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(Robot name)

Hardpoints: Light/Medium/Heavy and count. MAX FOUR HARDPOINTS TOTAL
Base level: Value. Highest allowed value is 6.
Base HP: Value, may also compare to an existing robot.
Speed: Speed in km/h, may also compare to an existing robot.
Ability:Ability name. If none, enter None

Description of ability. If ability is n/a, do not add this

Extra: Description of a additional feature. Only use this if there is additional feature
Additional description: Describe your creation
Price: Please use only game currencies. REAL MONEY VALUES WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING.

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Little Destrier Guy

Corrupted Leech

Hardpoints: 4x Medium
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 75,000
Level Unlock: 20
Base Speed: 48 km/h
Classification: Medium
Default Weapons: x4 Tulumbas
Ability: Cursed Repulse
Ability Duration: Lasts for 10 seconds until Corrupted Leech bites an enemy.
Ability Cooldown: 32 seconds
Price: 10,000 Demon Leech Components
The Corrupted Leech is the same Leech Robot except hijacked, giving it unpredicted demonic firepower. When Corrupted Leech is close to a wall while its ability is active, it will rarely walk on it then jump (if necessary). When using the Cursed Repulse, Corrupted Leech works like an original Leech, but automatically chooses a target where the damage gets redirected. Using Cursed Repulse again on a target that's chosen will make the Corrupted Leech gain another speed boost by 40% and does melee damage by biting the target. Charging at the target may cause the Corrupted Leech to move straight forward like a Rhino in Assault mode. After the ability, it will proceed to stop moving and firing weapons for 3-4 seconds, and sometimes stop turning its tower, too.

Additional Description: When in combat, Corrupted Leech makes a creepy ambient whenever idle or moving. Using the ability causes it to make a load roar once it selects a target. If not, it makes a growling noise or sometimes mimics other robots and their weapons then corrupts the heard audio as if a sign of creeping other enemies. When in the Hangar, it would look like a pretty normal Leech. It would also start to make strange noises whenever you select it. But otherwise in combat, it begins as a regular Leech upon using it. Corrupted Leech then reveals itself upon ability usage.

RR77WR (SpinoVoid's other account)


Hardpoints: 2x Light, 2x Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 65,000
Level Unlock: 20
Base Speed: 50 km/h
Classification: Medium
Default Weapons: 2x Punisher, 2x Punisher T
Ability: Pounce
Ability Duration: Ability deactivates after the Magnar has landed from its stealth-jump.
Ability Cooldown: 22 seconds
Price: 10,000 Magnar Components
The Magnar is a medium robot equipped with two light hardpoints and two concealed medium hardpoints. The two obscured medium hardpoints can only be used when its ability is activated, called "Pounce". During Pounce mode, the Magnar stealth-jumps in the air with 80% damage resistance, while its two medium weapons activate from behind, complimenting its two light weapons with additional firepower. Once landed, the stealth ability and 80% damage resistance is removed, but the two medium weapons will still remain usable for 20 more seconds.

Additional Description: The Magnar is weak against splash-damage robots or well-protected robots. It is recommended that the Magnar is used as a supportive beacon capper or an ordinary support robot. The use of long-range weapons on the Magnar is not advised, as the Magnar does not have the qualities to match the role of a sniper.


Hardpoints: 4x Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 77,000
Level Unlock: 20
Base Speed: 45 km/h
Classification: Medium
Default Weapons: 4x Punisher
Ability: Infiltration
Ability Duration: 15 seconds Ability Cooldown: 20 seconds Price: 10,000 Vanquisher Components

The Vanquisher is a moderately-maneuverable medium robot equipped with 4 light weapon hardpoints. However, only 2 light weapons can be used at a time. Its ability is called "Infiltration". When activated, 2 of the other light weapons will flip out from the robot's back, much like how the Ares's retribution cannons fold out, providing plenty of firepower and damage. The Vanquisher also summons a green aurora in the shape of a circle that will gradually heal itself and allies in the proximity. An energy shield is also activated for use, and a 97% speed boost is granted. This will last for 15 seconds before a 20-second cooldown is followed. As the ability's name suggests, Infiltration is useful for penetrating enemy lines while being protected by an energy shield, being healed slowly, and having a major speed boost.

Additional Description: The Vanquisher is weak against fast robots that have enough firepower to destroy it. However, it is strong against unprotected sniper robots, such as the slow-moving Fury. The Vanquisher matches the role of a support robot or a knife-fighter, though not necessarily a brawler.



Hardpoints: 2x Heavy, 2x Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 103,000
Level Unlock: 15
Base Speed: 30km/h
Classification: Heavy
Default Weapons: 2x Thunder, 2x Punisher
Ability: Ascension
The Ra flies into the air, remaining stationary and unable to fire, but is protected by an absorber shield. While the ability is active, all allies within 200m have 50% increased firepower; this bonus increases with damage to the shield, to a maximum of 100% increased firepower. Ability Duration: 30 seconds. Ability Cooldown: 60 Seconds.

Additional description: Named after the Egyptian god, this robot charges headfirst into combat, rallying its allies and boosting their firepower with its ability. The harder the enemy fights, the quicker they die.

Price: 10000 Components


Hardpoints: 2x Medium, 2x Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 91,000
Level Unlock: 15
Base Speed: 45km/h
Classification: Medium
Default Weapons: 2x Tulumbas, 2x Pin
Ability: Ascension
The Horus flies into the air, remaining stationary and unable to fire, but is protected by an absorber shield. While the ability is active, all allies within 200m are healed 1000 HP per second (increasing with level); this healing increases with damage to the shield, to a maximum of 200% healing. Ability Duration: 30 seconds. Ability Cooldown: 60 Seconds.

Additional description: Named after the Egyptian god, this robot is a master in war, healing its allies to form an unbreakable battlefront, and any attempts to retaliate on the Horus will only cause its healing to grow stronger.

Price: 10000 Components


Hardpoints: 4x Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 86,000
Level Unlock: 15
Base Speed: 60km/h
Classification: Light
Default Weapons: 4x Molot
Ability: Ascension
The Anubis flies into the air, remaining stationary and unable to fire, but is protected by an absorber shield. While the ability is active, all allies within 200m have 50% increased speed and gain 20 defense points; these bonuses increase with damage to the shield, to a maximum of 100% increased speed and 40 defense points. Ability Duration: 30 seconds. Ability Cooldown: 60 Seconds.

Additional description: Named after the Egyptian god, this robot is a master of the dead, granting its allies supernatural vitality in combat. As it ascends to the skies to bolster its allies, they begin to gain speed and resistance that allows them to reach the front lines in mere seconds.

Price: 10000 Components



Hardpoints: 3xLight
Base level: 1
Base HP: 12
Base HP: 62,000
Max HP: 151,000
Level Unlock: 12
Base Speed: 46km/h(normal mode) 138km/h(ability activated)
Max Speed: 60km/h(normal mode) 180km/h(ability activated)
Classification: Light
Default Weapons: 3xPunisher
Ability: Ruckus
Description of ability: Frenzy’s back boosters activate, tripling his speed. Openings on the front of the boosters open and air rushes out of them, creating a cone-shaped area extending 75 meters long and 45 degrees on either side of Frenzy’s center line of sight. Any enemies within this area will be flung back 150 meters and 75 meters into the air. Where the enemy lands, the enemy will explode, causing that enemy and other enemies within 50 meters of it to receive 18,700 damage. Ability duration: 10secs
Ability Reload Time:30secs
Additional description: Frenzy is a robot that can rush very fast into groups of enemies and deal enormous damage in a short time, thanks to it’s ability.
Price:6500Au (Gold), or 10,000 components (same value)





Hardpoints: 2xLight+1xHeavy
Base level: 1
Base HP:50,000 (shield:100,000)
Level Unlock:5
Speed: 30km/h(normal mode) 60km/h(ability activated)
Classification: Light
Default Weapons:2xPunisher +1xNashorn
Description of ability:When The Ability IS Activated, His Speed And Damage Changes By x2. This Ability Also Allows The Human To Absorb 10% Of A Robot's Health And Convert The Health Into Damage And Can Form A Lightning Strike On Another Robot And Reduces Their Health By 10%)
Ability Reload Time:20secs
Additional description:The Human Is A Robot That Looks Like A Human. He Wears Blue Armor On His Torso And Has A Shield On His Hand. The Shield Will Automatically Turn When Another Player Shoots It. The Shield Is Resistant To Everything, Except Explosive Damage (Pinatas, Aphids, Tulumbas, ETC.) And Hellburner's Overload.
Price:1000Au (Gold)

Thund3rByrd22 (Robots are not to be confused with other users.)


Hardpoints: 2 medium
Base level: 1
'Base HP:  56,000
 Shield HP: 40,000
Speed: 34km/h
Ability: Light Speed'''' (10 Seconds duration / 23 Seconds Reload)
Description of ability. Standard will activate unlimited ammo, speed increase of 10% and will heal 5% HP. 
Affiliation: None

Additional description:The Standard is a light robot used for open area brawling and knife fighting, with a back shield for sneaky enemies, its ability is useful in dire situations when you are out of ammo, low HP, or if you are solo. "It felt as if time and space had been forced and concentrated into to one machine for one being to control only, quite peculiar as physics were bent into the impossible."
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 2 light 1 medium 1 Heavy ​​​​​​Base level: 1
Base HP: ' 108,000

Speed: 30km/h
Ability: Dash (Duration 1 second/ cooldown 20 seconds/ stores up to 3 charges)
Description of ability. Pursuit Dashes(Duh).
Affiliation: None

Additional description:The Pursuit is a Heavy robot used for ambushing and sniping, with 2 light slots, a medium slot, and a heavy slot its quite versatile, like an upgraded Leo (sorry Leo). Ability is good for hit and run tactics. "Is your bot too fat, heavy, and slow but you still like heavy robots? Then your in luck! the pursuit is one of the fattest, slowest, and heaviest robots of all! but, it has a dash drive, which can save up to three dashes! hours of entertainment!" 
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 4 Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 52,000
Energy Shield HP: 76,000
Shield HP: 52,000 Speed: 42km/h
'Ability: Perma-Frost' (8 Seconds duration / 23 Seconds Reload)
Description of ability. Fubuki will shoot 5 energy spheres that temporarily shut down enemy weapons, also leaving damage reduction for five seconds.
Affiliation: J.S.D.F.

Additional description:The Fubuki (3rd addition to JSDF) is a medium robot used for beacon capping and knife fighting, its ability is useful when ambushing weak or low heath intruders. "I never saw it coming, it was that quick, not even a single bullet of mine fired, I tried to jump, but I was dead before even hitting the ground, it was the middle one, the middle sibling, having traits of the youger and older ones." 
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 3 Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 43,000
Sword DPS: 12,400
Speed: 60km/h
Ability: Sacrifice: Sword'''' (10 Seconds duration / 20 Seconds Reload)
Description of ability. Frey's Sumarbrander drone activates, it flies to the nearest enemy and shoots a single plasma beam at the nearest enemy, if Frey is destroyed while Sumarbrander is active, Sumarbrander explodes doing twice as much damage in a 75m radius. After using the ability, Frey temporarily can't move or shoot for 6 seconds.
Affiliation: A.S.G.A.R.D(Asgardian Sentry Guard And Radiant Defense.)

Additional description: In Norse mythology, Frey is a Venir god, although not an Aesir, when Ragnarok begins, he ultimately sides with the Aesir gods, but is destined to be killed by the fire giant lord Surt, Frey is a light bot not to be under estimated, when using its ability, it gleams the power of Summer with a sacrifice. "I was never a fighter, but this is my destiny."

 Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 2 Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 75,000
Hammer DPS: 5,200
Speed: 42km/h
'Ability: Sacrifice: Hammer (10 Seconds duration / 20 Seconds Reload)
Description of ability. Thor's Mjolnir drone activates, it carries Thor to the nearest enemy and shoots 3 plasma blasts at the nearest enemy, if Thor is destroyed while Mjolnir is active, Mjonir explodes doing twice as much damage in a 75m radius. After using the ability, Thor temporarily has 25% less resistance.
Affiliation: A.S.G.A.R.D(Asgardian Sentry Guard And Radiant Defense.)

Additional description: In Norse mythology, Thor is a Aesir god, the giant and serpent slayer, when Thor slays the World Serpent, he is bitten and in this way, he dies with the serpent, Thor is a medium bot that can beat down tanks, hold beacons with a sacrifice. "Behold, the might of Ving Thor!(Battle Thor)."

 Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 4 Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 90,000
Raven DPS: 2,600
Speed: 32km/h
Ability: Sacrifice: Raven'''' (10 Seconds duration / 20 Seconds Reload)
Description of ability. Odin's Huginn and Muninn drones activate, they fly around and rapidly shoot plasma bolts at the nearest enemies (0 - 200m), if Odin is destroyed while Ravens are active, Ravens explode doing twice as much damage in a 75m radius. After using the ability, Odin temporarily losses the weapons on the left side.
Affiliation: A.S.G.A.R.D.(Asgardian Sentry Guard And Radiant Defense.)

Additional description: In Norse mythology, Odin is a Aesir god, the king and all father, when he sits upon his throne, he can see throughout the nine worlds, Odin is a heavy bot that can do massive damage with a sacrifice. "In Ragnarok, My Death Is Not In Vain." 

​​ Price: 10,000 Components



Hardpoints: 3x Heavy/3x Light
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 160,000 (Bot), 70,000 (Shield)
Speed: 35 km/h (passive), 70 km/h (ability active)
Ability: Charge (Mode Switch): When in passive mode, Mudamir has a speed of 35 km/h, an Ancile shield with a durability of 70,000, and three heavy slots. In Light Mode, the speed is 70 km/h, the shield is replaced with a frontal physical shield with 40,000 health and and 30% damage resistance, and instead of three heavies there are three lights.
Module Slots: 2x Passive, 1x Active
Description: The Mudamir is a heavy robot similar to Bulwark or Fury. Its heavy hardpoints and its high durability make it one of the most powerful robots in the game. It sports a built-in Ancile shield with a durability of 70,000 (Base).
Price: 50M Silver, unlocks at Lvl. 25 (Silver III)

The reincarnation of metal. The living image of destruction. We shall prevail, comrade... because we wield Mudamir.



Hardpoints: 2 Heavy, 1 Built-In Weapon
Base HP: 140000
Base Level: 1
Speed: 33km/h
Built-In Weapon Damage: 1000
Built-In Weapon Range: 300m
Built-In Weapon Ammo: 40 Rockets
Description: A slow and tanky robot. Has a built-in weapon that is active at all times. The built-in weapon is a close range rocket launcher, similar to the orkan. The Behemoth is meant for close quarters combat at the frontlines, distracting the enemy so the weaker robots can rush forwards.
Price: 5000 Gold
Recommended Equipment: 2 Thunder / 2 Ember / 2 Exodus

"At first I had not yet understood this ancient relic and why it had such a name. But now I know, and it was a truly embarassing defeat."


DBT (Defensive Barrier Technologies) Robots


20181105 220000

the frontal view of Breakwater.

20181105 213912

The rear view of Breakwater.

Faction: Defensive Barrier Technologies (DBT)

Class: Light 
Hardpoints: 2x Light 
Base level:
Base HP: 68,000 (135,000 at mk1 lvl 12)
Base Speed: 50 km/h (66 at mk1 lvl 9) 
Ability: Security 
Ability Duration: 15 secs 
Cooldown: 5 secs
Shield Capacity: 68000 (135,000 at mk1 lvl 12) 

Appearance: Looks like a slightly tankier, taller Pursuer with a smaller version of the Bulwark's glowing beam and rear retracting shield generator. Base paint job is dark green with metallic and golden accents.

Description: The Breakwater is essentially the Bulwark's smallest sibling. Meant for capping beacons and engaging in quick skirmishes, it offers incredible tactical flexibility, albeit at the cost of severely limited firepower. Upon being spawned, Breakwater activates an impenetrable Aegis shield that passively recharges at a rate of 1% per second. Upon activation of its ability, Breakwater puts down its Aegis shield and 2.5 seconds later enters stealth mode. Stealth lasts for 10 seconds, and during stealth the Aegis shield recharges at a rate of 10% per second, although it is not active. Upon leaving stealth, Breakwater takes 2.5 seconds to reactivate its Aegis before entering cooldown.

Recommended: 2x Gust, 2x Magnum, 2x Halo, 2x Shredder, 2x Pinata, 2x Aphid, 2x Sting. 
Price: 10,000 Breakwater Components.


20181106 002103

The frontal view of Capstan.

20181106 110353

The rear view of Capstan.

Faction: Defensive Barrier Technologies (DBT)
Class: Medium 
Hardpoints: 2x Medium 
Base level:
Base HP: 76,000 (150,000 at mk1 lvl 12)
Base Speed: 45 km/h (55 at mk1 lvl 9) 
Ability: Safeguard 
Ability Duration: Variable 
Cooldown: 3 secs
Aegis Shield Capacity: 48000 (109000 at mk1 lvl 12) 
Energy Shield Capacity: 56000 (131000 at mk1 lvl 12)

Appearance: Looks like a slightly tankier, taller Rogatka with a smaller version of the Bulwark's glowing beam, rear retracting shield generator and a Fujin's energy shield generator. Base paint job is dark green with metallic and golden accents.

Description: The Capstan is essentially the Bulwark's middle sibling, and is more similar to the Bulwark than the light DBT robot Breakwater. Although it has less firepower, Capstan is far more suited to knife-fights and skirmishes than its older brother due to its increased speed, smaller frame, and the presence of an energy shield rather than a physical shield. This gives Capstan a far better matchup against any robot with missile or homing weapons, while sacrificing the near invulnerability to energy and kinetic weapons that the Bulwark has. Just like the Bulwark, Capstan cycles between its two shields with its Safeguard ability. While the Aegis is active, it cannot regenerate, but the energy shield constantly regenerates, although it regenerates twice as slowly while active. Each shield takes 22 seconds to fully regenerate in their inactive modes.

Recommended: 2x Storm, 2x Corona, 2x Orkan, 2x Taran, 2x Pulsar, 2x Wasp. 
Price: 10,000 Capstan Components

ELT (Enhanced Leaping Technologies) Robots


20181106 173643

The rear view of Tsar, showing its new thrusters and winglets.

20181106 173530

The frontal view of Tsar.

Faction: Enhanced leaping Technologies (ELT)
Class: Light
Hardpoints: 1x Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 60,000 (120,000 at mk1 lvl 12)
Base Speed: 54 km/h (66 at mk1 lvl 9) 
Ability: Double Jump
Ability Duration: Variable
Cooldown: 3 secs

Appearance: Just like a Cossack, but with a pale teal paint scheme and added details, such as flaps and vectored thrusters.

Description: Tsar, like the Raven, originated from an old jumping bot, in this case the Cossack, and is named in honor of the Czars of pre-WWII Russia instead of "Cavalry" or "Horseman", which is what “Cossack” means in Russian. Tsar has utilized an old Cossack frame, remodeled extensively to sport a higher base HP and two improved jumps that allow its aging design to remain effective in battle. Tsar's jumps reload so quickly that it can leap across the battlefield without having to touch the ground at all. However, as a consequence of its minuscule size, Tsar's armor is still very weak, and Tsar players should exercise caution when facing high-velocity energy or homing weapons, as they can easily disable or destroy Tsar in a short period of time. While in the air, if jumps are used in consecutive order, Tsar can gain so much speed that it can capture beacons and secure a point faster than any other robot in the game, although its very low firepower and HP may not be able to defend it without skillful use of its jumps. As is the case, it is highly recommended to use a weapon with the ability to lock down, corrode, or severely damage the enemy in a short period of time that can be used efficiently while evading and jumping around enemy fire.

Recommended: 1x Ecu, 1x Corona, 1x Orkan, 1x Taran, 1x Pulsar, 1x Scourge, 1x Wasp. 
Price: 10,000 Tsar Components, or 1,250 Au.


20181106 181358

The rear view of Lukistrela, showing its added thrusters and winglets.

20181106 175333

The frontal view of Lukistrela.

Enhanced leaping Technologies (ELT)
Class: Medium
Hardpoints: 2x Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 86,000 (122,000 at mk1 lvl 12)
Base Speed: 46 km/h (60 at mk1 lvl 9) 
Ability: Double Jump
Ability Duration: Variable
Cooldown: 4 secs

Appearance: Just like a Rogatka, but with a pale teal paint scheme and added details, such as flaps and vectored thrusters.

Description: Lukistrela, like the Raven, originated from an old jumping bot, in this case the Rogatka, and its name translates to "Bow and arrow" rather than "slingshot". Lukistrela has been remodeled extensively to sport a higher base HP and two improved jumps that allow it to remain an effective robot in battle. Lukistrela's jumps reload so quickly that it can leap across the battlefield without having to touch the ground at all. However, it is less agile and quick in the air than its younger sibling, Tsar, and can easily expose itself to enemy fire if not played with caution. On the contrary, Lukistrela boasts far higher HP and firepower than Tsar, and is more effective in combat against enemy beacon cappers/runners and can defend captured beacons or areas with greater ease. Most medium weapons have excellent synergy with Lukistrela, as long as they are relevant in the meta and deal high damage.

Recommended: 2x Corona, 2x Orkan, 2x Taran, 2x Pulsar, 2x Scourge, 2x Wasp, 2x Vortex. 
Price: 10,000 Lukistrela Components, or 4000 Au.



Hardpoints: 2 medium, 1 light
Faction: Robot Assault Force of Australia (RAFA)
Base level: 1
Base HP: 85,000 (162,000 at level 12)
Speed: 47 km/h (56 at level 12)
Ability: Retaliation: The Retaliation ability allows the Interceptor to cause impact-full damage by adding 4,700 additional damage to the 2 medium weapons, along with a speed boost of +29%, and provides two dash charges that are only available when the ability is in use.
Cooldown: 25 seconds, duration of 18 seconds
Base ability damage (additional damage): 4,700 (8,990 at level 12)
Range: Depends on both medium weapons' ranges
Price: 10,000 Interceptor Components
Recommended setups: Orkan x2/ Pinata x1 | Taran x2/ Magnum x1



Hardpoints: 2 medium, 1 heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 76.000 (150.000 at lvl 12 mk1)
Speed: 45 km/h (55 at lvl 12 mk1)
Ability: Blast: it fires a beam with the same mechanic of the Shocktrain s' blast, the only difference is it uses manual targeting sistem
Cooldown: 10 sec, 3 charges
Base ability damage: 2.500 (12.500 at lvl 12 mk1)
Range: 500 m
Price: 10.000 components, or 10.000 gold
Recommended setups: Pulsar ×2/ Dragoon | Shocktrain ×2/ Glory
Extra: the Shocker is a four-legged robot



Health: 40,000, max of 75,000 at Mk2 Level 12

Speed: 50 kmh, max. of 65 kmh at Mk2 Level 12

Ability: Ram

Shield: 20,000HP; max. of 37,500HP at Mk2 Level 12; regenerates 10% per second, 40% required for reactivation after shield health depletes

Hardpoints: 1 Heavy, 1 light

Weight: light

The three-legged Grizzly may be small, but this agile relative of the rhino lives up to her big brother's name as the embodiment of rage. Her weak but rapidly regenerating shield grants her deceptively high surviveability, and her Ram ability allows her to hit much harder than her small, fragile frame belies.

Ability: Ram

Ability Description: When ramming, which lasts 5 seconds, Grizzly shuts down her energy shield and weapons systems, and, using the additional power, overclocks her reactor. This triples her movement speed. She also slides specialized armor plates into position. These plates, made of incredibly durable material, not only reduce Grizzly's damage taken by 80%, but also cause massive damage to any robot unfortunate enough to be in this little beasty's way. The impact is so great that even the heaviest of foes will be hurled backward, and their circuits will be temporarily disrupted, preventing the use of abilities for 5 seconds. Hitting an enemy stops the ability but also halves the cooldown.

Cooldown: 2 charges, 12 seconds per charge.

Damage: Equal to 75% of Grizzly's maximum HP. Damage is Kinetic, and causes increased damage to physical shields.

Knockback: 30m (Heavy robot), 50m (Medium robot), 60m (Light robot)

Additional Description: Three stubbier-than-average legs, two of which are mounted in typical biped fashion and a third that extends further out in front. Similar color scheme to Rhino, excluding the presence of a bear's skull painted onto the front of the body. Body is angular and small, with the light weapon and heavy weapon mounted opposite each other. Excluding Zenit, all heavy weapons will be mounted sideways. Zenits will be mounted on top of the robot. Ram plates are usually stacked on top of robot, but move down in front of the robot upon activation. While ramming, Grizzly's ramming surface glows light orange. Her overall shape is similar to rhino, but rather that the 'horn' that rhino has, she has a downward-facing 'snout.'

Cost: Identical to Rhino. 1h 5m for 100 components at 120k AG. etc.

"The species from which she gets her name may have died out long ago, but this ol' bear aint' going extinct anytime soon. I'm afraid I can't say the same for any poor shmuck who gets in her way."

User: PhantomFlamePhoenix


Faction:Arthropod Robotics

HP: Similar to Blitz

Speed: Similar to Falcon

Hardpoints: 2x medium + 2x light

Description:A six legged brawler with a deadly ability.

Ability: Hornet's sting - When the ability is activated, this quick brawler launches itself into the air and begins to fly, similar to Ao Qin. Then, Hornet deploys its Ionized exoskeleton and begins to fire the built in corrosion machine gun. The gun fires similarly to the Avenger and deals energy damage and corrodes on hit.Tapping the ability button again ends the ability and Hornet drops to the ground

Ability duration:16 seconds

Ability Cooldown:20 seconds

Bonus: walks faster sideways.

Ionized exoskeleton: Red energy shield that blocks energy, fire and explosion damage, but not bullet damage.

Price: Components or 8,000 gold


Faction: Arthropod Robotics

Speed: Moderate

HP: Similar to Fujin

Hardpoints: 2× Heavy

Ability: Scorpion Claws

Appearance - Beige, eight legged robot that has two arms coming out the front with one weapon slot on each. Has a tail curled up at the back.

Ability description: Raises tail. Activates a +35% weapon damage boost and a chance to lock down. The tail begins firing like a Storm, but shoots energy projectiles and corrodes. Activates the Ionized exoskeleton.

Duration: 13 seconds

Cooldown: 16 seconds

Ionized exoskeleton: Red energy shield that blocks Energy and splash damage

Bonus: Moves faster sideways.


Faction: Arthropod Robotics

Hp: Same as Leo

Speed: A bit faster than Bulgasari

Hardpoints: 2x medium, 1x light

Appearence: Dark blue hexapedal robot with a domed back and a head at the front.

Ability: Beetle mandibles

Ability: Activates Ionized exoskeleton and brings 2 physical shields to the front from the sides. Starts shooting Glory like projectiles from head, but they corrode instead of locking down. Shoots from the back end like a real bombadier beetle when attacker in this mode. Back end projectiles do lock down. XDDR

Ability duration: 8 seconds

Ability cooldown: 10 seconds

Ionized exoskeleton: a red energy shield that protects from energy and splash damage.

Bonus: Moves faster sideways


Faction: Aerial Assault Tech

Hardpoints: 4× medium

Speed: 45 km/h

Hp: Similar to Bulgasari

Appearance: Like an orange gold Inquisitor with folded up wings on the back and 1 of the medium slots folded backwards so there is a weapon on top, on the left, on the right and on the back. This bot has a beak, taloned feet and jet engines.

Ability: Death from Above.

Ability description: The top weapon slot moves left slightly and the hardpoint on the back flips up and moves slightly right, for a weapon orientation like the Spectre. At any point during the ability duration, you can take off and fly through the air. During flight, you can dash diagonally down at an enemy. The robot will launch itself - even directly forward if a flying enemy is targeted - at the enemy targeted, causing an explosion that damages all enemies nearby and has a 25% chance (increases by 5% per level) of locking them down. Flight will stop after the dive, and you must wait 3 seconds before flying again. If no enemies are targetted, the robot just drops down.

Description: A deadly, multipurpose brawler that can be used to ambush, beacon run and even hunt down rogue enemies. This is truly a force to be reckoned with. An expert at leading attacks

Ability duration: 18 seconds

Ability cooldown: 26 seconds

Cost: Components


Faction: Aerial Assault Tech

Hardpoints: 3x heavy

Speed: Slightly increased

HP: Unchanged

Appearance: A Similar model with the same colour scheme. However the new Falcon is slightly sleeker and has folded up blue and silver wings.

Ability: Talons Out - When the ability is activated, Falcon swivels the 2 side heavy hardpoints forward but loses its 66% damage reduction. At any time during the ability, the pilot can press the ability button again to make the Falcon jump. Holding down the button activates the wings and causes the robot to fly down at a slow vertical speed but a quick horizontal one. Releasing the button makes the falcon fall normally.During fligh, the bot gets a 20% damage reduction.

Ability duration: 16 seconds

Ability cooldown: 12 seconds


Faction: Aerial Assault Tech

Hardpoints: 2x medium + 2x light

Speed: the same

HP: slightly increased

Appearence: More sleek and black than before. The new raven has folded up wings. Has a stealth drive behind head that glows dark blue

Ability: Feather and Flight - Raven jumps into the air (Better than it did before) when the ability is activated. When there are no jump charges stored, Raven can fly. When the ability button is held down with no jump charges remaining, the wings spread out and the robot travels slowly downwards but quickly forwards. During Flight, raven gains a glitchy, flickering stealth. The stealth effect will flicker on and off, making it unreliable for complete protection. It's main function is to deter fire from weapons that need to lock on and to make travelling with flight safer. This ability also works well as an ambush technique. However, jumps do not recharge during flight.


Faction: Armoured Attack and Reconiscence (AAR)

Hardpoints: 2x medium

Speed: 45kmh

Hp: 120k

Ability: Assault roll

Appearance: Beige bipedal boy with a medium hardpoint on each side. It has a curved back made of several strips of metal. When in assault roll, these form a vertical circle all round, from front to back.

Ability description: Curls up into a ball and folds in both weapons. Begins moving twice as fast. Cannot turn, but can reverse direction. Rolling into an enemy damages them. You gain a 66% damage reduction in this mode. You gain +20% damage for your weapons in normal mode.

Duration: Infinite

Switch cooldown: 5 seconds

You see me rolling, hating...


Faction: Armoured Attack and Reconiscence

Hardpoints: 1x heavy, 2x light

Speed: 40kmh

Hp: 140k

Ability: Assault Charge

Appearance: Black, bipedal bot with horns. Has an Aegis generator behind head. Heavy weapon on top, a light weapon on each side.

Ability Description: Doubles speed and activates a weak aegis shield. When running, cannot turn, but you can when stationary. Charging into enemies locks them down and deals intense damage. Can only use the heavy weapon in this mode.

Ability duration: Infinite

Switch Cooldown: 5 secs


Hardpoints: None

Hp: 90k


Ability: SNAP!

Ability description: Snaps, setting own hp to 1 and killing up to three enemies within 350m. Using SNAP! again will kill you.

Cooldown: 1 min.

That puts a smile on my face.


Health: 125,0000

Speed: 33 km/h

Ability: Static Pulse

Hardpoints: 1x Heavy and 2x Medium

Weight: Medium

Description: This durable four-legged robot's Static Pulse ability can be a game-changing support. Made to support close range combat, the Pulsar immobilizes itself upon using its ability. However, it is a crucial advantage to heal all allied robots and damage all enemies within 80 meters with powerful pulses. The ability gains power when not in use so it is advised to charge up the ability before using it.

Price: 17,000 Workshop points


Hp: 98,000

Speed: 34 km/h


Hardpoints: 1 heavy, 3 light

Weight: Heavy

Description: A relentless predator, Dragon is centred around its ability. Upon activation of Pounce, the robot launches itself forward and slightly up, like a cross between jump and dash. If it collides with something, an expolsion is released that locks down and damages nearby enemies. The explosion may also suppress and/or corrode foes caught in it.

Recommended: 1x Ember, 2x Blaze

Comments (Tell me what YOU think)



Health: 67,000

Speed: 35 km/h

Starting abilities: Hawkeye Mode

Hardpoints: 1x Heavy & 2x Light ABIl Classification: Medium

Additional description: Vultre (pronounced as Vulter) is a medium robot ideal for sniping. It's ability, Hawkeye Mode, allows the pilot camera to zoom in on a target. It also allows the pilot to target the different hardpoints, though the hardpoints cannot be easily blasted off. 1 shot for a light hardpoint and two shots for heavy and medium hardpoints. This allows the Vultre to be an effective sniper. The ability will not deactivate until the pilot shoots. Also, the pilot will not be able to move when the ability is activated. Anciles, however, take 3 or 4 shots to be blasted off, unless shot by a trebuhet, the ancile will take 2 shots instead, disabling the target's shield.

Unlocks at: Level 25 League Required: Gold Price: 1500 Gold


Class: Heavy

Hardpoints: 2 Heavy, and 1 medium

Base level: 6

Base HP: 175,000 (360,000 MKII)

Speed: 34 km/h

Ability: Eternal Grip


Leviathan is a heavy bot designed for sweeping enemies away without getting scratched. It has an outstanding durability and enough speed to compensate the size of this beast. It's ability, Eternal Grip, allows the Leviathan to grab and hold enemies for 8 seconds. Once an enemy gets caught in its grasp, it receives 1000 damage (higher when upgraded) for every second it is caught. The enemy will be unable to move or shoot, rendering it completely disabled The Leviathan will unfold 4 long claw arms when it activates its ability, then it will grab a target and slowly crush it with its powerful arms. The ability lasts for 8 seconds with a 20-second cooldown.

"Carrying my fellow pilots during a battle has never been this easier"


Instigator (Stalker v.2)

Class: Light
Hardpoints: 2x Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 46,000 (Maximum at 98,000)
Base Speed: 52 (Maximum at 68)
Ability: Fade: The robot enters stealth, increasing damage, disappearing from enemy lock on systems, removing the marker above the robot's head, and activating camouflage plates, rendering it totally invisible. lasts 15 seconds, cooldown is 15 seconds
Extra: Can only be purchased when an Mk1 lvl12 stalker is available. In gameplay, the instigator is totally invisible under the effects of its ability, Damage boosted by 100% (2x). Damage increased an extra 100% against the last pilot that destroyed you.
Additional description: Although lacking the firepower and abilities of the latest and greatest bots, Stalker continues it's service with brand new stealth technology. Upon activating Fade, Instigator fades from radars AND sight, making this little machine a nightmare for the enemy under excellent piloting.
Recommended: 2x Gust, 2x Magnum, 2x Halo
Price: 1,000 Instigator Components, 1x lvl12 Mk1 Stalker

" Seeing is believing, but is it truth? Depends on your point-of-view. Are you listening? When you deploy, and you will, I will be there... waiting. Because mark my words, you will get what's coming to you... in ways you can't expect... but very much deserve. Because once thing I believe in is an eye for an eye."


Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 2x Heavy, 1x Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 190,000 (Maximum at 309,000)
Base Speed: 27 (Maximum at 35)
Ability: RESTORE.cmd: When robot is destroyed, the Restore command takes effect, reassembling the mangled frame and weapons on the location of death. Takes 10 sec for restore to take effect, cooldown 60 sec. Second Ability: DAMAGEINTAKETYPE_0: This ability activates an invincible Aegis shield while deactivating weapons systems. DAMAGEINTAKETYPE_0 lasts 10 sec, cooldown 15 sec.
Extra: Cenutrion suffers an extra 0.5 sec of landing lag, but is immune to leg damage. Immune to weapon knockoff, too. High resistance to everything
Additional description: Heavy robot designed for absorbing damage and dealing it right back. Slow movement is compensated for brute force firepower and the unique ability to repair in the thick of battle. A true general.
Recommended: 2x Thunder 1x Storm; 2x Avenger 1x Punisher T; 2x Redeemer 1x Taran, 2x Exodus, 1x Orkan
Price: 5050 Au, 10,000 Centurion Components.



Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 4x Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 120,000 (Maximum at 190,000)
Base Speed: 25 (Maximum at 33)
Ability: Spectral Fade: Wraith shifts into stealth, disappearing from lock-on systems and (mostly) sight. Gains 100% movement, but weapons fire is disabled. Lasts until deactivation, cooldown 8 sec.
Extra: Wraith cannot eqiup Ancile, as this can probably lead to an invincible shield generator. Coming out of Spectral Fade won't immediately activate weapons until 1.5 sec afterwards.
Additional description: Wraith is a heavy robot. A robot of mysterious origin, it appears to have been modified extensively to be able to bear the colossal burden of FOUR Heavy weapons. It's rather unimpressive movespeed is compensated for it's tide-turning ability: Spectral fade. Be wary of the Wraith, pilot.
Recommended: 4x Thunder; 4x Avenger; 4x Glory; 4x Redeemer; 4x Exodus; 4x Ember
Price: 15000 Au

"Only those with the strongest of wills can hope to even enter the pilot's seat on this evil mech. It... beckons you to let go of your limitations. Beckons you to unleash the monster within you. For most of us, it will only be a matter of time before we succumb to the power of the Wraith..."


Class: Unknown
Hardpoints: 10x Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 333,333 (Maximum at 666,777)
Base Speed: 20 (Maximum at 70)
Ability: Extinction Protocol: Oblivion overcharges it's weapons systems, allowing for the immense damage boost of 50000000%. Oblivion also obscures ALL (except its own) radar systems, blinds enemies, and roots all robots on the map. Can levitate with unlimited fuel.
Extra: Acausal Power: When destroyed, Oblivion creates a rupture in spacetime that devours all enemy robots (including robots still in the hangar), resulting in defeat for the enemy team. You see an oblivion, you lose the game. Getting killed by Oblivion destabilizes the existence of your bot and deals 999,999,999 damage to nearby robots (except Oblivion's allies).
Additional description: (!ERROR!) "descript.txt" DISPLAY=(false)
Recommended: Any heavy weapon, also you only require one weapon. Equipping a single weapon will change all hardpoints to that weapon and its level.
Price: 99,999,999,999 Silver


STS Missle Platform

Class: Unknown
Hardpoints: 8x Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 170,000 (Maximum at 250,690)
Base Speed: 20 (Maximum at 40)
Ability: Barrage: the STSMP instantly reloads its clip and increases fire rate to Noricum rate. Reload time is 3 sec while ability is active. Barrage active for 9.6 sec, Cooldown of 20 sec.
Extra: Can only equip Zenits. Zenits will slant down if target comes under 300m range, allowing for close-quarters combat. Can target robots up to 2000m away.
Additional description: Labelng this robot as a mech is not necessarily correct, as it is chock-full of artillery-based firepower, and trots around on four mighty, but slow, legs. The Surface to Surface Missile Platform is designed for termination of robots from incredible distances.
Recommended: 8x Zenit
Price: 8x Zenits, 1x Natasha, 1x Fury.


Raketa (Descend Cossack)

Class: Light
Hardpoints: 1x Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 52,000 (Max at 98,000 mk1)
Base Speed: 50 (Maximum at 66)
Ability: Descend: The robot jumps and while in the air enters stealth. deactivates 1sec after landing. Cooldown: 2
Extra: If Raketa lands on a robot instead touching the floor, it latches on while still in stealth and can fire on its victim for 5 sec.
Additional description:
Recommended: 1x Orkan, 1x Taran, 1x Ecu, 1x Electrfied Mesh , 1x Soundstorm
Price: 250 Au, 10,000 Raketa components.

"Sink thy talons into thy prey... and watch them writhe with agony"

Warhorse (Improved Destrier)

Class: Light
Hardpoints: 2x Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 64,000 (max at 107,000 mk1)
Base Speed: 48 (Maximum at 64)
Ability: Bash: Warhorse bucks the ground once and charges towards his foes, knocking them back with successful connection and dealing some damage if they collide with a wall, slowing them in the process. Cooldown 10 sec.
Additional description: One of the most durable light robots. Distinctly modified by the TMC to be the perfect footsoldier.
Recommended: 2x Magnum, 2x Gust, 2x Sparky Blaster
Price: 260 Au, 10,000 Warhorse components.

"If you ask me to get off my high horse one more time..."

McCree (Improved Jesse)

Class: Light
Hardpoints: 4x Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 54,000 (max at 117,000 mk1)
Base Speed: 51 (Maximum at 66)
Ability: High Noon: McCree draws its extra weapons from their stead, and faces his foe (speed reduced). It then unleashes the drawn weapons, dealing 1000% extra damage for 3 sec.Cooldown 15 sec.
Additional description: Compact robot with advanced weapons systems specifically designed for colossal bursts of damage. When its not stalking around the map, it suddenly draws its holstered weapons to engage its enemies head-on.
Recommended: 4x Pinata, 4x Aphid, 4x Gekko, 4x Gust
Price: 260 Au, 10,000 McCree components.

"Well well well, would you look at the time!"

Lamorak (Reworked Gareth)

Class: Light
Hardpoints: 1x Light 1x Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 48,000 (max at 100,000 mk1) 125,000 base shield (max 204,000)
Base Speed: 48 (Maximum at 65)
Ability: Phalanx Compromise Mode: Lamorak can change from a frontline assault footsoldier to a swift and sturdy beacon capturer. Setup A puts shield in front, reduces speed by 25%, and adds a small damage resistance. Setup B Splits the shield and places them on the side, allowing for full speed and excellent flank protection.
Additional description: Gareth, once the face of the BAF Army, has been reduced to easily claimable scrap metal. Solution? Capitalize on what made it special. Reconfigured shield mechanics allow for increased defense capabilites and a chance once again rise to be the shining shield of the BAF.
Recommended: 1x Gust 1x Storm, 1x Magnum 1x Taran, 1x Pinata 1x Orkan.
Price: 260 Au, 10,000 Lamorak components.

"Long live the king"

Scharfschutze (Improved Schutze)

Class: Light
Hardpoints: 1x Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 42,000 (max at 99,000 mk1)
Base Speed: 44 (Maximum at 62)
Ability: Marksman's Gaze: Enables Scharfschutze to target weak points on a robot. Each direct hit on them has a 25% chance to disarm a weapon from the robot and deals double damage (200%) Lasts 15 sec or until 4 direct hits are landed, cooldown 20 sec. Can potentially fully disarm any robot.
Additional description: The Schutze has been decommissioned for some time, due to repeated demands to do so by the unfortunate victims of the GER. With Scharfschutze rolling out soon, they won't complain any longer.
Recommended: 1x Trebuchet, 1x Trident, 1x Dragoon, 1x Tempest, 1x Avenger
Price: 300 Au, 10,000 Scharfschutze components.

"Long sight lines. Noontime haze. One in the chamber. Schutze."

Griffin Perfected

Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 2x Light 2x Medium
Base level: 0
Base HP: 86,000 (max at 208,000 mk1)
Base Speed: 25 (Maximum at 44)
Ability: Perfected Predator: Griffin Perfected always passively heals HP (at Weyland Reapair rate) until at full health. Activating jump decreases received damage by 35% while midair, and deals damage if landfall is met with the enemy. CD 25, 2 Charges. Damage dealt increases 2% per 1% lost health.
Additional description: Griffin is a (PERFECTED) robot. Equipped with [obj(consume enhance replicate)] drive. [SIVA MENDING COMPLETE, INITIATE DEFENSE PROTOCOLS]
Recommended: 2x Scourge, 2x Spark; 2x Taran, 2x Magnum;
Price: 6,666 Au

"[consume enhance replicate] [consume enhance replicate] Thats all this Griffin is left with. It only remembers its previous life's final death, at the hands of the unholy Spectre. The memories are not its own any longer [consume enhance replicate]. They are of a past version, a different entity entirely. It is reborn. Through SIVA, it has finally found its calling to [consume enhance replicate] take its vengence."

Fury Perfected

Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 3x Heavy
Base level: 0
Base HP: 94,000 (max at 228,000 mk1)
Base Speed: 20 (Maximum at 40)
Ability: Unparalleled Perfection: Fury Perfected always passively heals HP (at Weyland Reapair rate) until at full health. Activating the ability overclocks the reloading mechanisms, enabling a bottomless clip and +100% fire rate for 10 sec, CD 25 sec. Damage dealt increases 5% per 1% lost health. Can perform a powerful melee stomp to shoo away opponents, CD 3 sec.
Additional description: Fury is a (PERFECTED) robot. Unparalleled firepower, provided by[obj(consume enhance replicate)] . [SIVA MENDING COMPLETE, INITIATE DEFENSE PROTOCOLS]
Recommended: 3x Exodus, 3x Dragoon, 3x, Glory
Price: 9,666 Au

"Unbridled Fury was what it was supposed to be. In its prime, it was science gone mad. Now? It is relegated to the backlines or risk total destruction in hand to hand combat, cursed to stay so forever more. A fateful dusk brought SIVA into a battlefield ravaged with husks of demolished robots. Through it, it breathed new life into the Fury. The rising hulk of metal arose from its pitiful grave. SIVA wrapped and coiled around the mech, strengthening its resolve with each new tendril. Tattered, non-functioning weapons became renwed, and with it, a newfound taste... for oil, smoke and pyroclasm. It stormed off into the night, its ominus red glow of the SIVA nanites not far behind"


Class: Thicc
Hardpoints: 2x Meduim
Base level: 1
Base HP: 86,000 (max at 160,000 mk1)
Base Speed: 46 (Maximum at 60)
Ability: Thicc Jump: Thiccgatka leaps into the air and takes 99% reduced damage. All enemy robots are immediately forced to gaze upon its beautiful legs. Enemies are forcefully locked on until 2 sec after it touches the floor. CD 10 sec, starts CD after jumping. THICC KICK: Thiccgatka kicks a nearby enemy, dealing colossal damage and stunning them. CD 10sec.

Additional description:



Recommended: 2x Storm, 2x Corona, 2x Orkan, 2x Balista
Price: 5000 Au

"Hacked into next week's test server. This is what I found. - Juggernaut2019"


Class: Spoopy
Hardpoints: 1x Charge Coil
Base level: 1
Base HP: 146,000 (max at 260,000 mk1)
Base Speed: 31 (Maximum at 55)
Ability: Electromagnetic Overload: Sparkyjin charges up and deals 15,000 (mk1) damage in a 400m diameter area, stunning enemies for 1 sec. CD 5 sec, range 500 meters. PASSIVE ABILITY: Sparkyjin can completely stick onto vertical and upside down surfaces, and can climb with great proficiency.

Additional description:
20181030 104900


This particular spider robot has the unique ability to spoop your opponents. On death, all enemies are forced to listen to Spooky Scary Skeletons bass boosted. Thanks again Juggernaut2019.

Recommended: weapons need not apply
Price: 5000 Au

"Overkill isn't in her dictionary"

Taken Leo

Class: Heavy Hardpoints: 1x Heavy 3x Light
Base level: 0
Base HP: 111,000 (max at 258,000 mk1)
Base Speed: 29 (Maximum at 38)
Ability: Power Overwhelming: The Taken Leo can blink 20m to a given direction in an instant, 2 Charges, CD 8 sec. It also can create AI clones of itself, with half of your max health, CD 20 sec.
Additional description: You are a Leo. Insurmountable defense and intimidating firepower signify your presence. You have laid waste to countless mechs. You have been taken. Disengage your targeting systems. Slow your advance. What glory compels you? What drives your destruction? You fear obsoletion. Even as you tirelessly strike down your foes, even as you maintain dominance on the field, you fear the next generation of nightmares. You know you will fall to an unseen terror. So, you remain strong. You unleash a flurry of rockets and lead. You need to embrace the shadows. There is a knife for you. it is shaped like [power] Take up the knife. Fear no more. Take your new shape.
Recommended: [power]
Price: 7,500 Au

"That Leo over there looks a bit off. New paint job?
-it looks more than just 'off'. It's glowing white and has some black gas eminating off it.-
Psshh. Let's get rid of it. ......Hey, where'd it go?
Uhh... What going on?- Last recorded transmission from an encounter with a Taken Leo

Gepard the Almighty

Class: Almighty Hardpoints: 3x G.I Pattons
Base level: 0
Base HP: 111,000 (max at 258,000 mk1)
Base Speed: 120. It flies 
Ability: Embrace of the Almighty: Gepard bestows his blessings upon its comrades. Allies gain +$100,000USD (or an equivalent amount of other currency) in their Google Playstore/Appstore accounts to pruchase all the goods they need upon the game's finish. Gepard also activates an absorber shield that heals all allies within it for any damage absorbed.
Additional description: Once you bear witness to glorious shining hull of the almighty, your troubles and stress shall be cleansed.
Recommended: Anything you would put on a Patton
Price: Open in a special chest (1 key)

"Today... we have witnessed the Almighty itself..."

Will of the Thousands

Class: Worm
Hardpoints: Huge Mouth
Base level: 1000
Base HP: 999,999 (reduced damage by 90% unless using Javelin)
Base Speed: 70
Ability: Weight of the Thousands: Crushes nearby opponents with a mighty strike (50,000dmg).  Flesh of Xol: Turns the ground a scorching purple color and violently launches opponents into the air, and slams them down (20,000dmg).  Breath of Xol: Unleashes a devastatiing energy beam from eye. (500 dmg per pulse, 25,000 dps).
Extra: When defeated, grants you the Cold Between Stars.
Additional description: One of the ancient worm gods that transformed the Hive. Decided to become a mech of the same shape to feed its ever ravenous Sword-Logic.
Recommended: N/A
Price: lonliness, drfiting, drowning in the deep.

" You are alone. You shall drift. You shall drown... in... the deep."


Class: Medium
Hardpoints: 1x Heavy 1x Medium 1x Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 98,000
Base Speed: 32
Ability: Portal Tech: The Vertex can fold spacetime and create portal, able to step in and out of it to close the gap between a target or make a calculated escape. COOLDOWN: 20 sec
Extra: N/A
Additional description: A relatively mobile robot with the unique ability to warp around the battlefield. Trades resillience and speed for superior firepower.
Recommended: 1x Glory 1x Storm 1x Gust; 1x Redeemer 1x Taran 1x Magnum; 1x Ember 1x Igniter 1x Blaze
Price: 10,000,000 Ag

"An experimntal prototype with cutting edge wormhole technology. Reliable and packs a nasty punch."


Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 1x Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 90,000 (Max: 170,000)
Base Speed: 28 (Max: 49)
Ability: Pounce: Reyndszher leaps and reduces incoming damage by 50% while airborne. Resistance is removed once a walking animation starts after jumping. CD: 15 sec.
Extra: Comes with the Bounty Hunter skill by default. DMG Increase after kill is 100%.
Additional description: Mobile skirmisher equipped with modified jump jets. Designed for quick assaults on enemy pilots. Looks like a giant, stockier Cossack, with the signature double-domed cockpit and 2 splayed toes. Ao Jun Sized.
Recommended: 1x Glory, 1x Glacier, 1x Exodus
Price: 15,000,000 Ag

"For all of you Cossack lovers."


Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 1x Alpha
Base level: 1
Base HP: 106,000 (Max: 190,000)
Base Speed: 32 (Max: 44)
Ability: Rush: The Panzer engages in a quick sprint, increasing speed by 66% for 10 sec. CD: 10 sec
Extra: N/A
Additional description: A normal robot capable of using a Titan's armaments. Fast and durable. Looks like a slim Leo, with an elongated body of similar build to Schutze. Hardpoint sits atop the Panzer's head.
Recommended: ?????
Price: 15,000,000 Ag

"It's a big boy Schutze. That's it."


Class: Medium
Hardpoints: 4x Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 106,000 (Max: 190,000)
Base Speed: 32 (Max: 44)
Ability: Blitzkrieg: Krieg 
Extra: N/A
Additional description: 
Price: 15,000,000 Ag

"Blitz's cousin, Krieg"



Class: Light Hardpoints: 1 light
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 95k
Max HP: 160k
Base Speed: 45 km/h
Max Speed: 55 km/h
Ability: Electro Ball
Ability Cooldown: 15 sec
Additional Information: Ability Info (defence): An electrical protection dome appears around the bot. This takes half the damage of all weapon types and the other half is recived by the bot. The health of the electrical dome is 40k and is unable to regenerate ( once the dome is drained, the ability reloads). Ability Info (attack): The dome also sends a total of 3 bolts of electricity to whoever is 300m or less from the bot. If there is only 1 enemy bot is range, all 3 bolts of electricity will hit it, if there is 2, one enemy will get hit by 2 bolts and the other will get hit by one. If there are 3 enemies in range, each will recive 1 bolt. A maximum of 3 bots can be hit at once. Ability Damage (per bolt): 1200
Level/League Requirements: Lvl 20
Weapon Restrictions: ---
Price: 300 Ag/Gold



Class: Medium
Hardpoints: 3x Heavy (1 is always active), 4x Light (Activates upon activation of ability)
Base level: 5
Base HP: 76,000 (Maxes at 145,000 HP; shields based at 120,000, maxes at 200,000)
Base Speed: 38 (Maxes at 51)
Ability: Siege (5 second cooldown)

Upon ability activation, the two inactive hardpoints are drawn and the heavy hardpoints receive a -15% reload time bonus along with a 25% damage bonus. The light weapons are also activated, but have -30% damage debuff and +3 seconds debuff reload time. However, the robot is forced to be stationary, but the tower is raised.

Extra: Light weapons cannot be controlled, as they are auto-turrets. 2 positioned at the front (Each beside the always active one), 2 at the back (In between the holstered weapons). The back ones have a 45 degree traverse arc; the front ones have a 20 degree traverse arc. Auto-turrets are customizable. Their view ranges follow the effective range of the weapon mounted.
Additional description: Its shape somewhat looks like Bastion. Has 6 legs. Color scheme is the same as Bastion. 2 heavies on the sides (Which is holstered), one on top.
Recommended: 3x Thunders, 4x Magnums/Punishers (Knife-fighter); 3x Zeus's, 4x Sparks/Molots/Pins (Mid-range); 3x Trebuchets, 4x Arbalests/Molots (Long-range)
Price: 23,000 WSP

"Its gonna defend your comrades, or burn your adversaries to crisp"


Class: Medium
Hardpoints: 2x Heavy, 2x Medium (Active auto turrets)
Base level: 5
Base HP: 120,000 (Maxes at 200,000 HP)
Base Speed: 32 (Maxes at 35)
Ability: Gunner (5 second cooldown)

Upon ability activation, the robot receives 20% damage boost and reload at the cost of being stationary.

Extra: Light weapons cannot be controlled, as they are auto-turrets. 2 at the back. The back ones have a 45 degree traverse arc. Auto-turrets are customizable. Their view ranges follow the effective range of the weapon mounted.
Additional description: Its shape looks like Raijin, just with platform attachments.
Recommended: 2x Thunders, 2x Tarans (Knife-fighter); 2x Zeus's, 2x Molot Ts/Punisher/Shocktrains Ts (Mid-range); 2x Trebuchets, 2x Molot Ts (Long-range)
Price: 17,000 WSP

"Don't try and flank me"

AGUC (Armored Ground Unit Carrier)

Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 2x Heavy
Base level: 5
Base HP: 120,000 (Maxes at 200,000 HP)
Base Speed: 35 (Maxes at 39)
Ability: Launch (18 second cooldown)

This ability is not exactly one, but rather when used, it first asks what ground units you would like to deploy. This includes:
  • Tanks (M1A2 Abrams, each tank deals 900 damage with a rate of fire of 25 rounds a minute, with 5000 HP, can go 45km/h, and a sight range of 400m)
  • Artillery (M109A7 Paladin, each tank deals 1200 damage with a rate of fire of 9 rounds a minute, with 710 HP, can go 36km/h, and a sight range of 600m)
  • Rocket Artillery (M270A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System, each tank deals 700 damage per rocket, holding 24 rockets, 15 seconds to reload a full clip, 790 HP, can go 39.5 km/h, and 550m sight range)

All units have unlimited numbers. Before launch, you are able to choose what units to deploy before deploying. After deploying, this can only be undone if you call your units back. When deploying your selected units, the units will come out in block formations and then scramble around the parent robot to wait for the other units to deploy. Once the deployment process is complete, a computer will take over and control the units until destruction. For each unit, you can send up to 50 per group (So in theoretical, you can send 150 units maximum). All of the ground units have a detection range of 300m, and they don't move back as the target approaches, but when they lose their target, they go for the nearest one, approaching the target if they aren't in range at the time they selected their target. Cooldown begins after deployment process is complete. Additional description: Its shape looks like Raijin, with a rather boxy shape and shields that are always active, colored yellow.
Recommended: Suitable for any range, but it's recommended to stay at mid ranges, as it gives you the chance to support your teammates while cutting the travel time for the units to get into battle.
Price: 10,000 AGUC Components

"This robot's support comes in the form of classic technology of original early 21st century tanks and artillery. Small, but with strength in numbers, multiple of these units can overwhelm a lone robot and even take down a group of robots."

Super Defender

Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 4x Heavy, 8x Medium (Active Auto Turrets)
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 340,000 (Maxes at 540,000)
Base Speed: None (Maxes at none) Ability: Lockdown (17 second cooldown)

Upon Ability activation, the robot receives a 75% incoming damage reduction, 20% Damage bonus, lethal when touched (50,000 contact damage), and completely immovable for 15 seconds.

Extra: All Medium hardpoints are auto-turrets, keeping the tradition of the previous generations of robots.
Additional description: It cannot move. Relies on nearby robots. Can tow-rope to other robots and even enemy robots. This allows the robot to move around the battlefield The tow-rope is always 100m long, minimally affects the towing robot's mobility. However, it can only tow-rope one robot at one time. Tap a robot within 100m to tow-rope. Specifically built to defend beacons and tank HP. Appearance looks like a big, metal, oversized bunker with platforms for the heavy hardpoints and smaller platforms for the smaller hardpoints. Many pilots reclassify this "robot" as a portable bunker.
Recommended: Any ranges. Most recommended range is below 500m. Otherwise, it works well as a super heavy longe-short range unit.
Price: 10000 Super Defender components.

Area Domination is always the number one priority when waging wars.

GD-2 Predator


Class: Light

Kaijin concept

Hardpoints: 4 Light
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 58,000
Max HP: 150,000
Base Speed: 35 kmph
Max speed: 50 kmph
Ability: Sentry Mode

When sentry mode is activated it will raise it’s turret like the Fujin, immobilizing itself while activating an Energy Shield. This Energy Shield has a base HP of 50,000 at Lvl 1, and a max HP of 155,000 at Lvl 12 MK 2 Making it the second most powerfull Energy shield ingame right after the Fujin.

Ability cooldown: 4s (raising/lowering tower)
Additional information: Kaijin is also the name of an ancient Japanese sea monster. Kaijin has the second most powerful Energy Shield of any bot right after the Fujin. Kaijin is a Quad Legged bot just like the Fujin and Raijin meaning it won't experience any landing lag. Kaijin is also the only Light Bot with a built in Ancile. Kaijin is also the fastest Quad legged bot.
Price: 9500 WSP

Schutze 2.0

Class: Light

Schutze 2.0 Concept

Hardpoints: 3 Heavy
Base Level: 5
Base HP: 170,000
Max HP: 290,000
Base Speed: 50 kmph
Max speed: 70 kmph
Ability: Schutze

When Schutze mode is activated Schutze 2.0 will be capable of running 90 kmph. while this ability is activated Schutze will activate a Aegis Shield, this Aegis Shield has 150k HP max at Lvl 12 Mk 2. Schutze will also be able to Hover whenever it wishes, and will create a explosion where ever it lands (just like the Helldive ability). When Schutze 2.0 is destroyed it will overload just like the Hellburner.

Ability cooldown: 10 seconds (activation and duration)
Additional information: Schutze 2.0 will also deflect Shocktrain blasts back to the enemy which fired it, crashing their game in the progress.
Price: 1 Silver


Class: Super Heavy
Hardpoints: 3 Heavy
Base Level: 3
Base HP: 145,000
Max HP: 325,000
Base Speed: 20 kmph
Max speed: 25 kmph
Ability: Rush

When Rush mode is activated Colossus will become capable to run 40 kmph for 10 seconds. While the Rush ability is activated, thrusters on the back of Colossus will activate just like on the Lancelot.

Ability cooldown: 20 seconds
Additional information: Colossus is the biggest bot ingame.

Level/League Requirements: Level 26/ Silver II

Weapon Restrictions: Ancile

Price: 5000 Gold


Class: Heavy

Beamer concept

Hardpoints: 1x Heavy 2x Light
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 80,000
Max HP: 150,000
Base Speed: 30 kmph
Max speed: 35 kmph
Ability: Beam

When “Beam” mode is activated Beamer will open it’s front and fire a big Yellowish laser Beam for 10 seconds. Beamer will slow down by 40% if aimed where it’s heading and accelerate by 40% if aimed to the opposite direction. Damage: 5000 lvl 1 - 9000 lvl 12. Burst damage: 25000 lvl 1 - 42000 lvl 12. Burst DPS: 6000 lvl 1 - 8700 lvl 12. Continuoes DPS: 3000 lvl 1 - 5000 lvl 12.

Ability cooldown: 10s (5s if deactivated earlier).
Additional information: The ability can be deactivated after 5 seconds.

Price: 2500 Gold

Schutze 3.0

Class: Light

Schutze 3.0 concept

Hardpoints: 5 Heavy
Base Level: 5
Base HP: 200,000
Max HP: 350,000
Base Speed: 55 kmph
Max speed: 80 kmph
Ability: Ultra Schutze

When Ultra Schutze mode is activated Schutze 3.0 will be capable of running 100 kmph. Schutze 3.0 will recieve a 50% damage boost, and root ability. While the ability is activated Schutze will activate a Aegis Shield, this Aegis Shield has 200k HP max at Lvl 12 Mk 2. Schutze will also be able to Hover whenever it wishes, and will create a explosion where ever it lands (just like the Helldive ability). When Schutze 3.0 is destroyed it will overload just like the Hellburner.

Ability cooldown: 10 seconds (activation and duration)
Additional information: Schutze 3.0 will also deflect Shocktrain blasts back to the enemy which fired it, crashing their game in the progress.
Price: 0.1 Silver

Schutze 4.0

Class: Light

Schutze 4.0 concept

Hardpoints: 11 Heavy
Base Level: 5
Base HP: 350,000
Max HP: 550,000
Base Speed: 65 kmph
Max speed: 95 kmph
Ability: Omega Schutze

When Omega Schutze mode is activated Schutze 4.0 will be capable of running 120 kmph. Schutze 4.0 will recieve a 55% damage boost along with root ability. While the ability is activated Schutze will activate a Aegis Shield, this Aegis Shield has 300k HP max at Lvl 12 Mk 2. Schutze 4.0 also activates a physical shield with a max HP of 350k HP at lvl 12 MK2. Schutze will also be able to Hover whenever it wishes and will create a explosion where ever it lands, just like the Mercury. When Schutze 4.0 is destroyed it will overload just like the Hellburner.

Ability cooldown: 5 seconds (duration: 15 seconds)
Additional information: Schutze 4.0 will also deflect Shocktrain blasts back to the enemy which fired it, crashing their game in the progress.
Price: 0.01 Silver

Schutze 5.0

Class: Light
Hardpoints: 1 Heavy
Base Level: 5
Base HP: 500,000
Max HP: 1.000.000
Base Speed: 70 kmph
Max speed: 100 kmph
Ability: God Schutze

When God Schutze is activated, Schutze 5.0 will have the options of six different abilities, each having different attributes.

Ability Number 1: Warp: Schutze 5.0 can generate a wormhole anywhere to anywhere to teleport to different areas, like the enemy's base, beacons etc.

Ability Number 2: Reality manipulation: When this ability is activated, Schutze 5.0 will be capable of altering reality, like turning Raijins into Destriers and changing the very map itself. And turn everything that's fired at it into dust.

Ability Number 3: Matter manipulation: When this ability is activated Schutze 5.0 will be able to move anything it wishes using Telekinesis, if there's a Raijin or even a building in the way it doesn't matter, it will be moved.

Ability Number 4: Mind manipulation: When this ability is activated Schutze 5.0 will be able to change the team of players whenever it wishes, so when you want that Orkan Spectre on your team you can just bring it over to your team, easy!

Ability Number 5: Time Manipulation: When this ability is activated Schutze 5.0 will be capable of speeding, slowing and reversing ingame time itself, ever wanted to change time back to that Critical point? Well now you can!

Ability Number 6: Levitation: When this ability is activated Schutze 5.0 will be able to float whenever it wishes, can be activated when other abilities are activated.

Ability cooldown: N/A
Additional information: Schutze 5.0 will also deflect Shocktrain blasts back to the enemy which fired it, crashing their game in the progress.
Price: 1 Silver


Class: Light

Leosack concept

Hardpoints: N/A
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 60,000
Max HP: 120,000
Base Speed: 46 kmph
Max speed: 58 kmph
Ability: Jump


Ability cooldown: 5s
Additional information: Leopard 2 + Cossack
Price: 400k Silver

Fujin fighter


Hardpoints: 2 light, 2 heavy.
Base level: 5
Base HP: 122000
Speed: 31kph
Base HP: 122000
Speed: 31kph
Ability: kamikaze

Second heavy weapon is drawn, speed increase by 100%, takes double damage, deals double damage.

Extra: cannot mount Ancile or Ecu
Cost: 1275 Au
"It could be the key to victory, or it could be the key to your demise..."



Hardpoints: 2 light 1 medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 78,000
Speed: 57
Ability: poop fling

Monkey makes a loud OO-OOOO-OOOOOOOOO noise and starts randomly flailing its arms around, throwing a poop projectile every 0.001 seconds

Additional description: a monkey-shaped quadroped robot. causes a big mess.

Price: 10 banans. (you receive banans for every banan you send to pixonic HQ)


Hardpoints: 3 light weapons, and one heavy weapon
Base level: 1
Base HP: 90k
Speed: 15 kmph
Ability: Drag

Atlas sends a crippling rift in the atmosphere, dragging any robot besides japanese robots (Raijin and Fuijin) towards it. takes 10 seconds for effect to settle in, but in the meantime, atlas can not move. cooldown: 45 seconds

Extra: robot can target stealthed robots (besides stalker)

Additional description: large, shaped a bit like leo, has the ability to pull anything towards it.



Health: 125,000 at level 12
Speed: 45 km/hr at level 12
Hardpoints: 2 medium
Ability: Ping

Emits a strong EM pulse that interfers with targeting systems. All enemies within 350 m have their target forcibly changed to this robot. All enemy lock-on weapons within 600 m, as well as any this robot has, lose lock-on and must retarget. Also gains 80% damage resistance for 5 sec. 15 sec recharge.


  • ability makes shocktrain, hydra, and vortex useless to put on Pulsar.
  • Design is intended to support group assaults. Will die very quickly without support.


Health: a little less than Natasha at all levels
Speed: same as Fury at all levels
Hardpoints: 1 Heavy, 1 light
Shields: none
Ability: Zoom

Robot can engage zoom view while locked on. Stops the robot, and uses the movement controls to adjust targeting to various parts of the target robot (i.e. the legs of a Haechi). on release, fires all weapons onto the targeted part of the robot. Cannot directly target ancile shields (That would be too OP).


Health: same as Gareth
Speed: same as Gareth
Hardpoints: 3 light
Anti-Energy Shield: 100,000 at level 8
Ability: Armored flight

Like Hover, Jet can fly, but faster and longer. While flying, it enables a dome shield that blocks only energy damage. This robot is very weak while on the ground, but can outrun or absorb pretty much anything while in the air.


  • Jet is designed not only as a Beacon capper, but is also intended to be a cheap rotbot that can easily be obtained within 2 weeks of starting the game for the first time. By giving new players a very fun and somewhat complicated robot early on, the ultimate goal of this robot is to increase player retention.


Health: A bit more than Rogatka
Speed: same as Haechi
Hardpoints: 2 medium, 1 light
Ability: Null Zone

Gravitator creates a spherical region, centered on itself and with a radius of 75 meters, where gravity is temporarily nullified. Any robots that were in motion, with the exceptions of Gravitator, Hover, Raijn, and Fujin, will be unable to stop moving. Any robots that were stationary, with the exceptions of Gravitator, Hover, and jumping bots, will be unable to start moving. The effect lasts 5 seconds, and affects both teams.
Gravitator is immune to its own effects, as well as the effect of other Gravitors. Any robot with the jump ability can still jump to gain forward motion, but will be unable to stop moving until the effect ends. Hover, while in the air, is unaffected due to its rocket propulsion, but will slide if on the ground. Quadrupedal robots can use their ability to cancel motion, but cannot resume motion while the effect is active.

Ability Recharge: 20 seconds

  • Gravitator is designed to counter highly mobile opponents, such as Dash bots.
  • Gravitator is best countered with lock-on-weapons.

—And thus, the banana slug kingdom and fungi kingdom created an alliance,
and took over the wiki. 12:39, May 14, 2018 (UTC)


Health: 75,000 max
Speed: 68 km/h
Hardpoints: 1 light (on top)
Ability: Plasma Missile

Ability requires lock-on, maximum range 300 meters. Upon activation, the entire robot lifts off of ground, becoming a giant plasma missile. This missile follows a similar trajectory to that of an Spiral missile, ending in a superheated plasma explosion that bypasses all shields. The explosion instantly destroys Revenge and deals infinite damage to the target, ignoring all shields and stealth abilities. Once the ability is activated, Revenge enters an invincible state, cannot be stopped, evaded or outmanuvered.


  • Revenge is designed to destroy a single enemy at all costs.

An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth.
I am here to collect all your past dues.


Health: 50,000 max
Speed: 60 km/h
Hardpoints: 1 Medium (on top)
Ability: Resurrection (Passive)

Can be re-spawned 5 times in all game modes EXCEPT FFA. Can be re-spawned an infinite number of times for free in FFA.


  • Gremlin is designed to annoy the enemy by refusing to stay down when killed.



Health: 120 health
Speed: 45 km
Hardpoints: 2 Heavy
Ability: Discharge

Ability to charge an opponent while in stealth mode, making the opponents harder to target.

Ability Recharge: 20 seconds


Weapon's purchase: 20M Silvers

Power Base Lvl: 50,000

Reload: 20 sec

Ability: Shoot through walls and can practically bypass any shielding, even Aegis.

Highly distorted image of something


Faction: BAF

Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 2 heavy 1 medium
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 55,000
Max HP: 135,000
Base Speed: 24 kmph
Max speed: 35 kmph
Ability: Guard

This bot can activate two powerful shields at the same time. When the ability is activated, the second heavy weapon will be revealed and able to fire, and the two shields on either side will come out in front of the bot, layering on top of each other. These shields have a special ability. When they get hit by a splash weapon, the damage will be divided between the shield and the bot. Works normally against plasma and kinetic weapons. If both shields are intact, 3/4 of any splash damage is absorbed by the shield while 1/4 of the damage goes through to the bot. When only one shield is intact, the damage will be split evenly between the bots. Movement speed reduced by 20% while ability is active.

Ability cooldown: 1s (raising/lowering tower), 12s (second charge, firing rocket)
Additional information:

  • 1st physical shield strength: 200k
  • 2nd physical shield strength: 150k

Price: 5000 Au


Faction: JSDF

Class: Light
Hardpoints: 3 light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 56,000
Max HP: 145,000
Base Speed: 40 kmph
Max speed: 60 kmph
Ability: Fortress

Has two charges. When the ability is activated, the bot immobilizes and raises its tower similarly to the Fujin and Raijin, and deploys a physical and an ancile shield. While Fortress is active, if the second charge is filled, the bot can launch a powerful rocket from its tower.

Ability cooldown: 1s (raising/lowering tower), 12s (second charge, firing rocket)
Additional description:

  • Rocket range: 500m
  • Rocket damage: 20,000
  • Splash radius: 20m
  • Physical shield strength: 120,000
  • Energy shield strength: 91,000
  • Energy shield recharge rate: 3% per second

Price: 10,000 components


Faction: Norse warriors

Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 2 superheavy
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 76,000
Max HP: 150,000
Base Speed: 18 kmph
Max speed: 30 kmph

This bot bears the huge firepower of 2 superheavy weapons. This beast of a machine trades alot of speed for alot of firepower. Great for sniping enemies from a distance or destroying enemies up close.
Price: 10000 Odin components or $100 AUD


Faction Norse warriors

Class: Heavy
Hardpoints: 1 heavy + 1 superheavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 82,000
Max HP: 190,000
Base speed: 30 kmph
Max speed: 33 kmph
Ability: Nordic flame

Unlike its larger cousin Odin, this bot can actually take some hits. Bearing the power of a superheavy weapon, along with an ordinary weapon, it is a huge menace on the battlefield. Suited well as a close range tank, sacrificing mobility for incredible firepower.

Ability cooldown: 20 seconds
Ability description: For 7 seconds, spews out an inferno of intense blue flames in an arc around it that are deadly to any bot nearby. During this time, heavy weapon is disabled

Additional information:

  • Ability damage: 20k continuous DPS
  • Ability range: 350m
  • Ability damage type: Flame
  • Projectile speed: Slow
Price: 10000 Surtr components or $150 AUD


Faction Norse warriors

Class: Medium
Hardpoints: 1 superheavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 68,000
Max HP: 135,000
Base speed: 45 kmph
Max speed: 60 kmph
Ability: Trickster

The smallest of the 3 Norse warriors, Loki brings a unique ability to the battlefield. Bearing one superheavy weapon, the firepower is enough to deal with most threats while being an effective beacon capper and noteworthy skirmisher

Ability cooldown: 15 seconds
Ability description: Becomes completely invisible, immobile and invulnerable for 10 seconds. In its place, creates a fake clone of a random enemy bot. Bot cannot deal damage, but otherwise appears to be real. Takes damage as usual. When illusion bot is destroyed, or after 15 seconds have passed, original bot reappears in its original location and is able to be moved around and fire like a normal bot, and illusion bot fades away.

Price: 10000 Loki components or $80 AUD



Hardpoints: two light, medium
Base level: 1
Health: 87k
Speed: 40kph
Ability: Glide

When gliding, it diverts it’s power to flying, so as a result, it doesn’t not have enough power to use it’s medium weapon while gliding.

Description: looks like a strider except with three legs.

Currency: components

Also: being able to give other player weapons, currency, and bots that you do not want



Hardpoints: 3 heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: same as Fujin
Speed: 40 Kmph
Ability: Climb

Activate by standing near a wall and then you begin to climb up it the ability recharge is 30 seconds you get a decrease in speed (60%) and from there you can choose to barrage your enemy from above or to find a suitable sniping area from almost any map.

Bot info: quadrepedal looks somewhat like fujin no ancile and at max level has same health as a fujin my original idea was a bot with 6 legs and more speed but then you couldn't really have a bot with 6 legs and 3 heavy hardpoints.
Weapon restrictions: Ancile prohibited

Cost: 5K AU, 10K components or 20M AG


lvl 8 statistics 

125,000 hp


one heavy three medium hardpoints

no ancile aegis physical or absorber shield

ability ABSORB

ability info: ability is always active all kinetic weapons deal reduced damage to kage (specifically all shots deal 10 damage to kage) only kinetic weapons deal this amount whilst other weapons like tarans or viper still deal their full damage all the damage that goes into kage that is kinetic is absorbed into its ability which is like hellburner's only it has three stages in its ability 1st blast radius is 100 meters and deals 30,000 dmg, 2nd blast radius is 150 meters and deals 60,000 dmg, 3rd blast radius is 200 meters and deals 75,000 dmg but to charge the abilitys all kinetic energy is changed into a single point for the ability the ability requires 200 points for the first stage then 300 for 2nd and 400 for 3rd you can activate the explosion at any time as long as its 1st stage or higher is charged. (thunder will do 160 due to it having 16 shots in one shot)

on death it launches 3 homing missles into the air firing at the enemy closest to you dealing 5,000 damage each

name is inspired by luke cage and black panther (TV series)



Hardpoints: two lights on one side, and one medium on the other and heavy on top.
Base level: 20
Base HP: similar to boa but 5x
Speed: 24km
Ability: ramming

when target is on sight,(range 400m) it activates ramming sheild increasing its speed to 47km
  • while in ramming mode. Its damage resistance is increased to 3%

Additional description: base of the rhino but wider and some bulkiness of the lance and the sleekness of a rhino and its height.

Price: gold


Hardpoints: two lights one medium on top
Base level: 5
Base HP: slightly similar to golem
Speed: 48
Ability: kangaroo

jumps (or hops) five times all in one while its abilityis half full though the jump is much lower than most bots. when maxed. jumps really high
  • it main and only purpose is to encourage more zues/snipers players to aim at bots with more flamboyant abilities

Additional description: slightly tall than a strider

Price: components

Flying holy Crusader

Hardpoints: two heavies
Base level: 8
Base HP: half of a Raijin
Speed: 15
Ability: quick draw shield

while in the air it activates its energy shield with its quickdraw. replacing its weapons while in jump. after that, it reverts to its default setup.
  • Description of a addition: when it lands in send a earthquake to the ground that makes nearby enemies move closer (earthquake range:99 or 100

Additional description: butch lance hybrid :D

Price: components

EBa unit 01

Hardpoints: two arms
Base level: 8
Base HP: 1.5 quintillion
Speed: 49
Ability: Could deploy a dagger from its shoulder and is powered by flesh inside with armour outside

Description: standing at an amazing 75 meters tall as well as its flesh allowing for its extremely fast speeds that is almost humanlike

Additional description:


Note: it also can use other forms of weapons like this one shown. And be deployed through a fake building.

Price: components

Additional additional description im trolling y'all, lol. (But this is still canon to wr/user ideas >:D )



Health: 150,000
Type: Heavy
Hardpoints: 2 medium, 2 light
Ability: Hyper-Cannon
Hyper-cannon total damage dealt : 80k at base
Description: Plasmatic is a heavy quadruped robot resembling a Fuijn with two frontal plates. When in Hyper-Cannon mode, it opens the frontal shield exposing a massive plasma cannon.It then redirects power from legs and weapons to the cannon, whose charge will be shown at a bar at the top of the screen. After charging fully(20 sec and it displays a symbol), the red button will then control the fire and the robot can then move its torso. The cannon will then unleash a huge blast at a single enemy or multiple at many.

Cost: Requires components- 10000 of them.



Level Health Speed Aegis Barrier Health Aegis Barrier Regeneration Shockwave Ability Damage
1 95,000 42 110,000 12,100 per sec 15,000 Dmg
2 110,000 42 120,000 13,200 per sec 15,500 Dmg
3 125,000 43 130,000 14,300 per sec 16,000 Dmg
4 140,000 43 140,000 15,400 per sec 16,500 Dmg
5 155,000 44 150,000 16,500 per sec 17,000 Dmg
6 170,000 44 160,000 17,600 per sec 17,500 Dmg
7 185,000 45 170,000 18,700 per sec 18,000 Dmg
8 200,000 45 180,000 19,800 per sec 18,500 Dmg
9 215,000 46 190,000 20,900 per sec 19,000 Dmg


46 200,000 22,000 per sec 19,500 Dmg
11 245,000 46 210,000 23,100 per sec 20,000 Dmg
12 260,000 46 220,000 24,200 per sec 20,500 Dmg
Total +160,000 +4 km/h +110,000  +12,100  +5,500

Class: Heavy Robot

Hardpoints: 3 Heavies

Abilities: Aegis Barrier & Shockwave

Robot Description: Tall and Durable Quad Walker, equipped with 3 mediums allow for high damage potential combined with good speed and the ability to walk over most robots makes for a powerful robot. Can climb over some cliffs because of height.

Aegis Barrier - Projects a Durable Energy Shield that blocks all damage in front of it.

Aegis Barrier HP: 135,000 (at lvl 1)

Aegis Barrier Regen: 15,700 per second (When not in use) (lvl 1)

Aegis Barrier Duration: 15 seconds

Aegis Barrier Cooldown: 20 seconds

Shockwave - Emits a destructive shockwave that knocks back all robots within its radius, dealing moderate damage, bypasses shielding.

Shockwave Knockback Distance: 100m

Knockback Radius: 200m

Shockwave Cooldown: 18 seconds

Shockwave Damage: 5,400 Damage


Level Health Speed Shield HP Shield Regeneration Damage Resistance
1 88,000 39 36,000 1,350  10%
2 94,000 40 40,000 1,500 15%
3 99,000 41 45,000 1,750 20%
4 105,000 42 49,000 1,900 25%
5 112,000 43 55,000 2,100 30%
6 123,000 44 60,000 2,450 35%
7 138,000 45 66,000 2,700 40%
8 145,000 45 70,000 3,200 45%
9 152,000 46 74,000 3,500 50%
10 159,000 46 79,000 3,950 55%
11 163,000 46 82,000 4,300 60%
12 171,000 46 86,000 4,600 65%

Class: Heavy Robot

Hardpoints: 3 Lights & 1 Heavy

Abilities: Teleport & Sentry

Robot Description: Really durable robot, equipped with 3 lights and a heavy ensures destruction of your enemies. Can activate a durable energy shield that blocks splash and kinetic damage and can teleport short distances to avoid a fight that it cannot win.

Teleport - Shows you a map, click on a point where you want to teleport to.

Teleportation Distance: 500m

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Sentry - Activates a durable energy shield to block non energy-weapons.

Shield Health: 81,000 (at lvl 1) 

Shield Regen: 3,500 per second (at lvl 1, when not in use)

Shield Duration: 15 seconds

Shield Cooldown: 15 seconds


Level Health Speed Cost Time
1 60,000 41 km/h 10,000 Cmp N/A
2 65,000 42 km/h 510,000 Ag 5 Hours
3 70,000 43 km/h 1,100,000 Ag 10 Hours
4 76,000 44 km/h 2,200,000 Ag 15 Hours
5 81,000 45 km/h 3,300,000 Ag 20 Hours
6 87,000 46 km/h 4,400,000 Ag 1 Day 1 Hour
7 92,000 47 km/h 5,500,000 Ag 1 Day 6 Hours
8 98,000 48 km/h 6,600,000 Ag 1 Day 11 Hours
9 103,000 49 km/h 7,700,000 Ag 1 Day 16 Hours
10 109,000 49 km/h 8,800,000 Ag 1 Day 21 Hours
11 114,000 49 km/h 9,900,000 Ag 2 Days 2 Hours
12 120,000 49 km/h 11,000,000 Ag 2 Day 7 Hours

Class: Medium Robot

Hardpoints: 2 Medium & 2 Heavy

Abilities: Descend

Robot Description: Glass Cannon Quad Walker, possesses high Firepower for low Health, energy shield and decent speed. Its like a spectre but trades off mobility for more health and an energy shield.

Descend - Propelled robot into the air while activating stealth simultaneously until it lands.

Jump Distance: 150m

Stealth Duration After Jump: 5 seconds

Cooldown: 18 seconds


Health: 80,000 (at lvl 1) Speed: 45 km/h (at lvl 1)

Class: Medium Robot

Hardpoints: 2 Mediums & 2 Lights

Abilities: Energy Shield & Neutron Bomb

Robot Description: Durable Walker with decent firepower and speed, equipped with an Energy Shield for extra protection and can detonate a powerful bomb.

Energy Shield - Projects a Energy Shield that blocks non energy damage. Passive Ability

Energy Shield HP: 80,000 (at lvl 1)

Aegis Barrier Regen: 1,380 per second

Neutron Bomb - Detonates a powerful and destructive bomb that deals immense damage to nearby enemies around it. Related to the Hellburner's Ability.

Blast Radius: 100m

Blast Damage: 25,000 (at lvl 1)

Cooldown: 15 seconds


Health: 78,000 (at lvl 1) Speed: 43 km/h (at lvl 1)

Class: Medium Robot

Hardpoints: 4 Lights

Abilities: Energy Shield & Rush

Robot Description: A Durable medium robot equipped with 4 light weapons and has a passive energy shield.

Energy Shield - Projects a Energy Shield that blocks non energy damage. Passive Ability

Energy Shield HP: 50,000 (at lvl 1)

Aegis Barrier Regen: 1,050 per second

Rush - When activated, Patrion gains a +50% speed boost for 10 seconds

Blast Radius: 100m

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Price: 2000 Au


Health: 145,000 (at lvl 12) Speed: 45 km/h (at lvl 12)

Class: Heavy Robot

Hardpoints: 3 Heavy

Abilities: Absorption Mode & Attack Mode (Toggle between the 2 modes)

First Stage: Absorption Shield - Activates an infinite absorption shield that absorbs up to 100% damage & turns it into usable energy which increases weapon damage output up to 100% for 5 seconds. Cooldown, 5 seconds. In this mode, you cannot use any of your weapons.

Second Stage: Attack Mode - Turns off the Absorption shield and allows the use of the weapons with a damage boost, depending on how much damage was absorbed in the first mode. Cooldown, 5 seconds.

Robot Description: A heavy glass cannon robot that can absorb damage and use it to increase weapon damage. Has low speed and moderate durability.

Price: 10000 Components


Health: 175,000 (at lvl 12) Speed: 50 km/h (at lvl 12)

Class: Heavy Robot

Hardpoints: 2 Heavy

Abilities: Glance & Energy Shield

Energy Shield Capacity: 65,000 (at lvl 12)

Energy Shield Regeneration: 9,800 (at lvl 12)

Glance Damage: 5,600 per beam (at lvl 12)

Beam Count: 15 Beams

Beam Cycle Damage: 84,000 (at lvl 12)

Charges: 2 Charges

Ability Recharge Time: 15 seconds

Robot Description: A durable quad-legged robot that shares much of its attributes with the Rayker. The only difference being that the Terminator has more HP, reduced speed and a fast recharging energy shield. As well as two heavy weapons for decent firepower.

Default Loadout: 2x Thunder

Recommended Loadout: 2x Dragoon or 2x Calamity

Price: 10000 Components


Level Health Speed Aegis Shield HP

Aegis Shield Regeneration

(per 0.5 sec)

Ability Damage
1 140,000 30 25,000 3,500 28,100
2 154,000 31 27,500 3,900 30,900
3 169,400 32 30,300 4,200 33,900
4 186,400 33 33,300 4,700 37,300
5 205,000 34 36,600 5,100 41,000
6 225,500 35 40,300 5,600 45,100
7 247,600 36 44,300 6,200 49,600
8 272,400 37 48,700 6,800 54,600
9 299,600 38 53,600 7,500 60,000
10 329,600 38 59,000 8,300 66,000
11 362,600 38 64,900 9,100 72,600
12 400,000 38 71,400 10,000 80,000

Class: Heavy Robot

Hardpoints: 2 Lights & 2 Heavy

Abilities: Helldive

Robot Description: Really durable quadropedal robot, equipped with 2 lights and 2 heavy weapons which give it incredible firepower. Has decent speed and has a much more powerful version of Helldive, but the Scarab dosen't activate stealth due to all the energy being channelled to create a large powerful impact. Also come equipped with a weak Aegis Shield that recharges very fast - useful against single high damage vollies from high damage weapons such as Thermite or Trebuchet. 

Helldive - Jumps really high into the air and creates a powerful explosion upon landing, can be triggered prematurely. Does not enter Stealth while ability is active. Aegis Shield is also disabled while ability is active.

Maximum Jump Distance: 400m Explosion Area: 150m  Cooldown: 20 seconds Price: 10,000 Components 


Level Health Speed Primary Aegis Shield HP

Primary Aegis Shield Regeneration

(per 1 sec)

Secondary Aegis Shield HP

Secondary Aegis Shield Regenration

(per 10 sec)

Physical Shields HP (x2) Ability Damage
1 20,000 40 36,000 1,500 28,000 28,000 50,000 16,320
2 22,000 41 38,000 1,700 30,000 30,000 54,000 17,920
3 25,000 42 41,000 2,000 33,000 33,000 60,000 19,680
4 29,000 43 45,000 2,400 37,000 37,000 68,000 21,640
5 34,000 44 50,000 2,900 42,000 42,000 78,000 23,800
6 40,000 45 56,000 3,500 48,000 48,000 90,000 26,160
7 47,000 46 63,000 4,200 55,000 55,000 104,000 28,760
8 55,000 47 71,000 5,000 63,000 63,000 120,000 31,600
9 64,000 48 80,000 5,900 72,000 72,000 138,000 34,720
10 74,000 48 90,000 6,900 82,000 82,000 158,000 38,160
11 85,000 48 101,000 8,000 93,000 93,000 180,000 41,920
12 97,000 48 113,000 9,200 105,000 105,000 204,000 46,080

Class: Heavy Robot

Hardpoints: 3 Medium 

Abilities: Force Push

Robot Description: A Hybrid between a Glass Cannon and a Tank. Really weak health but has two Aegis Shields and two Physical Shields, 3 Medium weapons and a powerful offensive ability. It has decent speed as well. The HP of Both Aegis Shields and Physical Shields combined at max is 626,000, making difficult for most attacks to punch through all four shields to directly damage the robot.

Force Push - Emits a powerful shockwave that pushes and damages enemies in front of it, as it expands outwards, it can hit multiple targets at the same time. Recharge Time - 15 Seconds
Rotate Physical Shields - Rotates both Physical shields from the sides to the Front, protecting the entire robot in the front from all non-splash weaponry. While these shields are rotated to the front, it cannot fire its medium weapons or use the Force Push ability.
Primary Aegis Shield - Activates as soon as the robot spawns in. When depleted, reactivates when it reaches 100% of its durability. When damaged, does not regenerate until it is depleted.
Secondary Aegis Shield - Activates as soon as the Primary Aegis Shield is depleted, it takes 10 seconds to fully recharge when damaged or depleted. Deactivates when the Primary Aegis Shield reactivates.  
Distance Shockwave Diameter Knockback Distance Damage
100m or less 50m 250m 100%
150m 75m 225m 90%
200m 100m 200m 80%
250m 125m 175m 70%
300m 150m 150m 60%
350m 175m 125m 50%
400m 200m 100m 40%
450m 225m 75m 30%
500m 250m 50m 20%

Maximum Shockwave Distance: 500m  

Price: 10,000 Components 


An improved version of the Boa, has slightly increased health and one more medium hardpoint. It also comes equipped with one passive module and an active module.

Level Health Speed
1 115,000 32
2 122,000 33
3 129,000 34
4 136,000 36
5 144,000 37
6 152,000 38
7 161,000 39
8 171,000 41
9 181,000 42
10 192,000 42
11 204,000 42
12 216,000 42

Price: 5,000,000 Silver  


A heavy version of the Hover. Features increased health, firepower and a physical shield. But has reduced speed and can fly very fast only for a short amount of time at a steep angle when compared to the Hover. It has one of each hardpoint.

Ability  Duration Speed Distance Gain Cooldown
Glide 1 - 5 Seconds 250 Km/h 250m - 1000m 10 Seconds
Level Health Speed Physical Shield Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
1 110,000 42 110,000 N/A N/A
2 121,000 43 121,000 100,000 2 hours
3 133,000 44 133,000 200,000 4 Hours
4 146,000 45 146,000 400,000 8 Hours
5 160,000 46 160,000 800,000 16 Hours
6 176,000 47 176,000 1,500,000 1 Day
7 193,000 48 193,000 3,000,000 1 Day 10 Hours
8 212,000 49 212,000 4,000,000 2 Days
9 233,000 50 233,000 8,000,000 2 Day 16 Hours
10 256,000 50 256,000 14,000,000 3 Days 8 Hours
11 281,000 50 281,000 19,000,000 4 Days 2 Hours
12 309,000 50 309,000 24,000,000 4 Days 20 Hours


A powerful and low-profile Titan that is loosely based on the Pursuer, Blitz and Kumiho. It comes equipped with 4 Beta Hardpoints and has decent speed. Its main purpose in combat is to disable or hinder opposing teams in a battle, by quietly sneaking behind enemy lines and taking out troublesome or important targets with high-powered weaponry. It has 3 abilities that allow it to remain mobile, hiddin and deadly at close to medium range. Its normally starts off in "Mobility Mode". 

Its main disadvantage is its relevantly mediocre health, having just double than the Invader and will not last long under prolonged enemy fire. And must seek cover as soon as its abilities deactivates. 

Abilities Duration Recharge Time Effects Description
Vale of Shadows 10 seconds 15 seconds Invisibility Upon activation, renders the robot completely invisible to all enemy countermeasures for a short time. At this time, no one can see or target the robot. However, it can still receive damage from stray projectiles. 
Mobility Mode Infinite 5 seconds +50% Speed In this mode, increases the robot's speed. 
Attack Mode Infinite 5 seconds +50% Firepower & Physical Shield

In this mode, increases the robot's damage output and enables a physical shield.

Level Health Speed Physical Shield Health
1 170,000 36 km/h 85,000
2 190,000 36 km/h 95,000
3 215,000 37 km/h 107,500
4 245,000 37 km/h 122,500
5 280,000 38 km/h 140,000
6 320,000 37 km/h 160,000
7 355,000 39 km/h 177,500
8 405,000 39 km/h 202,500
9 460,000 40 km/h 230,000
10 520,000 40 km/h 260,000
11 585,000 40 km/h 292,500
12 655,000 40 km/h 327,500

Price: 10,000 Components 


A Special Titan that is a hybrid of Rayker, Blitz and Invader.  It comes equipped with 1 Alpha Hardpoint and 2 Beta Hardpoints. It also has multiple abilities that suppress enemy weapons in different ways, It has decent health and is quite fast, its main role is acting as support and a brawler at times. Its multiple abilities allow it to continuously suppress the enemy team and stop their advance while destroying multiple targets at once. 

Abilities Duration Recharge Time Charges Effects Range Description
Petrifying Glance Instant 10 seconds -90% Firepower  600m Fires a single powerful beam that does moderate damage to one target and has the highest suppression percentage.
Incursion Instant 10 seconds 2 -66% Firepower 150m Emits a powerful shockwave that does mediocre damage to targets near the robot and has the lowest suppression percentage.
Breakthrough 10 18 seconds 1 -75% Firepower, Aegis Shield & +50% Speed 500m

Fires a wave of 100 particles that span 50m and expand outwards that deal moderate damage to multiple targets and suppresses them. Super deadly at close range. Also enables an Aegis Shield and a speed boost as well for the duration of the ability.

Level Health Speed Petrifying Glance Damage Incursion Damage Breakthrough Damage per particle Aegis Shield
1 404,000 36 km/h 7,000 14,000 1,000 47,000
2 424,000 36 km/h 7,600 15,200 1,200 52,000
3 444,000 37 km/h 8,400 16,800 1,300 56,000
4 467,000 37 km/h 9,200 18,400 1,400 62,000
5 491,000 38 km/h 10,000 20,000 1,500 67,000
6 516,000 37 km/h 11,000 22,000 1,600 74,000
7 542,000 39 km/h 12,000 24,000 1,700 81,000
8 570,000 39 km/h 13,200 26,400 1,800 89,000
9 699,000 40 km/h 14,600 29,200 1,900 98,000
10 631,000 40 km/h 16,000 32,000 2,000 107,000
11 664,000 40 km/h 17,600 35,200 2,100 118,000
12 700,000 40 km/h 19,400 38,800 2,200 131,000

Price: 10,000 Components 


A Titan that has high health and speed, it can also switch between 2 modes during flight. It comes equipped with 3 Heavy weapons and is twice as tall as the Fury. It can also enable and disable flight at anytime to allow the use of the other two modes. It can alternate between roles of a powerful brawler and a lightning fast beacon runner. Without any ability activated, the Changewing can only use 2 out of its three heavy weapons.

It utilizes an anti-matter engine, which allows it to stay off the ground for as long as it likes during battle. Though it does take some time to adjust between modes which could present some weakness. Since the Changewing uses an anti-matter engine, it can release a lot of energy upon destruction, doing a lot of damage in a short distance.

Ability Duration Cooldown Flight Speed Description
Fighter Mode Infinite 8 seconds 75 km/h Enables Aegis Shield and the use of the third heavy weapon, Aegis Shield can only regenerate when out of this mode. Requires "Flight Mode" to be enabled and not more than 2 modes enabled.
Stealth Mode Infinite 8 seconds 100 km/h Disables Aegis Shield and the use of the three heavy weapons, then enables Stealth mode for an infinite amount of time. Requires "Flight Mode" to be enabled and not more than 2 modes enabled.
Flight Mode Infinite 5 seconds 75 km/h Enables Flight, levitating the robot 200m into the air and allows the use of "Fighter" & "Stealth" modes.
Anti-Matter Explosion Instant 0 seconds N/A Upon destruction of the Changwing, releases all anti-matter that interferes with regular matter, causing an increased amount of damage the closer an enemy is to the explosion. Up to 200,000 damage depending on how close the target is to the explosion in a 200m radius.
Purchase Cost Cost Health
1 20,0000 Components 130,000
Level Health Speed Aegis Shield Health Aegis Shield Regeneration (per 2 seconds)
1 130,000 30 50,000 10,000
2 150,000 31 65,000 15,000
3 180,000 32 80,000 20,000
4 220,000 33 95,000 25,000
5 270,000 34 105,000 30,000
6 330,000 35 120,000 35,000
7 400,000 36 135,000 40,000
8 480,000 37 150,000 45,000
9 570,000 38 165,000 50,000


38 180,000 55,000
11 780,000 38 195,000 60,000
12 900,000 38 220,000 65,000
Total +770,000 +8 +170,000 +55,000


The Ethos is a characteristic spirit that was manifested from beliefs and aspirations of others. Its main form has low durability, but makes it up for speed, protection and firepower. It is about as tall as the Lancelot.

Advanced Robots

Improved variants of existing robots that have increased stats and other attributes, in order to improve effectiveness in current meta.

Advanced Light Robots

AL-MK.1-V1 Cossack

An improved Cossack that has increased health and Speed, also has an improved Jump ability, which allows storage of two jump charges. Has a distinctive white/blue paintjob.

Health Speed (km/h)
1 150,000 Ag 58,500 46

Upgrade Information

PilotRankPrivate icon
Ag icon
Shield icon
Speed icon
Speed (kph)
Cooldown icon
2 10,000 63,000 48 5 minutes
3 40,00072,00050 1 hour
5200,00076,500534 hours
6400,00081,000558 hours
7800,00085,5005712 hours
81,500,00091,5005816 hours
93,000,00097,5006020 hours
105,000,000103,500601 day
118,000,000109,500601 day 2 hours
1213,000,000117,0005601 day 4 hours
Total31,970,000+58,500+145 days 19 hours 35 minutes

Advanced Medium Robots

AM-MK.1 V1 Vityaz

An improved version of the Vityaz that has increased health and speed, it also has increased weapon damage (+20%). Has a distinctive white/blue paintjob.

Health Speed (km/h)
1 1,000,000 Ag 127,500 34

Upgrade Information

PilotRankPrivate icon
Ag icon
Shield icon
Speed icon
Speed (kph)
Cooldown icon
2 10,000 135,000 35 5 minutes
3 20,000144,00036 30 minutes
440,000153,000381 hour
5200,000163,500394 hours
6400,000174,000408 hours
7800,000184,5004112 hours
81,500,000196,5004316 hours
93,000,000208,5004420 hours
105,000,000222,000441 day
118,000,000235,500441 day 2 hours
1213,000,000250,500441 day 4 hours
Total31,970,000+123,000+105 days 19 hours 35 minutes

AM-MK.1 V1 GI. Patton

An improved version of the Patton that has increased health and speed, it also comes equipped with a minor energy shield. Has a distinctive white/blue paintjob. 

Also, because of its high modification status, this robot can be upgraded to lvl 15.

Level Health Speed Shield HP Shield Regeneration
1 106,500 32
2 115,500 34
3 124,500 35
4 135,500 36
5 145,500 37
6 157,500 38
7 169,500 40
8 183,000 41
9 198,000 42
10 214,500 42
11 231,000 42
12 249,000 42
13 274,500 42
14 301,500 42
15 331,500 42

Advanced Heavy Robots

AH-MK.1 V1 Natasha

An Upgraded Natasha that has significantly increased health and speed. Has a distinctive white/blue paintjob.

Golurk 88


Class: Heavy Robot

Faction: PRC (People's Republic of China)

Robot Description: A Heavy Robot, the Rampage was developed along with the Prowler. Instead of focusing on attack, it emphasises defense and armour.

Health: 100,000-200,000

Physical Shield Health: 55,000 x2 (fixed)

In-built Ancile health: 55,000 (fixed)

Aegis-class Barrier health: 55,000 (fixed)

In-built Ancile and Aegis-class Barrier regeneration rate: 2% (re-activation threshold 20%)

Hardpoints: 1 Heavy, 1 Medium and 1 Light

Default Weapons: 1 Thunder, 1 Punisher T and 1 Punisher

Speed: 32-40 mph

Colour: Dark Grey

Ability: Smokescreen Prototype

Ability Description: Launches 20 smoke grenades in all directions around it (including above), shrouding the robot in dense smoke from all directions, obscuring it from view. The smoke grenades explode 150m away from the robot. Once the smoke grenades explode, the robot can only be damaged by lock-on weapons.

Ability Cooldown: 20 seconds

Role: Defender/Brawler

Cost: 3.2 million silver (unavailable to players who've spent money on the game)

Required Level: Level 20

"You think that you can take me down? My shields disagree."


Class: Heavy Robot

Faction: PRC (People's Republic of China)

Robot Description: A Heavy Robot, the Prowler was developed along with the Rampage. Instead of focusing on protection, it emphasises firepower and offense.

Health at Base Level: 88,000

Health at Maximum Level Mk1: 162,000

Hardpoints: 2 Heavy, 1 Light

Default Weapons: 2 Thunders and 1 Punisher

Speed at Base Level: 34mph

Speed at Maximum Level Mk1: 38mph

Colour: Dark Grey with Black camouflage and side smoke grenade launchers.

Ability: Smokescreen (2 modes)

Ability Description: Fires all 20 smoke grenades towards the nearest 2 enemy robots within 200 metres, dealing 15,000 splash damage (fixed). The enemy robot hit is surrounded by dense smoke and cannot lock on to any robot for 10 seconds.

Ability Cooldown: 23 seconds

Role: Close-range/Ambush robot/Knife fighter

Cost: 5.7 million silver (unavailable to players who've spent money on the game)

Required Level: Level 20

"Keep your eyes open, for the Darkness will be your Destruction"


Class: Heavy Robot
Health at Base Level: 100,000
Health at Maximum Level Mk1: 175,000
Hardpoints: 2 Lights,1 Medium and 1 Heavy
Default Weapons: 2 Punishers, 1 Punisher T and 1 Thunder
Speed at Base Level: 32mph
Speed at Maximum Level Mk1: 35mph
Colour: Dark Blue
Ability: Skirmish: Incoming damage is reduced by 35% and the robot can only use 1 Medium weapon and 1 Light (less than half its firepower.) The robot's speed is also increased to 40mph.
Weapon Placement: 1 Medium weapon attached to its side, 1 Light weapon attached on top of its right 'shoulder', 1 Heavy weapon placed next to the light on the robot's left 'shoulder' and 1 Light Weapon placed underneath at the same level as the Medium weapon.
Cost: 2,700,000 Silver
Unlocked at: Level 18
Effective Range: 350 meters and below for all loadouts (300m and below for the rocket setup, 350m and below for the Plasma setup and 250-200m and below for the Shotgun setup)
Recommended Loadout: Orkan/Pinata/Pinata/Thunder, Taran/Magnum/Magnum/Redeemer and Storm/Gust/Gust/Thunder.

Other Information: This robot is designed to challenge the rule of the Dash bots and Inquisitor whilst remaining relatively balanced (Hence the relatively low health.)


Stats: Level 12 mk1
Type: Heavy
Ability: Charge

For 10 seconds, speed is increased by 10%, weapons damage is also increased by 10% and damage received is reduced by 10%

Ability cooldown: 18 seconds
Hardpoints: 3 Lights, 1 Heavy
Default weapons: 1 Fusion and 4 Havocs
Speed: 35mph
Health: 185,000
Recommended builds: 1 Fusion and 4 Havocs, 1 Redeemer/Ember and 4 Magnums, 1 Thunder and 4 Gusts/Pinatas
Role: Brawler

"Don't underestimate me. I will hunt you down and hit you hard, and when I do so, you will never get back up again"


Stats: Level 12 mk1
Type: Heavy
Ability: Siege Bombardment

Damage is increased by 20% and in-built Ancile (fixed HP of 35,000) is activated for 12 seconds

Ability cooldown: 20 seconds
Hardpoints: 1 Heavy, 2 Mediums and 1 Light
Default weapons: 1 Kang-Dae, 2 Molot Ts and 1 Molot
Speed: 32mph (fixed)
Health: 180,000
Recommended builds: 1 Tempest, 2 Molot Ts and 1 Molot - 1 Zeus, 2 Ions and 1 Gekko
Role: Sniper and Long-Range Support

"Only when it's too late, will you truly find out how powerful I am. I will shred you all to pieces of scrap metal before you even come close"


Stats: Level 12 mk1
Class: Medium
Ability: Hurricane

This ability enables the Typhoon to jump into the air (slightly higher than a Griffin) then in-built jets propel the robot forwards towards the ground (similar to a mid-air dash but with a diagonal trajectory, forwards but towards the ground at the same time) and creating a shockwave, immobilising all robots within 100 metres for 5 seconds. While they are stunned, the enemy robots cannot turn around, move or fire their weapons.

Ability cooldown: 23 seconds
Health: 172,000
Hardpoints: 6 Lights
Default weapons: 6 Punishers
Recommended weapons: All setups using Punishers, Pinatas, Aphids, Magnums or Gusts
Speed: 41mph (fixed)
Role: Ambusher, Skirmisher and Attacker. Also capable of beacon capping.
Weapon placement: Similar to Griffin but with 2 Lights instead of one on top of each air intake, and with 1 Light per Medium underneath
Cost: 14,000 WP
Appearance: Dark grey (almost charcoal) with streaks of dark navy blue

"Six weapons and six dead robots. That was too easy"



Type: Heavy
Health: 158k
Speed:34 walkspeed
Hardpoints: 2 Heavy slots 1 light slot

One heavy slot placed ontop, one on the right side, light slot ontop very near the edge on the right side
  • (Unable to equip ancile)

Physical Description: Light blue and dark gray version of Kumiho's color scheme. Bot size is similar to Inquisitor, slightly blockier.
Default weapons: two nashorns, one punisher
Ability: Beserk mode

When berserk mode is activated, the ability lasts 12 seconds, first 5 seconds the bot is allowed to use all weapons, speed is increased by 100%(68 walkspeed). Next 7 seconds the heavy slot is now inactive, speed is reduced by 33%(45 walkspeed). Stealth is given for 1 second when ability is activated.
  • Heavy slot on top is unusable without the ability being activated.

Ability strategy: The ability is best used to rush down and finish off weak enemies, then retreat back into safety. The stealth cannot be counted on as it is EXTREMELY short, it's main purpose is to reset any lock on weapons.
Cost: 10k components
Level requirement: level 5
Recommended Equipment:

  • Two embers, one magnum
  • Two thunders, one gust
Bot is to be played conservatively due to moderate healthpoints, used similar to spectre and inquisitor but more caustiously as it has a very small stealth duration.
somebody toucha ma ideas



Health: 110k hp
Physical shield: 150k
Speed: 25 km / h
Base level: 1
Hardpoints: 2 medium weapons, 1 heavy weapon.
Recommended Weapons: x2 Taran, x1 Ember / x2 tulumbas, x1 tempest
Ability: Quick Shield.

This ability allows the Scorpio to change medium weapons for a physical shield and heavy weapon, but reduces it by 30% speed.



Faction: The GAA (Grand Army of the Agents)
Hardpoints: One heavy hardpoint on the right side turned sideways, and one light on the same side.
Base level: 1
Base HP: 60k
Max HP(mk1): 120k
Base Speed: 48 km/h
Max Speed: 68 km/h
Ability: Transkip

The robot enters a alternate mode, wherein the orignal bot disappears. The alternate mode lasts 5 seconds and lets the robot move to anywhere a robot can normally go, even on top of buildings only climbing robots can reach. The mode can be turned off early, and has a 30sec cooldown.

Special: This robot can only be unlocked through a specific event, where a player must use all their robots to defeat an ai-controlled player with five Geocasts equipped with thunders and Pinitas. There are 12 stages to complete, each consisting of Geocasts leveled to their respective stage, and a player mush face all five at once. There are 12000 components needed to collect one, 1000 gained from each stage. A player can only complete the stages once, and as such can only have one Geocast.
Additional description: Geocast is equipped with an ancient device discovered at a facility which was controlled by a group called the Foundation, within a room labeled "SCP-1609". The device was found surrounded by radiation and seemed to be sentient, and welcomed the team who investigated, by teleporting right behind the team leader. Although originally surprised, the leader found the device was willing to be used as a form of quick movement, so long as it was protected within a robotic shell. The device, a very high-tech chair with the ability to teleport, was able to be replicated through the chair itself letting the GAA create more chairs looking the same, and the chair somehow able to keep all of them able to teleport. At the current time, the GAA only allows those who can defeat five bots at once controlled by the original chair to gain one, as the power of the Geocast is very dangerous. Others cannot get it as once the bot is killed, the computer link is disconnected from the original chair, so it becomes useless to anyone trying to replicate it.
Price: Complete the Geocast event

"Some say it is a force of god, others advanced technology from years ago. No matter what, having a Geocast is a sign of intelligence and power."

Er Cree

Raven 2.0

Hardpoints: 4 heavy
Base level: 5
Base HP: 9999999
Speed: 200 Km/h
Ability: Megajump

Jump super high like 999 griffins combined

Extra: Energy shield & physical shield each has a health of 10 Raijins combined
Additional description: Quad robot so no landing lag

Price: 100,000,000 components


Unnamed Concept

Hardpoints: 1 medium, 1 heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 100,000 (180,000 at lv 12)
Speed: 42kph (55 at lv 12)
Ability: Outpost (2s cooldown)

(Robot) raises up on all four legs and gains access to its heavy hardpoint. While in Outpost, (Robot) cannot move but can turn around and fire

Descriptionn: A quadrupedal 'scout' robot, based on information from the Fujin, Boa and Schutze. Normally has access to a single medium hardpoint on the right side, with a heavy hardpoint slung on its back similarly to the undrawn weapons of butch. Has high HP, but limited firepower when not in outpost. Faster than most mediums, but slower than most lights. Cannot climb.
Additional description: (Describe)
Cost: 7500 WSP



Hardpoints: Two lights, one heavy (Two Punishers and Nashorn by default)
Base Level: 3
Base HP: 75,000
Base Speed: 37 km/h
Ability: Quickdraw (10s cooldown)

Whiplash swaps out its light weapons for its heavy one, or vice versa

Description: A powerful robot designed for scouting and sniping, its two light hardpoints are designed for when the bot must enter CQC.
Cost: 3750 Au



Base level: 1 Faction : American Tactical Assault Force
Class: Heavy Hardpoints: 2 x medium / 2 x heavy

Modules: 4 x passive, 1 x active 
Base HP: 155,000 ( Maximum 372,000 )

Shield HP: 95,000 ( Maximum 228,000)

Speed: 25 km/h ( Maximum 35 km/h )

Ability: Lockdown

Sentinel raises it's turret, activating a forward-facing Aegis-Class shield, while also gaining a 20 percent increase in damage from it's weapons and the ability to see through stealth cloaks ( descend robots excluded ) While in this mode, however, Sentinel loses the ability to move, and turret rotation speed is reduced by 40 percent.

Extra: Stealthbreaker

Stealthbreaker radar allows Sentinel to break the anti-targeting lock of any stealth robot within a 400-meter radius that happens to approach it's field of view, allowing it to target said enemy, however, it cannot target robots that have the descend ability that jump right into its radius, making it vunerable to heavily armed enemies that have the ability.

Aegis Shield

While in Lockdown mode, Sentinel activates a powerful Aegis-class shield taken from the hulk of a salvaged Bulwark.While possessing great strength, and the capability to completely absorb any damage from energy weapons with no effect, the shield only projects in the direction that Sentinel is facing, while also taking double damage from kinetic weapons and the Ember. In addition, it can only regenerate while deactivated. In this mode, it's weapons deal 20 percent more damage.In addition, the robot loses the capability to move

Sentinel Weapons Chart
Medium 1 Medium 2 Heavy 1 Heavy 2 Codename

Max Dmg.

Max Dmg in Lockdown Mode
Punisher T Punisher T Avenger Avenger Iron Maelstrom 1,335,840 1,870,176
Blazer Blazer Vulcan Vulcan Inferno 300,000 420,000
Thunderstreak Thunderstreak Extirpator Extirpator Apocalypse Driver 126,720 177,408
Taran Taran Redeemer Redeemer Solar Flare 441,048 617,467
Taran Taran Ember Ember

Demon Forge

549,408 768,667
Tulumbas Tulumbas Trident Trident Nuclear Hellstorm 101,880 142,632
Orkan Orkan Exodus Exodus ''Ballistic Missile'' 350,352 490,492
Molot T Molot T Tempest Tempest Fortress Maximus 467,060 653,884
Vortex Vortex Thermite Thermite

Meteor Assault

159,360 223,104
Storm Storm Thunder Thunder Great Lead Wall 363,136 508,390
Ballista Ballista Trebuchet Trebuchet Plasma Bolt 70,360 98,504
Ion Ion Zeus Zeus Lightning Cannon 69,770 97,678

Please note that the above damage values are in Cycle Damage, not DPS ( Which would be ridiculous), and please, newer players, don't be frightened by the insane ( really just stupid ) 1.8 million+ damage that the Iron Maelstrom build delivers. You probably will never see the Sentinel Come to fruition. ( or will you... )

Highlighted names indicate strongest builds

additional description: The incarnation of sheer unbridled fury and power, Sentinel is a six legged war titan - a true behemoth of the battlefield, conceived by the finest engineers from across the globe - a true ambulatory citadel, forged by the heat of war, incapable of being destroyed by any typical robot and any typical weapons. Those who face it must contend with its overwhelming firepower and transcendent shielding

Note: Ancile cannot be mounted to either heavy weapon slot

nor can an ECU Shield be mounted to the medium hardpoints.

Purchase: 10,000 Sentinel components (extremely rare components) ( pay to wins cannot get components )

The Ultimate weapon has arrived. Forces of evil, take heed, and run, lest you suffer death for all damnation.


Class: Medium

HP: 70,000 ( Maximum 184,800 HP )

Armament : 4 x Medium

Modules: 2 x passive, 1 x active

Speed: 47 km/h

Ability: Bloodrage

For 7 seconds, Daemonforge activates his other pair of medium weapons, increases his movespeed by 50%, and cuts the time to fill his Rage Meter in half. The Rage Meter has a maximum capacity of 200,000 accumulated damage capacity, with one point filling up every 10 damage dealt. Once the meter is filled, he can unleash is powerful Bloodthirster cannon, which unleashes all the damage in a single, massive, 1100 x 50 meter directional burst of pure, unrivalled directional fury, ignoring all shields, the cost being a total loss of movement and damage dealing capacity for 5 seconds to let the reactor cool down. If he has any rage in his reactor when destroyed, it will spill everywhere, powering up all allies by 15% in all aspects for 5 seconds.

A true warrior of a robot. Once the hulk of an ancient Doc, it has been infused with the essence of a Greater Daemon of Khorne, transmorgifying it into a truly terrifying machine. Should all power be brought to bear, it becomes a truly unstoppable force of the Warp, destroying all in its path. It's Bloodthirster cannon unleashes it's inner rage and accumulated power in a single uncontrolled, devastating burst.

Recommended Setups

2 x Storm + 2 x Orkan // 2 x Corona + 2 x Scourge // 2 x Vulcan + 2 x Thermoshock

"Uh Oh, don't look, he wont see us, he wont see - OH CRAP HE SEES US, HE SEES US,RUUUUUUN!!!!!"


Hardpoints: 2 x Medium + 2 x Light Modules: 2 x passive, 1 x active

Base level: 1

Base HP: 57,000 ( maximum hp 150,500)

Shield HP : 28,500 ( Maximum 72,250)

Speed: 82 km/h

Ability: Lightning Blitz

For 10 seconds, Charger drops his Ion shield, swaps his lights for his mediums, and increases his movespeed by 150%. This allows him to track down and defeat much faster enemies that are usually difficult for it to track down and kill. After the ability runs out, he swaps back his weapons, and it's light weapons gain a 20 percent boost for 5 seconds. 25 second cooldown

Extra: Ion Shield
The Ion shield functions similarly to the Aegis on the Ravager and Sentinel. The one major difference, besides strength, is that, while the shield only projects in one direction, it can move to block incoming enemy fire from any direction. This is especially effective against enemies with guided weapons at disposal, as it takes no damage from weapons including Shocktrain and the Zeus family, as well as the Spiral and Aphid tree. In turn, however, energy weapons will deal increased ( 25% ) damage against it.

Additional description: A fast, tough and mobile fighter.The twin brother of Ravager, what he lacks in firepower, it makes up in its strength and it's capability to wield a powerful Ion shield that can block anything that is thrown at him. He can easily dodge most projectiles, but his shield will block any that can manage to try and hit him. Due to a heavier weapons loadout and bigger shield generator, he has a lower top speed, but can still outrun even the fastest out there ( I'm looking at you, Pursuer) Recommended weapons 2 x Halo / 2 x Corona   //    2 x Shredder / 2x Orkan  //   2 x Gust / 2 x Storm 

His name says it all, so, be careful, lest you fall victim to an enemy you never saw coming.

Price: 10,000 Components ( NO PAY TO WIN WHALES )


Base Level : 1

Faction : American Tactical Force

Class : Medium

Hardpoints: 2 x Medium and 1 x Light

Base HP : 58,000 ( Maximum 140,000 )

      Shield HP(Physical) : 70,000 ( Maximum 160,000 )
      Shield HP(Energy) :  45,000 ( Maximum 135,000 )

Speed : 51 km/h ( Maximum 85 km/h ) (102-170 km/h upon ability activation)

Ability: Strike Mode

For five seconds, Ravager goes into a wild frenzy, doubling his movement speed, and increasing his attack power for all weapons by 30 percent. In this mode, he also activates his powerful energy shield, which completely negates attacks from laser weapons ( i.e. Shocktrain ). He also has the ability to break the stealth of any robot within 300 meters of his position. There is also a three-second period where he has a 50% damage resistance after the ability is deactivated. 30 second cooldown period.


Shields: Ravager has two very strong shields, a physical shield and an energy shield. While the physical shield is always active, the energy shield is only active when the ability is activated, and can only regenerate when the ability is deactivated.

Both shields, however, have special properties.

The physical shield takes only 75% damage from plasma weapons, and takes reduced damage from kinetic weapons ( only 1.5 times normal damage), but guided missiles (excepting the Thermite and Vortex) will deal double damage to the shield.

The energy shield does not block energy projectiles, but will block attacks from weapons such as Zeus and Shocktrain. It also has a 25% damage resistance to splash damage weapons, such as Orkans. However, like the Sentinel's shield, it only faces in the direction the robot is facing

Stealthbreaker: When activated during the ability, the stealthbreaker radar will break the stealth of all robots within a 300M radius of Ravager, directly exposing the now-unstealthed hostiles to Ravager's dangerous firepower, rendering them defensless, unless they manage to destroy him first.

Additional Info : Lightweight brawler designed for high speed hit and run attacks. His average durability is outweighed by his incredible speed and shielding. Upon activation of his unique ability, Ravager becomes nearly unstoppable, but once the ability is down, he becomes weak. As such it is advised to play him like a Spectre or any other Descend-Ability based robot. Once he has reached his maximum potential, he becomes the fastest robot known to man or any else, able to chase down and destroy even the quickest, most agile, and deadly foes.

Standard Setup : 2 x Punisher T + 1 x Pinata

Recommended setups : 2 x Orkan + Pinata/Magnum/Aphid / 2 x Scourge + Spark/Magnum /

2 x Taran + Aphid/Magnum / 2 x Vortex + Aphid / 2 x Punisher T + Punisher / 2 x Storm + Gust/Magnum/Aphid

Note: Longer range weapons will not work, as the Ravager is a brawler, and such, is outclassed in this role by robots such as Fury and Butch

Price : 10,000 Components ( pay to wins cannot get components )

" Enemies beware, for one moment, he is unseen and unknown, but the next he will be upon you with full might, turning you into a faded husk of your former self"


Base Level : 1

Faction : American Tactical Force

Hardpoints : 1 x Heavy, 2 x Medium

Modules : 2 x passive, 1 x active

Base HP : 90,000 ( Maximum 200,000 )

Shield HP : 180,000 ( Maximum 420,000 ( Divided into two pieces )

Speed : 32 km/h ( Maximum 42 km/h )

Ability : Assault Drive ( activation 5 seconds, duration 10 seconds )

For 5 seconds, Berserker becomes stationary, rotates his shield backwards, and replaces it with his heavy weapon, granting him additional firepower. After 5 seconds, he will have the ability to engage the Assault Drive, which allows forward motion while granting him a 40 percent speed boost, which allows him to close the gap on faster foes and destroy them. If the Assault Drive is not activated within 5 seconds of availability, he will revert to his shielded state. If he uses the assault drive, once the assault drive duration is over, he will revert to his shielded state and gain stealth for 5 seconds while the Shield is deployed

Additional Description: balanced warrior designed for quick and brutal strikes. Can be used to break through enemy front lines and force close quarter combat. Also in possession of secondary ability, which grants him an addidional 1 percent damage to his heavy weapon per 2 percent HP lost. Extremely weak against rockets, cannot mount Ancile or ECU

Recommended Equipment : 2 x Scourge + Exodus /// 2 x Storm + Avenger

This is one of those things that would REALLY ruin your day . . . At the same time, it can turn the battle in your favor

Price : 10,000 Components ( Pay to wins cannot obtain components )


Faction: ATF Stealth Division

Base Level: 1

Base HP: 47,000 HP ( Max 124,080)

Weapons slots: 3 x Light + 2 Built in Lockdown Autocannons ( Built in weapon damage is set at 2000 DMG per bolt at all levels, increasing to 2500 at Mk.2 ; three bolts each)

Module slots: 2 x Passive

Shield: 47,000 HP ( Max 124,080)

Speed: 74 km/h max

Ability: Flash Freeze ( A.K.A : Probably the cheekiest thing you can do, ever)

      Lockshot springs 50 meters in the chosen direction, activates a temporary resistance ( 3 seconds ), then fires              his two built- in autocannons, locking down any enemy hit by the bolts. He then retreats with a quick spring                  backwards, while the enemy is immobilized for up to five seconds, depending on the level of the robot.

Lockshot is a lightweight scout robot. One of the weaker robots of the ATF, he makes up for his deficiencies in both the armor and firepower section with his ability to stop an advancing push, and general excellence in the harassment category. It is difficult for enemies to stop him, as lock-down ammunition is no help when he's got you locked down.

He's kinda cute, if i'm being honest. I mean, besides the nerve, and the lockdown guns, and the speed, and..., actually, this guy isn't friendly at all. Who are these people who tell us this stuff?

Resurgence Carnage

Robot class: Medium

Slots: 2 x Heavy

HP: 70,000 Base

Shield: Aegis (52,000 HP base)

Movespeed: 50 km/h base

Ability: Final Strike

Automatically activated the moment he drops below 10,000 HP, Resurgence Carnage automatically doubles attack power, speed, shield HP, and takes no damage for 10 seconds, then unleashes a massive 250m burst of damage, obliterating all in its radius.

Carnage evolved to the finest point, he has become the ultimate expression of the vengeance and fury wrought by those oppressed for so long by those who seeked to oppress only for the mere pleasure of it. His ability gives him the power of God himself, so, be careful 

So...the ultimate weapon has truly arrived. there it is then... a good reason that even Sentinel shall dare not trifle with Him. Oh, and watch out for his fury. Wait... I already mentioned that, did'nt I? And run when you see him start to glow blue and gold.

Recommended weapons: 2x Thunder... Only

Price: Get it from a special event. Only one per person ( screw off, pay to win whales)

This will be your first and last warning
"The judgement of salvation is seldom given to those who trifle with the powers of the gods."
Do not even consider attempting to assail these mighty machines of war, for they will swiftly deliver retribution, in the form of the will of heaven and hell combined, upon those who seek to obtain their unparalleled power for themselves
Your warning has been delivered, now heed it, else face the wrath of the forces only the legends and stories speak of. THAT MEANS YOU SPOONY!



Hardpoints: 2x light 1x heavy

Base level: 1

Base HP: 72k

Speed: 34km/h



Ability: Responsive Trick

The robot jumps in the air and when it drops to the ground it sets up a Aegis shield that lasts for a while.

Price: Gold

Faction: PRC

Details: A quad-legged Robot 2 pairs of legs (not related to Fujin or Raijin) and a dragon”ish” appearance.



A choice for those who like to straight up go onto the battlefield, Frakasi sports a feature which charges and if it hits a robot, it will be deal 35000 damage. The cooldown is 12 seconds long. It has 1 light weapon slot, 2 heavy weapon slots, and a speed of 23. It cost 5000 gold.



Sand Storm

Health: 50,000

Speed: 45 km/h

Ability: Dust Storm

Hardpoints: 2x light

Weight: Light

Description: An elusive and durable robot, It utilizes Dust Storm which effects enemies that are 320 meters away. The ability slows the enemies by 25%, Reduces their visibility and increases reloading time of weapons (+8 seconds for every weapon.). While the robot itself increases in speed and 15% increase in damage but lowers the damage resistance to 55%. The ability lasts for 10 seconds in a radius of 320 meters. The ability is useful for getting the robot out of sticky situations or finishing off a weak robot. Price: 10,000 components


Health: 48,000

Speed: 40 km/h

Ability: Weave

Hardpoints: 1x light 1x medium

Weight: Light

Description: A spider robot which has 4 legs, The Weaver is a defense and support bot. It's ability called Weave allows the robot to deploy or "weave" at least three energy shields before needing to reload for 20 seconds each shield has at least 78,000 health before breaking. The energy shields unlike ancile shield can absorb both kinetic and energy weapons but robots who are behind cover are susceptible to splash damage by rockets. The robot can provide cover and protection to other robots if they protect him for the weaver is a fragile robot. The robot also has the ability to climb hard to reach places. price: 10,000 componenets


Health: 76,000

Speed: 34 km/h

Ability: Canter

Hardpoints: 2X Medium

Weight: Medium

Description: The Tikbalang is a medium robot. A fast and elusive fighter, it has an ability called canter. The canter ability Increases the speed of the robot by 55% and makes it body transparent for 12 seconds which makes it harder to spot until its too late for its enemies. But if the Tikbalang fires its weapons, it will immediately exit canter. Like the carnage, it must be used as an ambush robot, utilizing its speed and ability to quickly eliminate its targets. The ability can also be used as a way for it to escape from its enemies. Due to its small health, it cannot confront the enemy readily instead, it must take it by surprise so that it will not be destroyed quickly. The robot is based from a creature of Filipino folklore which is a horse mixed with man wich can become invinsible. Price: 10,000 components

Fire Mite


size 100px

Health: 89,000,000

Speed: 45 km/h

Ability: overload

Hardpoints: 2X Light

Weight: light

Description: The fire mite is a light robot. Useful as an ambusher or hit and run robot because of its ability and speed. Unlike other spider robots, it has the full capability to climb any wall or obstacle, even robots it can climb on which make it difficult for the robot climbed on to shoot the enemy robot. It has a 25% damage resist when it doesn't have the ability activated. When it does have the ability activated however, it will gain a 25% speed boost and will explode in 7 seconds in a range of 75 meters. Its capability to climb any obstacle and its explosive ability makes it a dangerous adversary to any enemy robot. Price: 10,000 components




Faction/Pack/Group: Triplets
Hardpoints: 1 Heavy, 1 Medium, 2 Light
Base Level: 1.
Base HP: 112,000 (MAX: 285,000)
Speed: 28 Km/h (MAX: 33 Km/h)
Ability: "Hexatower Mode", "Reactor Breach", "Brawler Mode"

Brawler Mode - The Default Setting of the Glaze. Provides the Glaze with a constant self-healing effect (Healing rate is about a third to a fourth of the Weyland's healing rate at all levels, and isn't projected as an AoE). In trade, disables 1 Medium Weapon and/or Retracts the extra Set of Legs.
Reactor Breach - Once activated, you might as well say "bye" to your Glaze and anyone around you. Initiates a strong explosion by Detonating the Glaze's Nuclear Reactor. Immobilizes the Robot, while activating a 3 Second Timer. The Blast will usually insta-kill any Robot around the Glaze. At Base Level, only the Leo can survive the explosion, remaining with little health.
Hexatower Mode - Extends out an extra set of legs and raises the Glaze's torso, activating all Weapons. In trade, Immobilizes the Robot.

Additional description:

Glaze is a Heavy Tripod Robot. It can choose between three different modes, each of which will benefit the Glaze in different ways (Probably Excluding Reactor Breach). Brawler Mode allows the Glaze to slowly heal and prepare for combat. Reactor Breach destroys the Glaze, along with anyone around you. Hexatower Mode allows you to utilize maximum firepower while Immobilizing the Robot.
"This Robot is about pure destruction. If you want to fight up close, you better know what you're fighting before you head on in."

Price: 6,500 Gold (Au) / 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: Triplets
Hardpoints: 3 Medium
Base Level: 1.
Base HP: 112,000 (MAX: 260,000)
Speed: 30 Km/h (MAX: 34 Km/h)
Ability: "Ancile Mode", "Damage Boost Mode", "Tank Mode"

Tank Mode - The Default Setting of the Pyrite. Provides the Pyrite with a 45% Damage Resistance. In trade, disables 1 Medium Weapon and Damage Boost or the Ancile Shield.
Damage Boost Mode - Grants the Pyrite with a 25% Damage Boost and enables all 3 weapons. removes Damage Resistance or the Ancile Shield.
Ancile Mode - Provides the Pyrite with an Ancile Shield. In trade, disables 1 Medium Weapon and Damage Resistance or Damage Boost.

Additional description:

Pyrite is a Heavy Tripod Robot. It can choose between three different modes, each of which will benefit the Pyrite in different ways. Tank Mode allows the Pyrite to absorb more damage. Damage Boost Mode boosts the Pyrite's damage while enabling all 3 weapons. Ancile Mode activates the Pyrite's Ancile Shield.
"Being named after fool's gold, and at this level of power, you've gotta be a fool if you dare fight the Pyrite."

Price: 6,500 Gold (Au) / 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: Triplets
Hardpoints: 3 Light, 1 Medium
Base Level: 1.
Base HP: 130,000 (MAX: 250,000)
Speed: 27 Km/h (MAX: 33 Km/h)
Ability: "Climb Mode", "Damage Resist Mode", "Combat Mode"

Combat Mode - The Default Setting of the Corsa. No extra effects are included besides maximum firepower.
Damage Resist Mode - Grants the Corsa a 60% Damage Resistance. In trade, disables 2 Light Weapons.
Climb Mode - Allows the Corsa to climb near-vertical slopes and surfaces. In trade, disables its 1 Medium Weapon.

Additional description:

Corsa is a Heavy Tripod Robot. It can choose between three different Modes, each of which will benefit the Corsa in different ways. Combat Mode allows the Corsa to utilize its maximum firepower. Damage Resist Mode grants the Corsa a Damage Resistance. Climb Mode allows the Corsa to climb near-vertical surfaces like a Raijin.
"Certainly a Unique Bot in it's own ways. The Corsa brings pilots the unrivaled potential to destroy anything it faces, countering even the most battle-ready Robots."

Price: 6,500 Gold (Au) / 10,000 Components



Faction/Pack/Group: Short-Tempereds
Hardpoints: 2 Heavy
Base level: 1.
Base HP: 128,000 (MAX: 265,000)
Speed: 28 Km/h. (MAX: 33 Km/h)
Ability: "Rage"

Rage is a Combination of a Few other Features of other bots Abilities. Upon Activation of "Rage", the Pitbull will be sped up by 100%, much like the Rhino's Assault Mode. It also gains a 45% Damage resistance, and a 15% Damage Buff. After 12 Seconds of Rage, the Ability goes into a 25 Second Cooldown.

Additional description:

The Pitbull is a Heavy Robot. High Durability at Base Level and 2 Heavy weapon slots makes it Effective at Short, Mid or Long Range Combat. Pitbull is fit for Breaking Through enemy lines and Forcing enemies into Close Combat. Rage can alternatively be used as a Panic Button when encountering High DPS weapons such as the Orkan, Shocktrain or Aphid. Though Pitbull is usually Slow and somewhat Vulnerable, upon Activating it's "Rage" Ability, gains a 100% Speed Buff, a 45% Damage Resistance, and a 15% Damage Buff.
"You getting Angry at someone and really want to Defeat them or Finish them off? Well this is the Bot for you!"

Price: 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: Short-Tempereds
Hardpoints: 4 Light
Base Level: 1.
Base HP: 111,000 (MAX: 213,000)
Speed: 33 Km/h (MAX: 35 Km/h)
Ability: "Necromancy"

Necromancy is a Combination of a Mender's Healing Pulse and the "Rage" Ability that is provided to the Pitbull (One of my Ideas). Upon Activation, 1 Orange Healing Pulse will Commence, healing yourself and any Nearby Allies. Then, a 2nd Orange Pulse will be released, Providing the Necromancer & any Nearby Allies a 22% Damage Resistance and a 15% Damage Buff. After 9 Seconds of Damage Resistance and Increased Damage, the ability will go into an 18 Second Cooldown.

Additional Description:

Necromancer is a Heavy Robot. With a Healing and Buff Ability, along with 4 Light Weapon Slots, Necromancer is suited best for Teamplay and Area Control, but with 4 Light Hardpoints, it can hold its own ground against other Heavy Bots (Most of the time). Upon Activation of "Necromancy", 2 Orange Pulses will be Released, the 1st Healing you and any Nearby Allies, and the 2nd providing a 22% Damage Resistance and 15% Damage Buff.
"I don't let my Teammates die. I don't let myself die. But i'll Gladly let any Foe of mine go down. I don't feel Remorse, or Sympathy. I am a Fighter, and that's all I will ever be."

Price: 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: Short-Tempereds
Hardpoints: 2 Medium
Base Level: 1.
Base HP: 92,000 (MAX: 177,000)
Speed: 38 Km/h (MAX: 48 Km/h)
Ability: "Fang Strike"

Fang Strike is an Ability that does a few different things. Upon Activation, Cobra will leap Forward, more Horizontally than Vertically, Visually extending out Two Large Fangs from the front of itself. While it is in the Air, Cobra will have a 25% Damage Resistance, and will have a "Fangs" Symbol Above its Head. It can choose when it wants to Land after 2 Seconds if need be. Upon Landing, if the Fangs Hit, they will deal Massive, and I mean, MASSIVE Damage to the Enemy Unfortunate Enough to be hit by it. Fang Damage will increase at every Level.

Additional Description:

Cobra is a Medium Robot, Capable of Dealing Devastating Damage in less than a Second. 2 Medium Slots give it Relatively High Firepower and it's Durability is Pretty Good, but it's main Feature is its Ability. When jumping, the Cobra will Extend Its Fangs, and provide itself a 25% Damage Resistance. Upon Landing, the Cobra will Slam it's Fangs Vertically Downwards, damaging any Bot that Comes within it's Path. Shields will Provide Zero Protection against the Fangs. Because of this, Cobra is best Suited to an Aggressive Playstyle.
"Have God-like Reflexes? Good, you're going to need them. The Cobra is out there, Looking for its Next Victim, which might be you."

Price: 10,000 Components

Relocator Pack


Faction/Pack/Group: Relocator Pack
Hardpoints: 2 Light, 2 Medium
Base Level: 1.
Base HP: 88,000 (MAX: 194,000)
Shield HP (3x): 60,000 (MAX: 144,000)
Speed: 34 Km/h (MAX: 40 Km/h)
Ability: "Relocate"

Annex has a Special Ability called "Relocate", which Separates the 3 Frontal Shields, moving 2 to either Side, and 1 to the Back. While the Shields are Separated, the Annex has an extra 3 Km/h. Using this Ability again will Reunite the Shields towards the Front and takes away the extra speed, but prepares the Annex for Head-to-Head Combat. While the Shields are on the Front of the Annex, it Receives a 12% Damage Resistance. This same Ability is shared with the Straggler and the Fractal.

Additional description:

Annex is a Medium Bot, with 3 Physical Shields. Upon using "Relocate", the Annex's 3 Shields move to the Sides and Back and give it Extra Speed. Using the Ability again will reverse the Effect, moving the 3 Shield Pieces back to the Front and grants it a Damage Resistance. This makes Annex a Perfect Robot in Situational Events, whether needing to Retreat, or Engage in Combat. Take Caution of Weapons such as the Tulumbas or Orkan, as the Annex is severely Vulnerable to these Weapons.
"'Variety is key', they said. This robot presents true skill and opportunity for situational combat, matching exactly what you needed, to win in almost every fight."

Price: 3,000 Gold (Au) or 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: Relocator Pack
Hardpoints: 2 Heavy
Base Level: 1.
Base HP: 97,000 (MAX: 201,000)
Shield HP (1x): 100,000 (MAX: 224,000)
Speed: 37 Km/h (MAX: 41 Km/h)
Ability: "Relocate"

Relocate is a simple Ability that Relocates the Position of the Weapons. Weapons start up above the Bot, allowing it to shoot over Short-enough Obstacles, but doesn't allow it to effectively corner-shoot. Upon Activation, it moves the Weapons to the Sides of the Robot. In trade of not being able to shoot over Obstacles, you can now effectively Corner-shoot. 4 Second Cooldown in between each use, and can be used back and forth. This Same Ability is Shared with the Fractal and Annex.

Additional Description:

Straggler is a Heavy Robot, able to change the Positioning of its Weapons. Straggler can change Weapon Positioning to Allow Corner-shooting, or Shooting over Obstacles. This Makes Straggler perfectly Fit for Tactical Combat and Avoiding Enemy Retaliation. Along with everything else, the Straggler has a Single-piece Physical Shield on the Front.
"It is for those who Recognize how their Enemy Plays. Use the Straggler, you'll be a Frustrating Target to take down."

Price: 4,000 Gold (Au) or 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: Relocator Pack
Hardpoints: 2 Light, 1 Heavy
Base Level: 1.
Base HP: 95,000 (MAX: 198,000)
Shield HP (2x): 94,000 (MAX: 194,000)
Speed: 35 Km/h (MAX: 43 Km/h)
Ability: "Relocate"

The Fractal has a Special Ability, called "Relocate". Upon Activation, all Weapons will be Moved from the Left, to the Right Side of the Robot. When the Weapons are on the Right Side, a Physical Shield will be Present on the Left Side, the Right One being tucked underneath the Arm of the Robot. When using again, the Weapons will Switch Back, along with Putting away the Left Shield, and bringing out the Right One. This same ability is shared with the Straggler and Annex.

Additional Description:

Fractal is a Medium Robot, able to change the Position of it's Weapons, and switch between two Physical Shields. When the Weapons are on one Side, 1 Physical Shield will be Raised, the other being Tucked under the Arm of the Fractal. This makes the Fractal, like the Annex, Excel in Situational Events. You can Switch between the Fractal's two Shields or Weapon positions, Depending on where the Enemy is, or where you're trying to go.
"Mesmerizing Patterns were painted onto this Beauty. They dizzy-ify the enemy, calming them for the warm embrace of their demise."

Price: 3,000 Gold (Au) or 10,000 Components



Faction/Pack/Group: Elusives
Hardpoints: 2 Medium
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 76,000 (MAX: 160,000
Speed: 48 km/h (MAX: 55 km/h)
Ability: "Decoy Clone"

When using the ability, Arkady will set down a stationary clone of itself, stealth and phase shift for 1 second. The Clone will not do anything except stand there. It has only 100 health, does not count as a kill, and does not even contribute to the team's player count. The clone will die if: The real Arkady dies, the Clone is directly killed, or if a new decoy is spawned. Cooldown is 12 seconds.

Additional description:

Arkady is a nimble robot capable of tricking enemy robots, by summoning a clone Decoy. The Clone does nothing except be a stationary distraction. The Arkady is capable of tripping lock-on weapons, due to 1 second stealth & phase shift. Though fast, Arkady only has moderate firepower and health, so caution is advised.
"Wastin' your time."

Price: 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: Elusives
Hardpoints: 3 Medium
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 94,000 (MAX: 207,000)
Speed: 39 km/h (MAX: 48 km/h)
Ability: "Parasitism"

Upon activation, a damage field will surround the Asura and slowly tear away at any enemy robots nearby. Once this is done, the Asura takes 50% of the damage it dealt and heals itself by that much. Damage field lasts 10 seconds, and cooldown is 15 seconds long.

Ability Damage: 550 per second (MAX: 2,300 per second) Additional description:

Asura is a robot that lives off of it's enemies. It can project a damage field and then apply half the enemy robot's health that it just took away and apply it to itself. Asura is tough, but most lighter robots will be able to outrun it.
"I Leech off my foes."

Price: 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: Elusives
Hardpoints: 2 Medium, 2 Light
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 116,000 (MAX: 235,000)
Shield HP: 60,000 (2x)
Shield Type: Rebound
Speed: 33 km/h (MAX: 40 km/h)
Ability: "Swap"

Swap is a simple ability that switches which shield is at the front. The other shield remains on the back.

Additional description:

Rasoh is a tough robot capable of reflecting enemy shots with it's special Physical shields; Rebound Shields. Like any physical shield, rockets will still damage the robot, but if fired at by Kinetic or Plasma weaponry, the shots bounce back depending on the angle at which the shot hits. Because the frontal shield faces forward, usually the reflected shots will hit the attacker. Rebound shields only take 25% more damage from Kinetic weaponry.
"(I really have nothing for the quote)"

Price: 10,000 Components

Factionless Robots


Faction/Pack/Group: N/A
Hardpoints: 2 Medium, 1 Light
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 86,000 (MAX: 194,000)
Speed: 38 Km/h (MAX: 45 Km/h)
Ability: "Duplication"

Duplication is an ability that duplicates the Tep. Ability uses are stored as Charges, of which 3 can be stored at most. When the ability is used, a Copy of the Tep is spawned next to the Original Tep. Tep Copies only have 75% of the Tep's current HP (when it was spawned) and are a slight bit slower. Copies are controlled by AI, like the bots you fight with and against in early Private League. Tep copies self-destruct 30 seconds after being spawned in, if not already destroyed; whether the parent Tep or the copy itself was destroyed.

Additional description:

Tep is a robot capable of Duplication. The Tep is somewhat fragile, which is where it's copies come in. The Copies aren't too smart themselves, though. If a Copy's time limit runs out, it just destructs and nothing happens, but if it is killed whether directly (Copy dies) or indirectly (Parent Tep dies), it counts as an extra kill (In that case, it would be possible to get more than 30 kills on the scoreboard if copies are killed).
"All my teammates are dead...Just kidding, I have more friends!"

Price: 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: N/A
Hardpoints: 2 Heavy
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 154,000
Shield HP: 90,000 (MAX: 220,000)
Shield Type: Physical
Speed: 37 Km/h (MAX: 45 Km/h)
Ability: "Charge"

Upon charging, the Par is granted a 50% damage resistance & an 80% speed increase. Lasts for 10 seconds before going into a 25 second cooldown.

Additional description:

Par is a heavy bot, comparable to the Rhino in how it functions. Equipped with 2 heavy weapons, the Par can severely damage or kill other heavies. Par is able to charge into enemy lines quickly while utilizing it's defense system to absorb half of the firepower thrown at it. To top it all off, it has a singular frontal shield to completely block any Kinetic or Energy weapon fire.
"I should be perfectly fine if there's no rockets involved."

Price: 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: N/A
Hardpoints: 1 Heavy, 2 Medium
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 75,000
Speed: 48 Km/h
Ability: "Assassin's Mark"

Upon activation, whoever the Urle is targeting will be marked for death (like the Death Mark module), receiving 30% more damage from all sources. The Urle will draw out it's 1 heavy weapon and gain a temporary speed boost of 20%. This will go on for 8 seconds, then the ability will enter an 18 second cooldown.

Additional description:

The Urle is a specialized assassin robot with a built-in Death Mark module. Whoever the Urle is currently targeting will be marked for death, and the Urle itself will draw it's Heavy weapon and speed up. Careful though, because the Urle's lack of resistance or shielding can make it vulnerable if the time isn't right.
"Better know when the time to strike arrives."

Price: 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: N/A
Hardpoints: 3 Medium
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 80,000
Shield HP: 60,000 (1x)
Shield Type: Physical
Speed: 37 Km/h
Ability: "Acumen"

Upon activating Acumen, the Tal will release 3 healing pulses, similar to the Mender before entering an 18 second cooldown. However, the Tal will heal its allies based on their Maximum Health. Each pulse will heal for 10% of the robot's maximum health.

Additional description:

Tal is a heavy robot equipped with advanced Diagnostic Tech & Healing Capability. Tal can judge how much each pulse heals a teammate based off their maximum health. The higher the health, the higher the pulse heals.
"Less for Small, More for Large."

Price: 10,000 Components


Faction/Pack/Group: N/A
Hardpoints: 2 Heavy
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 114,000 (MAX: 245,000)
Shield HP: 119,000 (1x)
Shield Type: Physical
Speed: 41 km/h (MAX: 50 km/h)
Ability: "Reel"

When activating Reel, the Cass will become stationary for a moment and fire out a slow moving Grapple-like projectile. Assuming it successfully hits a target, the Cass will give itself a 40% damage resistance and forcibly drag them over. Resistance will last for 10 seconds after this. If the Grapple misses or hits a Titan, the ability will automatically end and go on it's 20 second cooldown.

Additional description:

Cass is a robot with a built-in Grapple projectile that is capable of forcing enemies over to itself. This can work on robots in the air or on ground, however, the Cass is simply not capable of dragging a Titan. This robot works best with Shotgun equipment as to deal as much damage as quickly as possible.
"Get Over Here (yes mortal kombat reference)"

Price: 10,000 Components



Hardpoints: 2 Heavy 2 Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 80,000
Speed: 60 Km/h
Ability: Atmos Mode

The robot elevates itself , activates its energy shield and reflects 20% of the damages done to the shield or the robot itself to the attacker.

Extra: The zenith glide for some seconds when falling.
Additional description: The zenith is a medium quadrupedal robot created for mid range fight, he sacrifies his base hp for more fire power and speed.
Price: 3,000,000 Silver


Hardpoints: 3 Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 90,000
Speed: 40 Km/h
Ability: Rocket Launch (60s cooldown)

The robot will be launched high in the sky and will be able to land anywhere on the map, despite this the robot will get very hot after falling making it a easy prey to any energy weapon user.

Additional description: The Pluton is a light robot made for ambushing his enemies, or also escaping from an enemy attack.
Price: 4,000,000 Silver


Hardpoints: 3 Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 90,000
Speed: 40 Km/H
Ability: Ambush

The robot will jump on the enemy and will deal damages in addition of turning down his weapons for some seconds.

Extra: The robot have the special ability of climbing on walls
Additional description: Riptide is a robot made for sniping, his ability is made for protecting him from knife fighters.
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 1 Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 70,000
Speed: 50 Km/H
Ability: Doomsday Mode

The Heavy slot weapon damage will get highly boosted and will shoot and reload slightly faster but the robot will gets very slow.

Extra: The robot have the special ability of climbing on walls.
Additional description: Cataclysm is very low firepower robot made for sniping or ambushing his ability is made for compensate his low firepower.
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 4 Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 140,000
Speed: 35 Km/h on land 20Km/h When flying
Ability:Skylord Mode

The robot will start flying and will not be able to use his artillery weapons, If the robot gets too damaged it will fall and will cause some damages if too high.

Extra: The robot have the special ability of climbing on walls.
Additional description: Cyclone is a multipurpose robot having the ability of flying or walking on walls mainly used for sniping or for ambushing low range weapon users.
Weaponry Limitations Only artillery weapons in back hardpoints.
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 2 Med
Base level: 1
Base HP: 70,000
Base Shield HP: 50,000
Speed: 35km/h
Ability: Stealth Flight 50km/h(25sec reload)(25 second flight)
Description of ability. The robot will jump high in the air and will activate his flying system wich will activate his stealth mode.
Additional description: The Harfang is a light robot mainly used for ambushing and support, his fast flight speed will make the Harfang able to fastly support his teammates or ambush enemies from the air .
Price: 10,000 Components (


Hardpoints: 1 Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 45,000
Base Shield HP: 65,000
Base Energy Shield HP: 90,000
Speed: 35km/h
Ability: Take Off 60km/h(40sec reload)(30second flight)
Description of ability. The robot will jump high in the air and will activate his flying system wich activate his energy shield, make his weapon a lot stronger and will do damage when landing .
Additional description: The Eagle is a light robot used for ambushing and support, his very fast flight speed will allow the Falcon to support his teammates very fastly and to easily ambush enemies, despite all of that the Eagle can be easily killed by exploiting his reload time
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 2 Light 1 Medium
Base level: 1<be /> Base HP: 55,000
Base Physical Shield HP: 85,000
Speed: 40km/h
Ability:Strategist (9 seconds reload)
Description of ability. The Scrambler will deactivate his physical shield, shoot a beam with a range of 1100 meters wich will unload all ability charges of the touched enemy then will reactivate his shield. (The beam can pierce energy shields but not physical shields.)
Additional description: The Scrambler is a medium robot used for support and ambush, his ability will prevent enemies from using their deadly abilities making this robot very useful at helping teammates or at ambushing weak robots with deadly abilities.
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 2 Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 60,000
Base Physical Shield HP: 60,000
Speed: 45km/h
Ability: Enhancement (10 Seconds duration / 15 Seconds Reload)
Description of ability. The Tarasque will emit an aura making the Tarasque and allies in the circle getting a received damage reduction .
Additional description:The Tarasque is a medium robot used for support and tanking, his ability will almost make allies and himself immortal
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 3 Medium 1 Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 90,000
Speed: 25km/h
Ability: Disarmament (35 Second Reload)
Description of ability. The Katla will shoot a rocket with a range of 600m that will destroy a random amount of the enemy weapons (1 100% 2 50% 3 25% 4 10%).
Additional description: The Katla is a heavy robot made for defend beacons and support teammates, his ability will make high firepower enemies weak and will scare other robots.
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 3 Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 90,000
Base Shield HP: 90,000
Speed: 19Km/h
Ability: Rage Mode
Description of ability.The robot will get more defense,speed and more damage each time he kill an enemy .
Additional description: The Butcher is a robot made for assassinate enemies, very useful for defend beacons from any type of enemy. The Butcher have a front shield that will slightly extend itself when entering in rage mode.
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 2 Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 55,000
Base Shield HP: 80,000
Speed: 45Km/h
Ability: Time Acceleration (10sec duration/20sec reload)
Description of ability.The Void will activate his Time Acceleration System
wich will create a dome accelerating everything in (fire rate,reload time,speed..).
Additional description: The Void is a futuristic robot exploiting a new technology that accelerates the time, he is made for ambush, his front shield will help him against the non energy weapons .
Price: 10,000 Components


Hardpoints: 1 Heavy 1 Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 80,000
Speed: 40Km/h
Ability: Advanced Stealth
Description of ability. Advanced Stealth is a passive abilty which cant be disabled,this ability will make the robot fully invisible to enemy radar but it wont prevent it from be target lock
Quantum Radar Doesn’t affect this ability.
Additional description: The Phantom is a excellent ambusher and beacon capper in map with alot of cover due to his ability.
Price: 10,000 Components



Hardpoints: 2 Mediums 1 Light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 75,000
Classification: Medium
Base Energy Shield HP: 40,000
Speed: 47Km/h
Ability: Air Dash
Description of Ability: The Hawk will perform a jump equal to that of a Griffin. It may perform two dashes while in Mid-air.
'Additional Description: The Hawk is made for Hit-and-Run tactics or for Ambushing. Price: 10,000 Components

Archer Inferno


Hardpoints: 2xmedium+2xheavy
Base level: 6
Base HP:145,000 (aegis:140,000)
Speed: 25km/h(normal mode) 50km/h(ability activated)
Classification: Heavy
Ability:assault mode
Description of ability:Cocytus unfold its 2x heavy hardpoints, double its speed, and deactivate its shield.(Cocytus can only use its 2x medium hardpoints during normal mode.)
Additional description: Cocytus is a tank-like robot, with extreme firepower. It activates an aegis shield when its ability is deactivated.
Price: 10,000 Cocytus components

Ragnorak Ghost


Hardpoints: 2x Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 110,000
Speed: 31km/h(Standard mode) 47km/h(Destruction mode)
Classification: Heavy
Ability: Mayhem Pity
Description of ability: Oblivion activates its damage resistance by 100% to all damages and gets speed boost(+16km/h) and does Helldive(Mercury's ability), having 3 seconds of Stealth. Helldive's damage of Oblivion is 50,000.
Additional description: Oblivion is the mass devastation of all human and robot races, comparing with dangerous appearance and steady ability of doom.
Price: 10,000 Oblivion components/ 15M silver/ 9,750 gold


Additions to Existing Factions


Faction JSDF
Hardpoints: 4x Light
Base Level: 5
Base HP: 50,000
Base Speed: 50km/h
Classification: Light
Ability: Vanguard Mode Ability Description: Suijin raises its tower and immobilizes itself. While in Vanguard mode, Suijin can see others in stealth mode, similar to the Quantum Radar. It also gains a physical shield in front.
Ability Duration
Ability Cooldown 3 seconds
Price: 1.3M Silver


Faction TMC
Hardpoints: 4x Heavy
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 150,000
Base Speed: 30Km/h
Ability: None
Additional Description: With its large frame and slow speed, it is ineffective at close range. Its high firepower can wipe out most robots with one shot.
Price: 10,000 Components

FRB (Federative Republic of Brazil)


Faction FRB (Federative Republic of Brazil)
Classification Heavy
Hardpoints 2x Heavy 1x medium
Base HP 120,000
Base Speed 40 km/h
Base Level 1
Base Aegis HP 40,000
Ability Pulverize
Ability Description In this mode, it deactivates it Aegis shield and activates a rocket launcher that has no reload that can be shot with the rest of the weapons.
Ability Duration 10 Seconds
Ability Cooldown 20 Seconds
Price 10,000 Components

EAF (Egyptian Armed Forces)


Faction EAF (Egyptian Armed Forces)
Classification Medium
Hardpoints 1x Light 1x Medium
Base HP 70,000
Base Speed 70 km/h
Base Level 1
Ability Ankh Mode
Ability Duration
Ability Cooldown 5 Seconds
Ability Description Upon activating the ability, Thoth will get stealth, 66% damage resistance, and be unable to fire its medium weapon.
Price 10,000 Components

NSVT (Nullifidian State of Vô Thần)


Faction NSVT (Nullifidian State of Vô Thần) Classification Light
Hardpoints 3x Light 1x Medium
Base HP 60,000
Base Speed 58 km/h
Base Level 1
Ability None
Price 800,000 Silver

Commonwealth of Australia


Swiss Confederation


Faction Swiss Confederation
Classification Medium
Hardpoints 2x Medium 1x Light
Base HP 85,000
Base Speed 45 km/h
Base Level 1
Ability Switch
Ability Duration
Ability Cooldown 3 Seconds
Ability Description When activated, Hassen can cycle through three built-in weapons. It has a plasma weapon, a machine gun, and a flamethrower.
Price 10,000 Components


Faction Swiss Confederation
Classification Light
Hardpoints 1x Medium 3x Light
Base HP 50,000
Base Speed 50 km/h
Base Level 1
Ability Switch
Ability Duration
Ability Cooldown 3 Seconds
Ability Description When activated, Stehlen can cycle through three built-in weapons. It has a guided missile launcher, a rocket weapon, and an autocannon.
Price 5,000 Gold


Hardpoints: 1x Heavy 2x Light
Base Level: 1
Base HP: 76,000
Base Speed: 52Km/h
Ability: Lunge
Description of Ability: Jackal leaps forward and activates its built-in kinetic gun for 800m range that can lock down enemies.
Additional Description: A very fast quadrupedal attack robot with a jump drive and built-in kinetic autocannon that can lock down enemies.
Price: 10,000 Components


Tomb Raiders (Egyptian-themed)


Type: Heavy

Health (Base): 80k

Hardpoints: 2 Light, 1 Medium, 1 Heavy

Speed (Base): 32kph

Ability: Falcon Sight: Increases weapon range by 50m and allows targeting of robots in stealth. While active, weapon damage is reduced be 7%. 7 second uptime, 23 second cooldown.

Description: Montu is a heavy robot that boasts at least one of every hardpoint. Although its durability and speed are below average, its crushing firepower overshadows these shortcomings. Montu's ability allows it to get a tactical advantage and increase weapon range and lock on to robots in stealth for a short period of time. This requires a large amount of energy, which limits weapon damage by 7% for the ability's duration.

Lore: "Montu is a mechanical monster on the battlefield, combining firepower with the ability of a tactical advantage."


Type: Heavy

Health (Base): 95k

Hardpoints: 2 Light, 2 Medium

Speed (Base): 38kph

Ability: Judgment: Creates an aegis class shield and increases speed by 25%. Once the shield has been deactivated, Anubis fires an area-of-effect EMP that does low damage but surpesses and locks down any enemies caught in the blast. If the shield is destroyed, or if the EMP has not been fired before the ability is over, the EMP will fire automaticly. While ability is active, weapon damage is reduced by 7%. 7 second uptime, 28 second cooldown.

Ability Damage (Base): 1530

Ability Range: 50m

Shield Health (Base): 30000 (If shield is broken before manual deactivation, EMP will fire automaticly)

Weapon Suppression: 50% Damage reduction

Description: Anubis is a versatile heavy robot that excels at bringing death to its advisories. It possess the ability to create a temporary aegis-class shield that can block any weapon and accelerates movement speed. Once the shield is destroyed, Anubis unleashes a pulse that disrupts enemy movement and weapons. This requires a huge amount of energy, which reduces weapon damage by 7% for the ability's duration.

Lore: "Judgment runs to those who dare face Anubis in battle. It possess the ability to shield itself and disrupt enemy systems."

Predators (Animal-themed)


Type: Medium

Health (Base): 100k

Hardpoints: 2 Light, 1 Heavy

Speed (Base): 40kph

Ability: Stalk: While active, Lupa gets a speed boost (50%) and gets an energy shield that can quickly regenerate. While in this mode, Lupa can only fire her light weapons. In standard mode, Lupa can fire all her weapons, but loses her shield and and speed boost.

Shield Health (Base): 50,000 (15% Activation Threshold)

Shield Regeneration Rate: 5%/Sec

Description: Lupa is a savage beast, able to rush into a fight, finish off her enemies, and retreat back. While her ability is active, she gets a rapidly regenerating energy shield and a speed boost, at the expense of her heavy weapon slot. This allows her to move into position quickly while remaining protected.

Lore: "They never saw her coming. When they did, she was already upon them, tearing them apart like an animal."



Type: Heavy

Health (Normal Base): 300k

Hardpoints: 2 Light, 1 Medium

Speed: 35kph

Ability: Blyat: While active, Blyatster is locked down. He opens up a door revealing massive arsenals of rockets. While activated, he cannot use his primary weapons but his internal ones. They have a max range of 600 meters. It has low accuracy but a very fast fire rate. It also loses 10% durability.

Cooldown: 0 sec

Lore: "The natural Russian type, he was always the chaotic one. Always solving problems with explosives.



Hardpoints: 1x Heavy, 2x medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 115,000
Level Unlock: 25
Base Speed: 34km/h
Classification: Heavy
Default Weapons: 1x Thunder, 2x Molot T
Ability: Traveler
Landship tranforms into a tank-like vehicle, losing the ability to use the medium slots. When in vehicle mode, Landship, like Rhino, can only move forth and backwards, but can still turn the turret with the heavy slot and gains 30% resistance of all damage. Perfect for breaking through enemy lines, Landship is the one for you.

Additional description: Bearing the name of the very first war tanks in WWI, Landship is one of the oldest machinery on Earth.

Price: 10000 Components


Hardpoints: 3x Heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 119,000
Level Unlock: 22
Base Speed: 30km/h
Classification: Heavy
Default Weapons: 1x Nashorn, 2x Thunder
Ability: Overkill
Hochburg has two turrets, one, with a single heavy slot, on top of the other, with two heavy slots. When the ability is activated, losing the ability to move, the top turret will lock on to a chosen target, whilst the bottom turret can move freely and focus on another target. Great for sniping one robots and taking on another at close range, Hochburg will be a handful for your opponents.

Additional description: German for 'Stronghold', Hochburg is a 4-legged force that should not be taken for granted.

Price: 10000 Components


Hardpoints: 3x Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 85,000
Level Unlock: 23
Base Speed: 42km/h
Classification: Medium
Default Weapons: 3x Punisher
Ability: Takedown
Betrüger  will de-activate it's weapons and charge a rail-gun that, for 3 seconds, locks on to any enemy robots that is airborne before shooting, even when their stealth is active. If that enemy is hit, their thrusters will be deactivated and they will plunge back onto the ground.

Additional description: German for 'Trickster', this little bugger will ruin even the best bots chances. Good for you if you have him.

Price: 10000 Components


Hardpoints: 3x Light, 1x Medium
Base level: 1
Base HP: 76,000
Level Unlock: 21
Base Speed: 42km/h
Classification: Medium
Default Weapons: 3x Punisher, 1x Punisher T
Ability: Incoming
Schallwelle is an upgraded hybrid of Hellburner and Ares. Upon activating the ability, Schallwelle gains an absorber shield and a 50% speed increase for 5 seconds. All damage taken by the shield will be transfered to the reusable bomb on it's back, and will release a bunch of energy, damaging anyone in the radius.

Additional description: German for 'Sonic wave', Schallwelle has the power of a Hellburner and the capabilities of an Ares; A devastating combo that should be avoided. Price: 10000 Components



Hardpoints: 1x Mediun
Base level: 1
Base HP: 40,000
Level Unlock: 25
Base Speed: 50km/h
Classification: Medium
Default Weapons: 1x Punisher T
Ability: shift
Cooldown: once per battle
Cost 10,000 components + 5,000,000 Silver
description of ability.For 10 seconds, the shift ability scans a selected bot and turns into that bot gaining its ability, speed, and weapons as well as invincibility for 10 seconds.
Extra infothe cloak has a bulgasari sheild on the right side that disappears when the ability is active. Also When the ability is active, the scanned robot’s ability is locked down.

golden desteriser

Hardpoints: 2x light
Base level: 1
Base HP: 80,000
Level Unlock: 31
Base Speed: 100km/h
Classification: heavy
Default Weapons: 2x Punisher
Ability: golden ability
Cooldown: 1 second
Cost 100,000 components + 10,000,000 Silver + 10,000 Gold
description of ability.for 20 seconds the Golden Desteriser gains an Ares shield, a 10,000 hp physical shield all the way around, double speed, and the light weapons have as much damage as their heavy counterparts (punisher=avenger gecko=flux).


Hardpoints: 2x medium, 1x heavy
Base level: 1
Base HP: 100,000
Level Unlock: 7
Base Speed: 45km/h
Classification: heavy
Default Weapons: 2x tulumbus, 1x thunder
Ability: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Cost 1,700,000 Silver
History of robot. The predecessor of the Lancelot, it had the same style chassis, body, and weapon setup but didn’t have the physical shield or rush because they weren’t invented in time for its development. Though faster, stronger, and cheaper than the Lancelot, it was quickly outmoded for the British knight bot.


Hardpoints: 2x beta, 1x alpha
Base level: 1
Base HP: N/A
Level Unlock: N/A
Base Speed: N/A km/h
Classification: titan
Default Weapons: N/A
Ability 1: sky bomb
Cool down : 10 seconds
Ability 2: stealth
Duration: 10 seconds
Cool down: 20 seconds
Cost N/A
description of ability’s. Ability 1, The Saturn flies up like the Au Ming at N/A km/h, gains a 15% resistance increase, and when it drops down it creates a powerful blast wave like the Mercury. Ability 2, The Saturn folds away all three weapons and goes into a stealth mode that also repairs 1,000 health/sec but loses 50% speed and 15% resistance.



Hardpoints: None
Base level: 1
Base HP: 95,000
Level Unlock: 30
Base Speed: 56km/h
Classsification: Light
Default Weapons: None
Abiliy: Morph
Cooldown: 30 secs with pilot skill: Proteus
Cost: 1500 AU
Passive mode: Proto has built in quantum rader and 35% damage reduction. It loses it when morphing. These can be traded off for a pilot skill called Proteus which trades these off for the ability to reuse it's ability
Description of ability. Proto locks onto a enemy robot within 600m range and can morph into it (Same weapons if one is broken you do not get that one on your bot, skin, robot, robot ability) with max hp. Pilots and modules are not affected by it.

Proteus Pilot Skill: If using the Proteus skill you get another ability to morph as well as your morphed ability in exchange for resistance and built in qr, With Proteus Skill morphed Proto depends on % of max hp you have before morphing (example: if Proto Morphed into an Ares and lost 40% of health and then morphs into an Invader the Invader will have 60% hp).


Hardpoints: 2x Light, 1 X Medium

Base Level: 1

Base HP: 100,000

Level Unlock: 25

Base Speed: 59 km/h

Classification: Medium

Default Weapons: 1 Punisher T, Two Pinatas

Ability: Cloak

Cooldown: 17 seconds

Cost: 10k Components

Normal Mode: Nightshade uses 1 medium and one light weapon.

Description of Ability: Proto will swap its light weapon for a 2nd light weapon. Proto will become invisible and be in stealth to all enemies. Quantum Rader will let you target it but not see it.

Ability Length:13 secs


Hardpoints: 1x Light, 1x Medium,1x Heavy

Base HP:  95,000

Level Unlock: 30

Base Speed: 56km/h

Classification: Medium

Default Weapons 1x Tulumbas, 1x Punisher 1x Thunder

Ability: Ascend Cooldown: 20 seconds

Cost: 10,000 components Description of ability: Hyperion Jumps while activating an Absorber shield absorbing all the damage and redirecting it into it’s built-in Vortex. When landing the Absorber shield disappears and a built-in Vortex fires. The max absorbed damage of the Vortex can be 175%.



Hardpoints: 3x Light, 1x Medium

Base level: 1

Cost: 10,000 Components

Base HP: 95,000

Base Speed: 36 km/h

Default Weapons: 3 Punishers, 1 Tulumbas

Classification: Medium

Ability: Fade

Cooldown: 8 seconds for a single charge, Ghost can hold up two charges

Passive Mode: Ghost has 28% resistrence

Description Of Ability: Ghost's Fade ability is a modified dash. It is a dash with stealth. When Ghost dashes it activates stealth till dash is done.

Spectral Pilot Skill: It replaces the stealth with a phase shift. The Phase Shift lasts till dash is done.

Description Of RobotThese are the Special Forces bots of Korea. Piloted by elite Korean pilots called the Gwishin, these bots are perfect for hit and run tatics and tactical retreat. They are also useful against snipers.


Hardpints: 1x Light, 1x Medium, 1x Heavy (Inactive)

Cost: 1,7 mil Ag

Base HP: 74k

Base Speed: 36 km/hr

Base Weapons: Punisher, Tulumbas, Kang Dae

Classification: Medium

Ability: Support

Ability Description: Lynx pulls out it's heavy weapon as well as a built-in shield in exchange for 50% of it's speed.

Cooldown: None

Base Physical Shield HP: 50k

Base Level: 1


Hardpoints: 2x Light, 1x Medium

Cost: 75k Ag

Base HP: 68k

Base Speed: 40 km/hr

Base Weapons: 2x Pin, Tulumbas

Classification: Medium

Ability: Rush

Ability Description: Valkryie gains +50% Speed for 5 seconds

Cooldown: 10 sec

Base Level: 1


Hardpoints: 3x Alpha

HP: 1.5 mil

Speed: 23km/hr

Ability: Fortify

Description of ability: Colossi trades it's centre hardpoint and 22% of it's speed in exchange for an Aegis shield and a 17% Damage resistence. Aegis shield can not recharge in this mode

Aegis shield HP: 650k

Aegis recharge rate: 30k/4 sec

Secondary Ability: EMP blast

Description of Secondary Ability: Colossi emits an EMP burst that locks-down enemy robots and supresses their weapons by 85% in an 100 meter radius for 6 seconds.

Secondary Cooldown: 17 seconds.

Classification: Titan
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