Ah, the Leech. The new meta Robot introduced during the Yan-Di Showdown Event. Just what is it that makes this robot the most powerful of them all? What makes this King of the Robots? Let’s break this bad boy down, and take a good look.

First, HP. The Leech has a decent amount of HP for its speed, but still has less than the Ares, which is a pretty good comparison for this Robot. The Leech has 125000 base HP at Lv. 12 (Mk. 1), compared to the fragile Ares, which has 123000 at the same level. This is rather balanced, as this means that the Leech can be one-clipped by most anything meta.

Secondly, Speed. The Leech is very fast, with a max Speed of 55 km/hr, compared to the Ares, which has 60 km/hr. This means that the Leech is up there as one of the fastest robots in-game. This can pose a problem for people on the receiving end of the Leech’s wrath. It can avoid most close-range Rocket fire from things such as the Exodus and Orkan.

Third, Cost. This sucker is one of the most expensive items to Upgrade in-game, coming in at a whopping 198 MILLION Silver. This price is reserved for the absolute strongest Items in-game, such as Ares, Dragoon, Redeemer and others. This price is another balancing factor, as you will be forced to play at low levels until you either pay for the Silver or play your life away. Either way, the price is well worth it.

Fourth, Firepower. Leech has the highest Firepower of any robot PERIOD. FOUR MEDIUM SLOTS IS STUPID BUSTED. Put four of anything onto it; Hussar, Taran, Orkan, Corona, Storm (with the Sharpshooter skill) and any other Medium gun. ANY. MEDIUM. GUN. PERIOD. This thing is a MONSTER.

Fifth, Ability, and the Ability makes this robot truly TERRIFYING. Leech first throws up a skill that REDUCES DAMAGE BY 90 PERCENT. This, truly, makes this thing next to unkillable. Secondly, the Leech will cast out special particles that can PASS THROUGH WALLS AND SHIELDING. ALL SHIELDING IS RENDERED NULL TO THE LEECH. Keep this in mind, Pilots. If the Leech is damaged in any way (excluding Corrosion damage), 35 percent of the damage received is transmuted to the target, allowing the Leech to kill any low-HP target that is within 600 meters. This is what makes the Leech so deadly and annoying; its Ability can kill ANYTHING within 600 meters.


Bounty Hunter

Armor Expert

Invulnerable Raider (for Beacon Modes ONLY)

Sharpshooter (Storm or Corona) OR Guidance Operator (Scourge)


Road Hog


The Verdict: This thing is the new Meta Robot. There’s no two ways around it. This thing is literally the Ares killer, the Ao Jun killer, the ANYTHING KILLER. You should produce this thing in the Workshop AS SOON AS IT DROPS. You won’t regret it.

NSNTY, signing off.

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