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NOTE: I'm pretty burned out from WR right now. If you want to message me, join the wikia Discord.

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Last Online: Summer 2019

  • Kumiho (8)
    • 2 x Taran (9)
    • Kumihos are fast. Kumihos have two medium hardpoints. Kumihos are fast. Oh. And they're fast. This is my beacon capper, and since it has two medium hardpoints, it can help to take down bots if following something heavier. Like a Lancelot, for example.
    • I usually play my Kumiho second, since it can dash to side beacons or help capture mid.

  • Fury (8)
    • 3 x Zeus (9,8,8)
    • Furies are fun. Zeus are fun. What about Zeus on a Fury? Double fun! Plus, a good counter against Dash bots. Turns out people don't like gigantic bolts of electricity hitting their bot.
    • I usually play this bot first, since it's my midranger. It can get some decent damage on anyone trying to get flanking beacons, and it provides decent pressure to an open center beacon.
  • Lancelot (8)
    • 2 x Taran (9), 1 x Ancile (8)
    • Lancelots are good front-line brawlers. They're capable of holding their own, they can move in with support to take beacons, they can rush in with support to hold beacons. They have decent firepower. They're just all-around good.
    • I usually play this bot last. As then, I can easily take out anything left struggling and brute force my way into beacons.
  • Rhino (8)
    • 2 x Magnum (8), 2 x Orkan (9)
    • I have my Rhino from back when the Rhino was the meta-bot. Now, I keep it partly because of old times sake, and partly because it works now as a Tarancilot 1v1er. Also, it provides quite some heavy damage if it can survive. The Hellfire build allows for a quick beacon wipe or recapture from the Orkans while still giving a bit of sustained firepower with the Magnums.
    • I usually play my Rhino 3rd or 4th to either wipe up enemies, get some undefended beacons, or pressure mid.
  • Inquisitor (8)
    • 2 x Orkan (8), 1 x Ember (8)
    • Orkans are strong. Embers are strong. Inquisitors are decent. Ember-Orkan (Hellfire?) Inquisitors are pretty good. They have both sustained firepower and burst firepower, and can shred pretty decently at low ranges.
    • I usually play my Inquisitor 3rd or 4th, as then, the struggle for the center beacon or a flank beacon has really started to begin. I can use my Inquisitor to quickly wipe out any enemies near the beacon (or at least try).