The Old Computer

  • I live in your device
  • I am from the past and then time-traveled to the present (somehow)

My dream Falcon

  • Hello. I love WR.
  • Dis is my current (noob) hangar:
  1. Lvl 6 Leo with 2x Punisher, 1x Ecu and 1x Thunder
  2. Lvl 3 Gl.Patton with 4x Punisher
  3. Lvl 3 Jesse with 4x Pinata
  • My dream hangar:
  1. Lvl 10 Ao Jun with 1x Thunder and 1x Glory
  2. Lvl 12 MK2 Ares with 2x Taran and 2x Halo
  3. Lvl 10 Leech with 4x Storm
  4. Lvl 12 MK2 Falcon with 1x Glory and 2x Thermite
  5. Lvl 11 Fenrir with 2x Corona and 1x Avenger

My favorite pages

  • War Robots Wiki
  • Bionicle Wiki

The Old Computer (talk) 09:46, October 12, 2019 (UTC)MikeThe Old Computer (talk) 09:46, October 12, 2019 (UTC)

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