Well, it happened again.

Matchmaking went all batshit on me again.

So I'm in Silver II. I play a domination game and MM pairs me with 5 players who, no offense to them, don't know s#!t on playing the game. They were mainly privates and bronzes.

Again, here we go with the enemy having all lvl 30 players with the best robots in the game.

Here's how it went:

We started the game, all 6 enemy players loaded in in seconds and my team took half a century to spawn in.

20 seconds in, 4 beacons were capped already because the enemy team had unleashed 3 striders (armed with lockdown weapons, sparks and gust mind you). They rushed us and took the last beacon with ease, while obliterating my team of destriers, Cossacks and natashas. My team started to spawn in Leos and Griffins, so I thought we might have a chance to fend off the little anklebiters, but no, because we only killed one strider before an Ares and an invader ran in and decimated us.

There were 2 afk players on my team too, on top of having a beginner team. 

From what I could see, there were rhinos, a hover and I think a blitz running in on us too. We were entirely obliterated in about a minute, all beacons capped by the enemy.

I really don't know how this is possible. I love war robots but it seems nowadays all I have to say about it is bad things, like this. I know it's not my teams fault because they were all beginners, and not the enemies fault because they were experts and were just taking an easy win, but for God's sake Pixonic fix matchmaking already. The best robot on my team that game was a 2x pinata 2x orkan Griffin. A GRIFFIN. A GRIFFIN was the best robot on my team. That's sad.

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