This is my user page. Now don’t touch it, admins! no -alias

So, uh, I'm Cooldude87 and I've been on this wiki for quite a long time suprisingly, but you've probably guessed I'm quite a newbie from the amount of edits I've made.

Obviously I'm not a sucker for edits but when I do change something I usually expand by one paragraph. I’m not great at source code but...

Right now I focus a lot more on my blogs than my edits, so you might want to check those out. Right now, it's coronavirus season so I've got quite a lot of spare time on my hands to write them.

That's it, basically. CD87, signing out.

Quick Reference:


Corona hours:

Monday to Friday, 9:20-10:00 (for sure), other random intervals

Current Project

Here you can see what little contributions I am focusing on to help the wiki. If you see me working on Strategies, don't be surprised.

Project 1 (top priority)

Trying my best to mantain this wiki as circumstances aren't ideal

Project 2


Project 3


Completed Projects

Rebooting all Passive Module strategy sections.

Goal completed-13:24, GGMT, 11/04/2020. Notes: First goal completed.

Writing pros and cons up to Trident.

Goal completed-15:28, GMT, 28/04/2020. Notes: help me plox 

Writing pros and cons up to Shredder

Goal completed-10:34, GMT 30/04/2020 Notes: This is about where I started playing.

Pros and Cons for the Cryogenic Rocket Launchers

Goal completed-20:36, GMT 03/05/2020 Notes: N/A  

Write pros and cons for all weapons

Goal completed-12:25, GMT 06/05/2020 Notes: I am not doing this again.

Reboot strategies up to Griffin

Goal completed-19:53, GMT 06/05/2020 Notes: N/A  

Booting Bulgasari and Spectre strategies

Goal completed-8:20, GMT 18/07/2020 Notes: N/A  

My current hangar

Mah hangar (not up to date)
Haechi Falcon Ares Blitz Phantom Ao Ming
Level 7 5 5 5 7 4
Slot 1 Taran (6) Ancile (main) Halo (5) Magnum (5) Pinata  (5) Retaliator
Slot 2 Taran (5) Glacier (6) Punisher T (5) Blaze (5) Orkan (6) Vengeance
Slot 3 Taran (5) Redeemer (5) Corona (4) Ecu (4) Pinata (5) Retaliator
Slot 4 Halo (5) Magnum (5) Vengeance

Username: Guy of Gods (wanted to be 360Quickscoper but that was taken XD)

ID: 034IIS

Platform: iOS

My favorite pages

Honestly, I feel addicted to these bots and weapons.


Funny moments

Wip lol


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