Welcome to Bot Tips! This edition is on the Schutze, the most overpowered bot around! Majestic in its might, nothing can stop it!


If you're a new player reading this, please ignore the above words. The Schutze is actually the weakest bot in the game, so don't go out and get one (though you couldn't anyway, as it's currently unavailable for purchase). There is a runnning joke on the wiki that the Schutze is overpowered. Ignore people who say this. If you are someone who wants to get the most out of their Schutze though, this guide may help.


The Schutze is a light robot. It has high speed, but low health and low firepower with one Heavy hardpoint. Because it's easily destroyed, it is best used as a Mid-Ranger or Long-Ranger. The Schutze lasts until Bronze three at most.


These are valid setups for the Schutze:

Mid-Ranger: 1 Zeus, 1 Dragoon, 1 Tempest, 1 Chimera, 1 Trident

Long-Ranger: 1 Flux, 1 Trebuchet, 1 Zenit


The Schutze dies very quickly, so always stay as far back as possible when firing your weapons. Mid-rangers should travel with a group of allies. This group should be very large. Stay far back when firing. Long-rangers should find a place high above everything else and shoot until an Arty takes you out.


The Schutze really is not good, and you should replace it as quick as possible. If you must use it, always keep it far away from enemies. But in short, just....don't use it.

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