I just revisited the game after not playing it for 3 months. I decided to start it on a new device and start from the beginning again. So I'm on bronze II now, and I just played a match where my team, comprised of private and some silver players, was somehow forced against a team of primarily diamond-expert league players. 

Of my team, there were three private league players, two bronze (myself as one) and one Silver II player.

On the enemy team, there were 2 diamond players, 3 expert players, and only one bronze I player. 

It was a beacon rush game. Our team only got 8 kills overall (5 of which were my own) and only capped 3 beacons that I could see, because the other team had striders rushing to each beacon.

How in the hell is this possible?

I'm sure the other team found that game hilarious, but I for one did not enjoy watching my team of destriers, Cossacks, vityazes and a couple griffins go against and get completely decimated by a team full of Ares, Bulgasaris, invaders, ao juns, striders, Menders and more.

Pixonic really needs to fix the matchmaking and weapons/health balancing on their game before they keep releasing new robots, weapons and modules and other s**t that throws the meta off course every few months.

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