Welcome to Bot Tips! This will cover the Destrier, the first robot for everyone!


The Destrier is a light robot. It has low health, relatively low speed for a light robot, and low firepower with two light hardpoints. It is good at beacon capping, but not much else. It lasts until Bronze II.


These are valid setups for the Destrier:

Beacon Capper: Two ECUs

Knife Fighter: 2 Pinatas, 2 Punishers, 2 Gusts

Troll: 2 Aphids, 2 Spirals, 2 Noricums


The Destrier can last a significant time in a battle if you play it carefully. Now, if you want to use it as a Knife Fighter, disregard the last sentence. You will most likely die very very quickly. You may survive if you "facehug" though. Run into the enemy with your guns a'blazin and run right into them. If you have survived up to here, good. You may now be able to deal some significant damage. Because you are most likely smaller then them, the enemy's guns will fire in on them selves, allowing only a few of their weapons to hit you. Keep pushing them and firing your guns until a different enemy sees you and kills you. As a troll, you can refer to the first sentence. Stay behind cover at all times. Only come out for a brief second to fire. If you are using Noricums, you don't even need to do this. If enemies get too close for comfort, use your speed as a light robot to get out of there. The damage you do will be minimal. If you stay alive though, it may add up to something.


The Destrier will not last long. Not in a battle, not in the whole game. It can last longer than it should though if you play it very carefully. It's not the worst robot in the game (the Schutze is), but it's close. Use it carefully, annoy other players, and have a good time.

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