Hello everyone. 

In addition to helping out with administrative duties here in the WR Wiki, I am a Moderator in the WR Subreddit and a Peacekeeper in the official War Robots Discord Server.  

I've played video games since I was a kid in the 1980s, and have been a game specialist and Moderator for games since 2012.  

I started playing War Robots in early 2018, and I've been in Champ League since summer 2018.  I'm in an S-Clan on iOS.

Hangar and Stats


Working on getting 4th Atomizer on Leech to MkII Level 4, then upgrading Hawk and 2x Quarkers. Hawk will replace the Ao Jun.

Not sure what to do with the Storms on the Ravana after the nerf. Might do Cryo / Igniter.

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