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Absolutely majestic.

Welcome to my profile page! I'm RR77WR. The "WR" in my username stands for War Robots, for your information. I also have a War Robots YouTube channel, called "RR77 [WR]" - not "RR77WR". I am, well, obviously, an avid War Robots player. I have an alternative account called SpinoVoid - I used to use that account as my main account on this wiki, but then the account ran out of username changes. So, I use this account instead.

My History on FANDOM

So, I am not sure, but I think I joined FANDOM mid-2017 (around the June mark), with my other account, called SpinoVoid, on this wiki. Then I visited lots of other wikis, and I got used to source editing, linking, partial CSS elements and other things. Though I joined FANDOM on the 14th of October 2019 with this account, I am still an experienced FANDOM user, because of SpinoVoid. So technically, I have been on FANDOM since 2017.

Fun Facts!

I have won a Lancelot from a silver chest (100 keys).

I am known to immediately quit matches if I see a Shocktrain Spectre or Leech

I have been playing War Robots since it came out (May-June  of 2014, around 1 or 2 months after the game was released.)

I have won two Orkans from a bronze chest (10 keys).

Things I Like In War Robots

Things I Dislike In War Robots

My Dream Hangar

All weapons, robots, modules and etc are maxed out to Level 12 MK2. Though I do not have these robots or weapons, some of my own robots and weapons are similar.

Hangar 1 - Brawling Hangar: Bulwark (x2 Avenger, Feng paint job), Galahad (x2 Gust, x1 Storm, Oathbreaker paint job), Haechi (x3 Orkan, Dragon Tail paint job), Rhino (x2 Punisher T, x2 Magnum, Guerilla paint job), Lancelot (x1 Ancile, x2 Taran, Golden Bear paint job).

Hangar 2 - Beacon Control Hangar: Loki (x3 Sting), Phantom (x1 Corona, x2 Halo), Strider (x1 Ancile, x2 GustTaipan paint job), Jesse (x2 Punisher, x2 PinataMajor paint job), Gareth (x1 Orkan, x1 PinataDeath Knight paint job).

Hangar 3 - Support Hangar: Raven (x2 Shocktrain, x2 MarquessGoldfinch paint job), Mender (x1 Scourge, x2 SparkQilin paint job), Spectre (x4 IonHornet paint job), Fury (x1 Ancile, x2 ChimeraNaval paint job), Griffin (x2 Pulsar, x2 SpiralBlue Hex paint job).

Hangar 4 - Sniper / Long-Range Hangar: Behemoth (x4 TrebuchetLoader paint job), Gl. Patton (x4 ArbalestSpartan paint job), Raijin (x2 FluxBlue Mitsudomoe paint job), Weyland (x1 Ancile, x1 Kang DaeAo paint job), Doc (x4 BallistaMajor paint job).

Hangar 5 - Mixed Fun Hangar: Stalker (x2 PunisherToro paint job), Spectre (x4 VortexNeon paint job), Golem (x1 Thermite, x1 Vortex, x1 AphidPhoenix paint job), Hover (x2 Taran, x1 MagnumArid paint job), Mercury (x1 Ancile, x2 Blaze).

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