I plan to possibly create a WR Choose your own adventure network. However, I would need some help. This is how it will work:

1. You start on the wiki page. Here the rules will be displayed . You will be confronted with a choice (eg. Go North or go South). Each option will be a link to part of the page/comment/talk page. Here more of the story will progress and you will be offered another choice. Beware! Sometimes choosing wrongly will cause you to have to begin your adventure again! There will be multiple outcomes, but only one way to win. Sometimes the choice will test your WR knowledge. (eg. How long is the Area ability cool down a. 16 secs b. 18 secs. If you win, you get... Bragging rights! (and if the idea is succsessful,  the first to finish may decide the theme for season 2. 

Should this go ahead?

Does anyone wish to help?

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