After some rest, I’ve finally decided to add another blog to fill in a gap in my blog categories. Sure, there were plenty on weapons, bots and strategy, but I realised that there were very few general guides, hence why I’m creating another blog for the ‘Tips for WR’ series. This blog, like the one before it, will be a general guide with hopefully useful advice to help pilots survive in the game. Enjoy!

Note: Updated on 27/10/18 following suggestions and more tips from other users in comments section.

Questions and Answers

Q: What should I spend my gold on?

A: Slots. These are arguably the most important purchases in the game...don’t even think about speeding up upgrade times.

Q: How should I upgrade my hangar?

A: Try to upgrade your robots and weapons consistently, try to make sure that they’re not more than 1 level apart from each other (unless you buy a default level 5 bot/weapon). Many experienced pilots also recommend upgrading weapons before robots.

Q: I’m seeing many players using advanced robots such as the Natasha, Griffin etc. How did they get those and can I do the same?

A: Supply Drops will give you keys, which you can spend in the Black Market. Opening chests can give you robots (opening Bronze/Silver chests is best if you want to win a robot outright).

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General Advice

1. Don’t choose a silly pilot or clan’ll regret it. The gold cost to change names isn’t worth it.

2. When buying Thunders, purchase a Vityaz instead, as you spend 80k less silver and get a ‘free’ robot and 2 weapons in addition to the Thunder. Same principle applies to buying a Kang Dae.

3. Try to avoid buying more than 2 Destriers and should be able to soon get more advanced medium robots.

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Things to look out for

A quick analysis of early robots:

1. Destrier: It’s a starting robot, so don’t expect much of it.

2. Cossack: A ninja-like beacon capper that might stay in your hangar longer than the Destrier.

3. Patton: Extremely versatile, this robot can be equipped with cheap weapons and still do well in any role.

4. Vityaz: Initially offers more health than the Golem at the cost of firepower; However in the long term the Golem is more durable. A decent knife-fighter, balancing health, firepower and speed.

5. Golem: Durable enough, even at lower levels for most amateur pilots. Good firepower and excellent corner-shooting abilities.

6. Boa: Slightly less firepower than the Vityaz, but don’t let that discourage you from buying it. The 2 Hardpoints means that it is cheaper and faster to upgrade, and it can outlast almost all enemy bots that you will encounter until about Silver league.

7: Gepard: Not worth it.

8. Gareth: Probably the best light robot out there, and its 1.1 million cost of silver might seem a lot at first, but you should be able to buy it without breaking the bank if you play often enough. If you enjoy playing as a beacon capper and skirmishes, then this bot is a good long term investment (expect to retire it around Silver league).

A quick analysis of early weapons:

1. Thunder: Somewhat lacklustre in the higher leagues, but this is a complete monster at close range. Highly recommended.

2. Pinata: This is expensive for a light weapon and has a short range, but robots equipped that use these haven’t earned the name ‘Death Button’ for nothing.

3. Punisher: AKA the Knife fighter and brawler workhorse. Cheap to purchase and upgrade yet versatile and extremely effective. You would be a fool not to invest in these.

4. Pin: Unless you’re a dedicated mid-ranger, the low damage output makes it rapidly obsolete the higher you get.

5. Tulumbas: High damage and good range, but it is quite expensive. Don’t use it for knife-fighting though.

6. Kang Dae: A mid/long range heavy sniper weapon with a fast cooldown, the Kang Dae is more effective at suppressive fire.

7. Nashorn: A dedicated sniper weapon. Only weakness is its slightly slow projectile speed.

8. Noricum: A long-range light artillery weapon, 4 of these mounted on a Patton can be very effective. Long reload. If you win a Gepard from chests then mounting 3 of these onto your new robot also works.

9. Zenit: Noricum’s big brother deals even more damage but is for sustained fire. Just don’t use this, or any other long-range weapon for close combat. Remember, both this and the Noricum can only fire at enemies beyond 300m.


This is a rather short and basic blog, but I do hope that it helps newer players.

Note: Please comment below if you have any ideas and suggestions!

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