss about the upcoming update of WR. Now that we arrived in this time, they announced this: 1. Pilots. They will come in the update 5.1 and give advantages to the robot you suited them to. 2. Ao Guang and Ao Jun will be in Workshop in next update. 3. Ragnorak Ghost Sqaud is coming too. But the new weapons are not going to be in the update. 4. Blaze/Marquess/Calamity will get balance change. Robot and Weapon balance changes will not be in the update. 5. New hanger looking badass. 6. New supplies are mentioned, maybe gold or key drops. 7. Arena Season. Ooooooo, how interesting.... 8. Resemblance of Halo video game and WR game connection due to helmet appearence. 9. Anniversary Event! Hope it's good.

"It's time to walk again."
War Robots Devstream Update 5

War Robots Devstream Update 5.0 REVEAL (5-Year Anniversary Update)


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