Ladies and ROOOOOBOTS, here we are with Lancelot and I are hosting the event from the RG headquarters, and we are gladly announcing that there will be several updates from the user Ragnorak Ghost, and his main goal was to entertain you guys! This is the list of things that will be coming this year:

1. WR Telltale Story Mode Edition. Very exclusive to being demo, so only one of you may win a one-way ticket to testing the story mode of War Robots. The full release of WRTSME may be from July 23 to October 11. If it isn't, well, it might be delays from school or vacations.

2. User-made Robot Stories. Upcoming this wiki, Ragnorak Ghost will leave the classic robots behind for a while, to create stories from users who created their own bots! To do so, you need to convince Rag to post it in the blogs. It cannot be repulsive, insulting, or ridiculous.

3. Oscer Awards of WR Wiki. After months, Rag has decided to set up a celebration for the users he had been with and he would give them nobel prizes for being friends to him!

4. New Fan Works Page: Murder Mystery. With time, maybe the War Robots Murder Mystery may occur, bt it needs strategy and ideas of how to get the murderer to stab robots and how to get the sheriff to shoot the robot murderer. It also needs permission.

5. More additions to robots' pages. There may be something to add on Mercury's page, or Ares' page, but it needs to be accurate and acceptable. Maybe it will happen. Maybe not.

6. Nicknames of robots and weapons.. It is another Fan Works page I am working on as people can nickname robots and weapons they encounter like, "Ramming Charger" on Rhino or "Trick-or-treat train" on Shocktrain.

7. Roboduck's Story. I won't tell you......QUACK.

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