The Weyland was one of the first two Repair Robots introduced back in the day, and I will admit, it was not well received. Even I was ridiculing it for some time, for being ugly, for not repairing enough, for overall being stupid. BUT, with the introduction of Pilots, the Weyland has morphed into a true BEAST. But a rare one at that. Let us take a look at our derpy friend and admire his strength by breaking down the Weyland.

First, HP. The Weyland is a tank, through and through. 250000 HP at Lv 12 (MK. 1) is nothing to sneeze at. Compared to the Raijin, which has the same HP, this guy is quite tough.

Secondly, Speed. At max level, the Weyland has a top speed of 45 km/hr. This is decent for a robot of this size, and it beats the Raijin, which has a top speed of 36 km/hr. The Weyland’s speed is enough to allow it to keep up with the faster robots to heal them.

Third, Cost. The Weyland is VERY EXPENSIVE TO UPGRADE, coming in at a whopping 198 MILLION Silver. This price is reserved for the most powerful Items in-game. This price is a  reason why people were not attracted to this bad boy…

Fourth, Firepower. The Weyland, similar to the Raijin, has two Heavy slots mounted on either side of its frame. This opens quite a few options, such as two Viper for a good build at mid and close range, two Dragoon for mid range and Avengers for point-blank brawling. Overall, you have quite a few options.

Fifth, Ability. The Weyland is unique in the fact that it can repair allies, which is shared with only two other robots (the Mender and Tyr). It can repair 4560 damage a second at the cost of remaining stationary, which is the Weylands’s main problem; It will be very vulnerable to enemy attack while it is repairing allies. I would recommend using cover when repairing allies whenever possible. That, or use a Pilot (which is what everybody is doing, anyway).


Defense Expert

True Ace


Armor Expert


Gunsmith (Weyland)


VERDICT: Weyland is very good in the right situations, especially when it comes to repairing allies and holding points. Its high HP and high speed make it qa potent threat when equipped with the right guns. Overall, the Weyland can be god, but needs to be used with caution, as the Leech and Ares can quickly kill you. I would produce one from the Workshop, but you should shoot for better things.

NSNTY, signing off!

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