It's been 20 years since I enlisted in the army...and I was Commander-in-Chief of the troops I had. My friends called me 'ld Natty, and I was one of the best frontal-assault robots in the warship of Canada, but things went out of metal. In 2050, October 23, we were engaged to take over the beacon of Pakistan, and I was with Carnage, Haechi, and Fury. I thought of a moment in my life when I saw a old workshop called "The Natties", which is my father's place, and I wished that my family would still be alive to see me fight for my country, and minutes later, we heard crackles. Haechi benched me down and strolled over to see what was happening, and got hit in one of his Orkans. One of the enemies came to kill him, but I suddenly rammed it and blasted its brain out, and I was stupid to do that. I just woke up the entire army. Scout Carnage ignited C4s of some of the places and thousands of huge pieces went all of the place, and Fury chuckled as his Avengers plummetted the army of aliens down, and then, he got hit in his leg. Crippled, he fell, and I had to fire them. I realized we were outnumbered and I tossed over a anti-robot bomb, shoving my comrades to a abandoned factory and shut the door. I didn't know about the damn thing about cyber weapons, but there's one in the factory. Big as a medium weapon, all purple, and the index said Sector-119. I took a look at it and the pinkish glow came out of the pincer whatever stuff, and I didn't do anything. The last thing I want to know is that the enemies found us, and swarmed in the factory. The cyber thing wasn't fit for me, but for Haechi, so I placed it in and told him to fire it. Haechi zig-zagged and vanquished dozens of robots with that thing. Only one thing. But the weapon broke down, and more aliens came in. I knew this was an end to all of us, but something above us swooped in and shattered Raykers, Blitzs, and some Invaders. Pairs of Hydras soared over my head base and crashed in a Invader's eye, killing it, and the robot crunched down, lifeless. I held my breath for hope, and a green robot came. Shiny, good-looking, and even having 3 medium weapons like Haechi had, the robot spoke, and I couldn't believe my eyes. "My name is Ao Guang. Are you okay?" 

Our hope became true. Then I spoke, "Who sent you?". The green robot replied, "Ao Jun sent me.". And I fainted.

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