Welcome to Bot Tips! This edition will cover the Fujin, many player's first Spider Bot!


The Fujin is made for close range fighting with 3 Medium hardpoints. It has some Mid-range capabilities. It has low health, but it has an energy that can be activated to shield it from harm. This energy shield goes up when it goes into Sentry Mode. It has to stay in place while in Sentry Mode. It moves quickly.


These are valid setups for the Fujin:

Knife-fighter - 3 Orkans, 3 Punisher Ts, 3 Storms, 3 Scourges

Ambusher - 3 Vortexes

Mid-range - 3 Ions, 3 Tulumbases, 3 Shocktrains, 3 Molot Ts


The Fujin can excel as a Knife Fighter. With three Orkans, it can cause catastrophic damage quickly. Punisher Ts, Storms, and Scourges are for those who prefer longer skirmishes, which the Fujin can do well at. Move forward, find an enemy with non-energy weapons, and put up your shield. Start your attack, and you should do quite well. Make sure that the enemy that you're fighting doesn't have a friend with Zeuses or Dragoons backing them up. In any position, you must avoid all energy weapons. Mid-range strategies for the Fujin are not so different then normal mid-range strategies. Unload your weapons, move into cover, repeat. The only way this differentiates from this pattern is with Molot Ts. Find somewhere in the middle of the map near friends and put up your shield. Keep firing at exposed enemies. No matter which mid-range weapon you are using, avoid all energy weapons, especially Zeuses and Dragoons. Finally, as an ambusher, you will probably not use your shield much. Move constantly and keep firing your weapons, always staying just out of the reach of the enemy.


Overall, the Fujin can be deadly. It doesn't need too much backup, as it can handle most fights on its own. It can do devastating damage quickly in close range and can hold its own in mid-range combat. It's very popular for a good reason.

Credits to:

  • SpoonyBard
  • The Bang Bang
  • Alias
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