Golurk 88

aka BB gun

Diamond Gold
  • I live in The Unova Region
  • My occupation is Policing the wiki, Creating Blogs and Helping wiki users :D
  • I am an Angry Walking Toaster determined to avenge its brothers
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Major Maintenance
in progress
Major Maintenance
in progress

I am not always active on the wiki, but you'll see me working with Icefirephoenix, Lion10903, Cactus Gamer123, F0XTRAUT, Killroy1080 and Piisfun to maintain the wiki, help users and implement the rules :)

I also used to work alongside the now semi-inactive MKsmashed and Alias3002.

We do our best to keep the wiki a fun, safe and informative space.

If you have a question, idea or interesting conversation topic, don't hesitate to ask!

I am also active on the WR wiki Discord under the same username along with several other wiki users such as MKsmashed (Le Ban Hammer), Lion (Mortal Engines), Piisfun, Icefirephoenix and Claudius, IDSMTG, FOXTRAUT, CactusGamer123 and more.

Information on the Wiki Community Discord:

If you don't have Discord, download it from here (or Google how to download it, you'll end up on the same website):

Old Boa

Pre-redesign Boa...the best looking robot in my opinion


Walking Toaster Golurk out.


Hi there everyone! I am Golurk 88 (AKA BB Gun) and I hope you enjoy or appreciate my contributions to this cool wiki. My role in the wiki is the monitoring of discussions, advice on how to use heavy, silver and other niche robots in the meta as well as general tips on robot builds and strategy. 

What I specialise in on the wiki is the creation of different blogs on robots, weapons and strategies in the game, as well as a few guides on the wiki and of course, the upkeep of robot/weapon pages (I usually tend to edit the Strategy section).

I also came up with the idea of having a 'Possible Setups' section for each robot page, which Icefirephoenix and I worked on for quite a while. Finally, I overhauled and am the self-appointed sentinel of the Cancelled Robots, Weapons and Game Features page's to maintain its new and more organised format.

I do my best to be friendly but spam, profile copying, swearing, threats or vandalism of pages will end up with me using my powers to the furthest extent to stop the rule-breaking :)

Message Wall link for personal reference:

-wiki-staff-chat - Discord 26 05 2020 17 44 42 (2)

Lion10903's comprehensive guide on how to deal with rule-breakers


This was my speciality on the wiki. While other users have created some user blogs, we all do them on different topics (e.g Piisfun on templates and coding and Icefirephoenix on updates). My blogs are on many different robots and weapons as well as in-battle and general strategy. I've also made some blogs about the wiki. Enjoy!

Note: Don’t copy my blogs or the unique blog ideas. Expect trouble if you do (excluding general ideas like guides for bots, obviously).

If you read any of my blogs, remember that they did have many comments before I changed my username, and for some reason they didn’t register :(      (E.g I had 138 on my Abilities blog).

Please take care that a significant number of my blogs have incorrect damage/health/speed/cooldown statistics due to subsequent buffs/nerfs by Pixonic. However, general strategy and bot/weapon usage advice remains the same.

COMPLETED BLOGS (total number is currently 42 blogs):

Robot Blogs:

General description of robots, their strengths, weaknesses and unique playstyles.

  • Raijin: A Walking Fortress
  • Griffin: Versatile but Inadequate
  • Kumiho: Why it's NOT Overpowered
  • Shocktrains and Bulgasaris: Overpowered?
  • Inquisitors and Spectres: Balanced?
  • Fighting with Fujins
  • Leo: A Versatile Fighter
  • Rhino: Endangered and Powerful (Claudius 14’s request)
  • The Unknown Faction: Comparing the Inquisitor, Spectre and Mercury (Ericon Finalez's Request)
  • The Art of Kamikaze: Hellburner (Popular)
  • Mender and Weyland: A New Dawn?
  • Carnage: Complete Chaos
  • Blitz, Rayker and Invader: New Meta?
  • Welcome to the Pantheon: Ares, Hades and Nemesis
  • Made in China: Ao Jun, Ao Guang and Ao Qin

 Weapon Blogs:

General description of weapons, their effectiveness and purpose.

  • Thunder and Arbalest: Underpowered?
  • Orkans: Powerful But Not Overpowered
  • Hydras and Spirals: Irritants?
  • Avenger and Exodus: Total Destruction
  • Shredder and Pulsar: Immobilise and Eliminate 
  • Trident: Obsolete
  • Return of the...Trident?
  • Snipers and Artillery: Useful or Obsolete?

Strategy and Other Blogs:

Advice and information on specific strategies, game mechanics/features and plastyles.

  • Abilities: How to Use and How to Counter Part 1 (Most Popular)
  • Workshop 2.0: New Thinking?
  • Spawn Raiding: A viable strategy? (Amari The Boss' request)
  • War Robots: Into the Future (Claudius 14’s request, Popular)
  • Tips for WR: Currency
  • Stay on Target: Sniper and Artillery Guide
  • Tips for WR: How to Survive
  • How to Counter Overpowered Gear and Robots Part 1
  • War Robots: An Uncertain Future
  • Abilities: How to Use and How to Counter Part 2
  • Standing By: Modules
  • How to Compare Robots and Weapons
  • The Pixonic Paradox: Pay-To-Win

Wiki and WoT Blitz Blogs:

Miscellaneous information, ideas and opinions on this wiki and World of Tanks (Blitz).

  • Farewell and Good luck!
  • Wiki Guide: Damage Control
  • Unstoppable: AT 2
  • The Fast Heavy: ARL 44
  • Wiki Idea: Badges and Achievements

Page Overhaul and Experimental Blogs:

For experimenting with and overhauling entire pages 

  • Cancelled Robots, Weapons and Game Features


Upcoming Topics

(The titles below will probably be cancelled)

  • High Voltage: Bolt (Ragnorak Ghost will help Golurk finish this one)
  • How to Counter Overpowered Gear and Robots Part 2
  • Glory Days: Destrier, Cossack and Shutze
  • Farewell to the Walking Toaster: Boa
  • Damage? What Damage? - Black Prince

Potential Topics

  • Fire and Fury: Ember and Redeemer
  • Aerial Danger: Hover
  • Fury, Butch and Natasha: Campers
  • Baiting
  • Buffs and Nerfs: What should be done?
  • Gust and Storm: Understated
  • Punisher: Knife-fighter workhorse
  • Hide and Seek: Stalker
  • Falcon and Pursuer: Predators (Finished by Ragnorak Ghost as an honour)
  • Peacemakers: Taran and Magnum

Note: The difference between Potential and Upcoming topics is that the latter are definitely going to be created unless something really significant in the game happens and the topic is no longer relevant. Potential topics are just random ideas that I have and list down in case one day I run out of upcoming topics. I do post blogs every so often and when I do I try to make them as useful as possible. Please tell me if you have any cool ideas!

Blog Experimenting:

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Secure Messaging Instructions:

Note: @Admins and Mods you’ll need to edit this section to see the useful stuff. I realise anyone on this wiki can edit this section to see how it works since there's no anti-editing protection on my user page, but we have a dedicated and secure discord WR wiki staff chat for important stuff, so nobody really uses it anymore. Anyway:

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My Hangar:

Over the past 4-5 years when I played War Robots my hangar has gone through many significant upgrades, acquisitons and changes. Past hangar robots/setups have been mentioned in my Top 10 Achievements section down below.

Current Situation: As War Robots is now pay-to-win and player unfriendly, Stage 2 of my Hangar Upgrade Plan has been shelved, probably indefinitely. I very rarely play War Robots now because...well, you all know why and play a lot more WoT Blitz and World of Warships.

As a result of the above all the statistics listed below are correct and will likely remain so for a long time.

I was in Diamond I when I stopped playing but it is highly likely that I would end up in Diamond III or even Gold I should I start playing again due to most of my robots and weapons either being unexceptional or obsolete.

Lancelot (level 8): Avenger (level 6), Taran (level 7), Taran (level 7)

Role: All-round brawler

Status: Current

Modules: Repair Unit, Armor Kit and Nuclear Reactor.

Rhino (level 8): Orkan (level 7), Orkan (level 7), Gust (level 7), Gust (level 7)

Role: Beacon Capper and Assault Robot

Status: Current

Modules: Quantum Radar, Armor Kit

Inquisitor (level 6): Avenger (level 6), Taran (level 7), Taran (level 7)

Role: Attacker/Heavy Ambusher

Status: Current

Modules: Repair Unit, Armor Kit

Invader (level 6): Taran (level 7), Magnum (level 7), Magnum (level 7)

Role: Weapon Damage Suppression, Support, Light Ambusher

Status: Current

Modules: Lock-down ammo, Nuclear Reactor

Rhino (level 7): Orkan (level 7), Orkan (level 7), Pinata (level 6), Pinata (level 6)

Role: Backup Beacon Capper and Tactical Ambusher

Status: Current

Modules: Lock-down ammo, Nuclear Reactor

Reserve bots:

Zeus Fury (can alternatively be equippe with 2 Tridents and 1 Zeus, all level 6 including bot)

Gunship Leo (equipped with level 5 Tempest and level 5 Molots)

Fujin (level 9, is usually equipped with Tarans currently in main hangar)

Hover (level 5, is equipped with level 5 Molot Ts and a Molot)

Other Key Facts and Veteran Bots:

My League: Diamond III/Diamond II

My Favourite Robots: Fujin and Raijin 

My Favourite Weapons: ECC Thunder, GAU Punisher, ES-G Taran, EP Magnum, Redeemer, EE Aphid, Gust and Avenger

WR Platform: iOS (Apple) 

Veteran Robots:

Natasha (level 7): Thunder (level 5), Thunder (level 5), Pinata/Pin (level 5), Pinata/Pin (level 5)

Griffin (level 7): Punisher T (level 5), Punisher T (level 5), Punisher (level 5), Punisher (level 5)

Boa (level 3): Thunder (level 5), Punisher T (level 3)

Vityaz (level 4): Thunder (level 5), Punisher (level 3), Noricum (level 5)

Golem (level 4): Kang-dae (level 5), Punisher T (level 3), Pinata (level 5)

Destrier (level 2): Molot (level 2), Spiral (level 2)

Hall of Fame:

This is a list of users who I either admire, will remember for funny reasons or have a good opinion on them. Please do not take this personally if you aren’t on here, as I haven't updated this list for quite a while.

Notice: This isn’t in order.

Alias3002: Definitely the best Admin this wiki has had. Great to talk to about WoT and other fun stuff as well.

Icefirephoenix and Piisfun: I haven’t talked to them as much as I did with Alias but they both seem reasonable and are awesome at templates. Sad to see the latter leave the wiki.

MKsmashed: A relatively new mod but is well-suited for the role, and is quite popular and very encouraging to normal users. Quite friendly as well.

Ragnarok Ghost: Upon joining the wiki he was slightly sensitive and temperamental but has become a fun guy to talk with and has provided consistently good ideas for the wiki. Will he get promoted? That’s up to the admins, but in my opinion he’s on the right track. His only flaw is his tendency to be slightly oversensitive sometimes.

Lion and Guard: Neither of them are often active anymore and I didn’t talk to them that much because of that( Guard has retired) but they both seemed like relaxed and funny people.

Tkik: Founder of the wiki. That alone is enough.

Defender: Being a WoT Expert and a promising narrator for Pokemon/tank nature documentaries, Defender is great to talk to.

JustAnotherNickname: Not many users will remember him and personally I never talked to him (as back then I was ghosting) but he seemed like a nice, popular and reasonable dude.

Claudius, GD-2 Predator and SpoonyBard: Who doesn’t love daily nonsensical spam on their message walls? They might seem odd at first but they were definitely full of humour. They shall always be remembered by their comrades in the motherland.

HDIOS: One of the most cranky, Raijin-loving and Orkan-hating users in the wiki’s history, and is always ready to have a good debate. Are those qualities necessarily bad though?

22hessler, Ericon Finalez, Cozzgamer, Hiawee and Spinovoid: Always there to talk to about random stuff...Cozzgamer with his complex life and Spinovoid always has a prank up his sleeve.

0CORE0 and FOXTRAUT: Always ready to contribute to User Ideas with cool new stuff.

I didn’t spend money in this game: May seem like your ordinary user but is almost-always active and is very sociable.

Sky Avenger: His profile picture being a character from Pixel Gun 3D, you can be assured that he is legit XD

Juggernaut: A wiki veteran, Jug has been here since the days of JAN and has regularly been active on the wiki, even during the dark times (when we had no admin). Oh, and he has an Ostrich Death Conga as his profile picture.

My Top 10 Achievements in WR:

Note: They are not in order

  • Getting 4 kills in a Thunder/Punisher T Boa out of my 8 kills in one match, whilst breaking my damage record! (4 kills in a Boa, 8 kills overall and new damage record...I couldn't have asked for more!)
  • Single-handedly killing an Orkan Spectre (who attacked me using Descend) in my Taran Fujin before going on to ambush and take out a Taran Spectre.
  • Killing a Double Thunder Natasha in a Tulumbas/Magnum Rhino, capping a beacon before killing a circling Thunder Carnage only by using my Magnums with my shield up.
  • Killing a Double Thunder Natasha in my Thunder Raijin, capping a beacon, then killing that player's other Double Thunder Natasha when it spawned on the beacon before I captured it. (Poor Double Thunder Natasha)
  • Getting through Bronze and low Silver leagues with : Thunder/Punisher/Noricum Vityaz, Kang-Dae/Punisher T/Pinata Golem, Molot/Molot/Molot/Molot GI Patton and later a Nashorn/Punisher T Boa (all my gear at that time was lvl 3-5)
  • Getting into Gold League and surviving (for the moment) against the army of Dash Bots (with Shocktrains/Orkans etc) and Lancelots with my non P2W stuff (no money spent on this game for me, just a lot of saving up!)
  • Almost single-handedly killing a Zeus Fury in a Taran Fujin!
  • Single-handedly killing a Thunder Fury and Thunder/Taran Inquisitor (both full health) in 10 seconds with my Thunder Raijin on TDM
  • Killing an enemy Carnage, Natasha, Hover, Lancelot and my Taran Fujin
  • Coming 2nd and dealing over 1 million damage in Skirmish FFA (the first time I've ever done well in FFA)


All sections below this sentence are probably outdated, uninteresting and irrelevant.

Cool Background

This is based on MKsmashed’s ‘A Great Idea’. It’s anything but professional, but I hope people like it. I’ve tried to include as many prominent users as possible, so here it is:


Like it?

Fun links:

Robots and Weapons in my Inventory/Hangar:

Heavy Weapons:

  • 12 Nashorns
  • 7 Kang-Dae
  • 8 Thunders
  • 2 Zenits
  • 2 Tridents
  • 1 Trebuchet
  • 2 Avengers
  • 3 Zeus

Medium Weapons:

  • 5 Tarans
  • 4 Orkans
  • 4 Tulumbas
  • 8 Punisher Ts
  • 5 Molot Ts
  • 2 Storms

Light Weapons:

  • 5 Magnums
  • 7 Punishers
  • 3 Molots
  • 7 Spirals
  • 5 Pinatas
  • 6 Pins
  • 3 Gusts
  • 4 Aphids
  • 6 Gekkos

Heavy Robots:

  • 1 Raijin
  • 2 Koi Leos
  • 2 Leos
  • 2 Griffins
  • 2 Rhinos
  • 4 Natashas
  • 1 Lancelot
  • 1 Fury
  • 1 Inquisitor
  • 1 Butch

Medium Robots:

  • 1 Fujin
  • 3 Gl Pattons
  • 1 Boa
  • 1 Doc
  • 1 Galahad
  • 1 Carnage

Light Robots:

  • 4 Gepards
  • 1 Cossack
  • 2 Destriers
  • 2 Stalkers
  • 2 Jesses

Things I enjoy about WR and the Wiki:

  • Teamwork
  • Coordination
  • Tactics and strategies that require some skill (not pay to win)
  • Close combat brawling
  • Interesting and effective builds
  • Winning through teamwork, coordination and skill (well deserved wins)
  • Just having fun
  • Battle fought to the last (only if we win)
  • Crushing enemy robots through sheer firepower (especially in my Thunder Raijin)
  • Crazy and chaotic brawls involving several teammates and enemy players (about 2-3 each side!)
  • Spawn raiding the enemy team in battles
  • Beacon Rush
  • Fun battles where everyone is in Destriers or Cossacks etc
  • Annoying other players every so often in a Zenit Butch (I actually get some kills in it when I use it, but I do backpack and after a few minutes, I will usually change into another of my robots to help my team.)
  • Killing Pay to Win noobs who are devoid of any tactical skill whatsoever but rely on their overpowered and expensive gear. That gives me a lot of pleasure!
  • Buying new stuff to complete an awesome build I've been patiently saving up for
  • Fujins, Raijins, Rhinos, and Leos
  • Interesting debates and talking on threads
  • A lot of other stuff

Things I Don't Enjoy About WR and the Wiki

This is mostly things I don’t like in WR, but also a few irritating things on the wiki:

  • Pay to win players without skill who rely on their overpowered gear (e.g Orkan Spectres)
  • Teammates who self-destruct all their robots until they reach their last one because they're tankers
  • Players who can be a liability e.g getting in your way and blocking your shots or not capping nearby beacons
  • Dash Bots except the Kumiho
  • Being meched out early in the match
  • RDBs
  • Trollers
  • Anything with 3 or more orkans
  • Shocktrains
  • Canyon Map
  • Snipers who contribute little to the game except irritation (they should backpack instead of camp)
  • Teammates who ignore neutral beacons right next to them (there was once a Trebuchet Carnage on Springfield map who was literally camping just next to our left beacon on the dam...I had to cap it instead in my Leo as he ignored my signal shots...a LEO!)
  • Pixonic breaking the economy by making everything extremely expensive to get and to upgrade...also by increasing production times on WSP 2.0.
  • Users constantly saying that Zenits/Noricum/Écus are overpowered and that the Shutze is the best bot in the game. Especially with the latter. Yes, Shutze should be returned to the game...but when you’re talking about real advice and meta setups, I couldn’t care less about the Shutze. It’s a crap bot only for beginners and as a nostalgic display in one’s inventory.
  • Ranters who don't contribute anything except complaints
  • Having my profile copied

Funny Pictures from WR and the Wiki:


When your team on KOTH plays as if it’s TDM


Fujin going crazy


Pokemon Go for WR


World of Tanks

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