What game modes would be fun to have in WR?

1. Capture the flag: race to the other teams spawn to capture their 'flag'. Carry it back to your base without dying to get a point for the team. If you are killed with the flag (which adds a big icon above your head) the flag is dropped and any player can pick it up. First team to three points wins.

2. Rally: For the first 5 mins, 1 team must try to get as many robots as they can to a location. However, their weapon damage is halved. If they reach the location without being slain by the other team, their team gets a point, their robot is destroyed, and they are allowed to respawn on one of the three spawns. When the time runs out, or the whole of this team is destroyed, all robots on both teams are revived and fully repaired. Then the teams swap over.The winner is the team with the greatest score at the end.

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