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A Titan Module is an equipable item that arrived in version 5.7.


Titan modules are unique in the fact that they come in three different varieties, which are mixed up depending on the Titan they are mounted on. There are three different kinds of them-Assault, Defence and Universal. 

  • Assault modules are modules that enhance the Titan's attack power and most thing related to attack.
  • Defense modules are modules that enhance the Titan's durabilty, shields and most things related to defense.
  • Universal modules are usually not a form of module in themselves, they are just a hardpoint that can mount both defensive and assault modules. However, in rare occassions some modules will not fall into either Assault or Defense categories and will only be able to be mounted in the Universal slot (special modules).

Passive Modules

There are currently 11 passive Titan modules, each marked with either Assault, Defense or in extremely rare cases, Universal.

Two of the Passive Modules (Titan Armor Kit and Singular Reactor) are freely available to all commanders once they acquire a Titan, as they come built-in to the Titan's Titan Module slots. The other modules are all purchasable via the store with Platinum or indirectly with real money.

The Modules give your Titan a permanent stat bonus, and Titans have 4 slots dedicated toward either armor, firepower, or universal. The type of slots vary per Titan. As a general guide, any Titan has one of every type of Titan Module and the last slot will either be an Assault or Defense Module.

Titan modules can be upgraded with Platinum up to a maximum level of 25.

AntimatterReactor.png CannibalReactor.png PlatedArmorKit.png Self-fixUnit.png
Antimatter Reactor Cannibal Reactor Plated Armor Kit Self-fix Unit
Thermonuclear Reactor icon.png Cannibal Reactor icon.png Heavy Armor Kit icon.png Self-fix Unit icon.png
Assault Assault Defense Defense
SingularReactor.png TitanAccelerator.png TitanArmorKit.png Quantum Sensor.png
Singular Reactor Titan Accelerator Titan Armor Kit Quantum Sensor
Nuclear Reactor icon.png Titan Accelerator icon.png Armor Kit icon.png Quantum Sensor icon.png
Assault Universal Defense Universal
TitanAnticontrol.png GrandBalancedReactor.png Onslaught Reactor V1.png File:DamageController.png
Titan Anticontrol Grand Balanced Reactor Onslaught Reactor Damage Controller
Titan Anticontrol icon.png Grand Balanced Reactor icon.png Onslaught Reactor icon.png File:Damage Controller icon.png
Defense Universal Assault Defense

Note: Titan Modules cannot be upgraded to Mark II .