I was so delighted when I read my player stats and it said I had done 2,091,478 in damage in this battle! As most anyone will admit, over 2 million damage is quite an accomplishment and I felt very proud to have achieved that milestone. However, when I checked my player stats it only showed 1.910,090 million in damage. I assumed it would update shortly but after a day sadly it had not. So, I wrote to Pixonic tech support to see what was up. Their reply was...

"Such a thing may happen if you use the Repair Unit or healing bots."

"As there is no separate column for the healing in the post-battle statistics, it's added to the damage now. However, heal is not actually damage so it's not considered in your profile stats. So if you use the Repair unit or the healer bots and your true damage is not higher than you(r) max one, your stats won't get updated."

I don't have any healing bots but like most do use the Repair Units. I must admit that their explanation was as confusing as other choices they have made. I truly think Pixonic is confused about how they wish to monitor and manage this game. We have all seen it with the disastrous matchmaking that still illudes their tech capability, why I'm not sure.

In summary, for now, be cautious in your expectation that stats are anything but Pixonic's muddled estimations. So game on, but only do it for fun the numbers mean very little.

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