This template gives quick access to all of the Equipment Identification icons.

Damage type
Icn damage kinetic Kinetic Icn damage energy Energy Icn damage explosive Explosive Icn parametr shield hp Shield
Aim type Mechanism
Icn aiming manual Manual Icn aiming lock Lock-on Close32 Close Combat
Firing pattern
Icn shooting volley Volley Icn shooting automatic Automatic Icn shooting single Single Shot Icn endless ammo Unlimited Ammo
Reload Mechanism
Icn reload magazine Magazine Icn reload RWF RWF Icn reload Charge Charge-Up
Special Effects
Icn spec chain Chain Icn dot96 Corrosion Icn dot96 DOT Icn parametr root Root
Icn spec acceleration Acceleration Mode Icn spec AOE AOE Icn spec artillery Artillery Icn spec homing Homing
Icn spec close combat Close Combat Icn instability Instability Icn freeze 96 Freeze Icn piercer unit Defense Mitigation

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