aka Sgt. Tuna

  • I live in In the plane between space and time, forever asunder in this realm.
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is Professional Internet Surfer, part time Forum Loafer
  • I am The most sophisticated siege machine of the Dark Ages. No kingdom wall survives a blast.
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Major Maintenance
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I happen to like destiny as well. :D

Greetings, Challenger

Hello there wikigoer.  I am an enthusiast of sci-fi machines. My favorites include Exos from Destiny, the Sparky from Clash Royale, and the Fujin from WR (formerly WWR), just to name a few. My favorite game is Destiny 2 

Playing very light amounts of WR currently.

(Just a high school memelord that has a ridiculous vocabulary and loves video games.)

My favorite pages

Statistics (subject to change)

Max Kill Count: 11

Max Damage: 1,596,146

Longest Win Streak: 12

Last 50 Battles Averages

3.3 Robots Destroyed

619,899 Damage

44% Victories

Other Information

Platform: Android

In-game name: Sgt. Tunafeesh


Hangar (Android Phone)

  • 'Ghost/Roadhog Lancelot (9) with Sinister Glacier (6) and Cryo (6) [The knight with a... ice launcher?. Beware anyways.]
  • 'Sharpshooter Fury (9) with Avengers (9) [Say hello to my little friends]
  • 'Gunsmith Blitz (9) with Gusts (9) [The smallest and one of the mightiest in my hangar.]
  • 'Weyland (9) with Redeemers (7)[Imagine getting deleted at 350m]
  • 'Ao Guang (9) with Scourge (7) [AHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!! BEWARE THE TASERS!]
  • Arthur (6) with Vengeance (2) and Retaliators (1) [The biggest boi, comes out whenever he decides to stop loafing.]


- Raijin (9) 

- Inquisitor (7)

- Leo (8)

- Gareth (7)

- Hellburner (7)

- Natasha (8)

- Ghost Rogatka (9)

Hangar (iPad)

  • Fujin (9) with Tarans (7)
  • Carnage (9) with Zeus (7)
  • Rhino (9) with Orkan (7) and Manum (7)
  • Stalker (9) with Magnum (7)

Disclaimer: somebody stepped on my iPad

Update: My iPad got REALLY messed up. Half the screen is dead...

Update2: iPad functionally useless. Needs huge tune up. Bent, cracked, and a half dead display. HUGE OOF.

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