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Tyr   Ancient Tyr


In Support mode, this balanced robot is able to move fast around the battlefield, repairing itself and nearby allies. When in Assault mode, it increases its own combat efficiency and defenses
— in-game description

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Purchase Information TyrInfobox.png
In-Game Cost Real Value Icn info for user popup.png Exp Level Icn info for user popup.png
10,000 Components or
9,500 Gold
$95 20
Robot Information
Class Icn info for user popup.png Ability Icn info for user popup.png Faction Icn info for user popup.png
Shapeshift Icn info for user popup.png
Base Statistics
PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Durability Icn info for user popup.png
Speed icon.png
1 104,000 36 kph
Armaments Standard Paint Jobs
Hardpoints Light + 2x Medium Default Tsunami Fixer Novum
Default Weapons Punisher + 2x Punisher T
Module Slots Legendary Paint Jobs Icn info for user popup.png
Active Yes Tsunami Fixer Novum
Passive 3
Other Legendary Pilots
Tier Icn info for user popup.png IV Sigrun Valka
Wiki Class Icn info for user popup.png Medium
Workshop Production Information
1 Day Cost Silver 3 Day Cost Silver
290,000 950,000
Components Components Components Components
60 170


Tyr is a medium robot with 2 medium and 2 light hardpoints.


The Tyr is one of the four robots in the Ragnarok Squad, the others being the Fafnir, Fenrir and Loki. The Tyr has two modes: Support Mode and Assault Mode. Upon activation of the Support Mode the Tyr sends out a single repair impulse (akin to the Mender) that instantly repairs itself and all ally robots within 75 meters a fixed amount (based on the Tyr's level) of durability. While in Support Mode the Tyr deploys a repair aura (akin to the Weyland) allowing it to heal both itself and allies (within 75 meters) slowly over time, while also granting this robot a speed boost of +15 kph). However, its light weapons are disabled and fold back (cannot be fired).

In Assault Mode the Tyr deploys a physical shield allowing it to block projectiles and activates its light weapons but loses the speed boost and the ability to repair. When switching back to Support Mode it retracts its physical shield.


Since Tyr has the ability to heal itself and allies it is recommended to stay close to teammates. Overall, the Tyr is capable of filling multiple roles but it best used as a close range support bot or brawler to make full use use of its physical shield, firepower, and repairing capabilities to both heal itself and allies. With 2x medium and 2x light hardpoints the Tyr can also do well for mid-range support and skirmishing.

A good strategy that should be employed is to serve as the leader of a mobile strike team, ideally consisting of other robots that will provide useful to the team, such as Hades or Blitz. When in combat, the player should activate Assault Mode to utilize the physical shield in order to protect the hull of the Tyr, not to mention the extra firepower. Once the skirmish is over, however, Tyr should return to Support Mode to heal itself and the other members of the strike team.

A very easy way to maximize healing power is to constantly toggle the ability change, as the explosive repair pulse created while changing into Support Mode can heal the Tyr itself as well. While it generally means your Tyr is slower if moving (due to the time spent in Assault Mode), you get an extremely easy way to spam healing which is much better than slowly waiting for the repair aura to heal you and your allies up.

Note: The Tyr's built-in physical shield can still take damage even when inactive due to the fact the shield doesn't retract into the robot's hull. The shield most likely can take damage from area of effect (splash) weapons when inactive, however, in rare instances it can take damage from any weapon type if shot at the correct angle.

It should also be noted that even though the shield is made up of two separate parts that share the same durability pool. This means if one part of the shield takes damage the other part does as well. The Limited Edition "Ancient" Tyr is further enhanced by a +10% Armor boost.

Possible Setups

Some effective setups for the Tyr are:

Note: When "Opt." is next to a slot type, it refers to one of the multiple options that can be used in combination with the other weapon(s) slot type(s).

Each slot type is filled with only one particular weapon. For example, if a robot has 3 light all three of those slots are filled with Pinatas, as mixing weapons of the same slot type is usually not advisable.

However, utility weapons can be effectively mixed with standard weaponry, for example the Halo (a root weapon) could be used on one light slot, and a Gust on another. This is because weapons such as the Halo give up firepower for the utility of locking down enemies.

Close Range (350m or less)

Slot Types Medium Slot Light Slot
(Opt. 1)
Light Slot
(Opt. 2)
Light Slot
(Opt. 3)
#Slots x2 x2 x2 x2 Name
Setup 1
Death Button (Opt. 1)
Setup 2
Plasma Death Button (Opt. 1)
Setup 3
Punisher T.png
Setup 5 →
Freezing Death Button
Setup 5
Inferno (Opt. 1)

Mid-Range (500-600m)

Slot Types Medium Slot Light Slot (Opt. 1) Light Slot (Opt. 2) Light Slot (Opt. 3) Light Slot (Opt. 4)
#Slots x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 Name (If Applicable)
Setup 1
Setup 2
Setup 3
Russian Death Button


Recommended equipment includes; 2x Scourge/2x Spark, 2x Corona/2x Halo, and possibly 2x Shredder/2x Pulsar or Marquess. These weapons allow it to lock-down enemies from a distance or provide decent damage, with the Scourge/Spark load-out allowing it to brawl up close without sacrificing range.

Upgrade Cost

Tier 3 MK 1
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 0 00:00
2 100,000 02:00
3 200,000 05:00
4 400,000 14:00
5 2,000,000 28:00
6 3,000,000 48:00
7 4,000,000 66:00
8 8,000,000 90:00
9 13,000,000 106:00
10 25,000,000 116:00
11 35,000,000 124:00
12 45,000,000 130:00
Total Cost Time [DD:HH:MM]
135,700,000 18:20:00
Tier 3 MK 2
Level Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 0 00:00
2 1,000,000 12:00
3 2,000,000 24:00
4 4,000,000 36:00
5 16,000,000 48:00
6 16,000,000 48:00
7 16,000,000 48:00
8 16,000,000 48:00
9 16,000,000 48:00
10 16,000,000 48:00
11 16,000,000 48:00
12 16,000,000 48:00
Total Cost Time [DD:HH:MM]
135,000,000 18:00:00
  • NOTE: base level starts at level 1 cost is
  • MK2 Upgrade cost 500 Gold


ID 53 Ability Faction
Tier 3

Class Light
Wiki Class Icn info for user popup.png Medium
Availability Goldcomponents.png Workshop/Gold
MK 1 Level MK 2
Durability Speed Durability Speed
104,000 36 1 206,000 49
111,000 38 2 209,800 49
118,000 39 3 213,600 49
125,000 40 4 217,400 49
133,000 41 5 221,200 49
142,000 43 6 225,000 49
151,000 44 7 228,800 49
161,000 45 8 232,600 49
171,000 46 9 236,400 49
182,000 47 10 240,200 49
194,000 48 11 244,000 49
206,000 49 12 247,800 49
MK 3 Level 1 260,190 49

Healing Statistics

Healing Stats
MK 1 MK 2
1 398 1,135
2 437 1,153
3 481 1,171
4 529 1,189
5 582 1,207
6 640 1,225
7 705 1,243
8 775 1,261
9 853 1,279
10 938 1,297
11 1,032 1,315
12 1,135 1,333
mk3 1,399


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Update History

Version Changes
7.9.0 Repair capacity: ↑ 15%
6.3.0 Repairs per second: ↑ 20%
6.0.1 Now available for 14,000 gold (can still be produced via Workshop 2.0)
5.7.2 Ancient model bonus durability increased from 5% → 10%
5.6.0 Now launches additional repairing pulse after switching into Support Mode
5.5.0 Ancient model gained 5% bonus durability
New alternative model: Ancient Tyr (Operation: Raging Typhoon)
5.4.0 New skin: Tsunami (Yan-di Showdown)
5.0.0 Robot was added to the game


  • In Norse Mythology, Tyr is the god of war and justice.
  • During the binding of Fenrir, Tyr had his hand bitten off.
  • This robot was added on April 25, 2019.
  • There existed a bug with the physical shield on the Ancient Tyr during the remastered test servers. It made the physical shield impenetrable no matter how much damage it takes. The bug ceased to exist after Pixonic removed Ancient Tyr from the remastered test servers in later sessions.