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…Mobile robot with unprecedented firepower. What this robot lacks in toughness, it more than makes up in attack power. The Descend ability is always at hand when it's time to retreat and regroup… – in-game description

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Purchase Information SpectreInfobox.png
In-Game Cost Real Value Icn info for user popup.png Exp Level Icn info for user popup.png
10,000 Components or
14,000 Gold
$100 20
Robot Information
Class Icn info for user popup.png Ability Icn info for user popup.png Faction Icn info for user popup.png
Descend Icn info for user popup.png
Yan-di Ventures
Base Statistics
PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Durability Icn info for user popup.png
Speed icon.png
1 55,000 37 kph
Armaments Standard Paint Jobs
Hardpoints 4x Medium Default Crimson Marvellous Hornet Neon
Default Weapons 4x Tulumbas
Module Slots Legendary Paint Jobs Icn info for user popup.png
Active Yes Neon
Passive 3
Other Legendary Pilots
Tier Icn info for user popup.png IV Tal Mokri
Wiki Class Icn info for user popup.png Medium
Workshop Production Information
1 Day Cost Silver 3 Day Cost Silver
290,000 950,000
Components Components Components Components
60 170


The Spectre is a medium robot with 4 medium hardpoints.


The Spectre's ability is called Descend and when activated the robot cloaks (stealth) and jumps into the air.  The stealth effect lasts for 2 seconds when the Spectre lands. After the two seconds of Stealth after landing ends, the ability enters a 20-second cooldown phase.

The Descend ability is similar to the Inquisitor's, however the Spectre's stealth lasts only 2 seconds after landing (compared to 5 seconds with the Inquisitor).


The Spectre is a "glass cannon," meaning it has high firepower "cannon" (4 medium hardpoints) but low hit points "glass."  Because of this, the Spectre should be used for ambush, mid-range support, or skirmishing.

When being used as an ambush unit, the Spectre relies on one thing and one thing only-its Descend ability (unless modules like Last Stand or Phase Shift are equipped). If the enemy is not armed with Quantum Radar then the Spectre will most likely be able to destroy them in a short amount of time provided it is inside its jump. This means that close-range weapons like Cryo and Orkan and even Havoc and be used to destroy enemies. However, due to its extremely low health and tiny stealth duration after landing, the Spectre can usually only engage one target or two low-health targets at once unless team-support robots like Blitz, Bulwark, Nightingale or Ares are advancing alongside it to provide relief after landing. For this role, Thermonuclear Reactor(s) or Overdrive Unit(s), Last Stand, Phase Shift or Death Mark and maybe Heavy Armor Kit(s) are ideal Modules for mounting.

When using the Spectre as a mid-range support unit, the commander should always keep close to cover. Unlike when used as an ambush unit, Descend can be used sparingly as the Spectre can always land in cover and can usually outrange most enemies planning its demise. For this role, Descend can be used to provide a vantage point instead of protection. The Legendary Pilot Tal Mokri is a good choice for this role, as when in a vantage point the Spectre can deal increased damage to enemies. The modules Thermonuclear Reactor, Overdrive Unit and Death Mark are ideal choices for this role to increase its firepower, and since it keeps at a reasonable distance it can usually fire without having to worry about the enemy returning fire.

When used as a skirmisher, the Spectre can generally only take on one enemy at once. This is argubaly the hardest of all three of Spectre's roles to peform, but in theory can also deal the highest damage. Sustained brawling weapons like Atomizer, Taran and even Pulsar are ideal choices. Descend should be used cautiously as while it does provide stealth, the jump part will allow any waiting snipers armed with Quantum Radar to blast the Spectre out of the air. It is advised to flee when another enemy sees the commotion and decides to join in. For this role, Heavy Armor Kit, Overdrive Unit, Last Stand and Phase Shift are the best choices for mounting. Thermonuclear Reactors are not good as the Spectre will inevitably sustain damage inside this role.

Due to being a hybrid of a jump and stealth, the Spectre’s stealth ability is considerably harder to use than a normal stealth ability, however with the right timing, it is effective. By making sure you jump into the right area (landing too far from cover makes you extremely vulnerable) and extending your stealth duration (try not to jump to high ground), the Spectre’s stealth ability is amazingly strong. The two seconds of stealth the Spectre has after its jump should be used to seek cover, as using it to maximize damage output will commonly result in the Spectre's small health pool being finished off.

Taking advantage of the Spectre's height advantage mid-jump without worrying about being hit is key to dealing maximum damage. Weapons requiring clear line of sight and timing for ambush tactics such as the Shocktrain go extremely well with the Spectre's Descend ability. 

Threat Measure

The Spectre is a high threat in the middle leagues but a low to moderate threat in the higher leagues due to its low hitpoints and the use of Quantum Radar by the enemy. 

Possible Setups

These setups are recommended for the Spectre:

Note: Each slot type is filled with only one particular weapon, for example. If a robot has 3 light hard points, all three of those slots are filled with the same weapon, as mixing weapons of the same slot type is not advisable.

Close Range (350m or less)

Slot Types Medium Slot
#Slots x4 Name
Setup 1
Death Button
Setup 2
Energy Shotgun
Setup 3
Freezing Death Button
Setup 4
Setup 5
Plasma Death Button
Setup 6
Punisher T.png
Setup 7
Setup 8

Mid-Range (500-600m)

Slot Types Medium Slot
#Slots x4 Name (If Applicable)
Setup 1
Lightning Death Button
Setup 2
Setup 3
Setup 4
Russian Death Button
Setup 5

Long Range (800-1,100m)

Slot Types Medium Slot
#Slots x4 Name(If Applicable)
Setup 1


The Spectre is best used for ambush, mid-range support, or skirmishing.  For mid-range support set ups with Tulumbas, Wasp, Scourge, Atomizer, or Pulsar are recommended, using the Spectre's ability to escape a dangerous situation. For ambushing the Spectre's Descend ability allows it to surprise targets or gain better shooting angles.  High burst Damage Per Second weapons such as Orkan, Cryo, Storm, Corona, or Vortex are recommended for this role. For sustained DPS while skirmishing use Punisher-Ts or Tarans.

Mark I Statistics

Purchase Information

PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Speed icon.png
1 55,000 37 10,000 Components or 14,000 Gold

Upgrade Information

PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Speed icon.png
2 59,000 38 100,000 2 hours
3 63,000 40 200,000 5 hours
4 67,000 42 400,000 14 hours
5 71,000 43 2,000,000 1 day 4 hours
6 76,000 45 4,000,000 2 days 18 hours
7 81,000 47 6,000,000 4 days 6 hours
8 86,000 48 11,000,000 5 days 4 hours
9 91,000 50 17,000,000 5 days 20 hours
10 97,000 50 36,000,000 6 days 4 hours
11 103,000 50 52,000,000 6 days 12 hours
12 110,000 50 70,000,000 6 days 20 hours
Cost Time
Totals 198,700,000 39 days 13 hours

Mark II Statistics

Purchase Information

PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Speed icon.png
1 110,000 50 500

Note: Level 12 Mark I is required to enhance (purchase) to Mark II.

Upgrade Information

PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Speed icon.png
2 112,000 50 2,500,000 1 day
3 114,000 50 5,000,000 2 days
4 116,000 50 10,000,000 3 days
5 118,000 50 22,500,000 4 days
6 120,000 50 22,500,000 4 days
7 122,000 50 22,500,000 4 days
8 124,000 50 22,500,000 4 days
9 126,000 50 22,500,000 4 days
10 128,000 50 22,500,000 4 days
11 130,000 50 22,500,000 4 days
12 132,000 50 22,500,000 4 days
Cost Time
Totals 197,500,000 38 days


Update History

Version Changes
6.0.1 Now available for 14,000 gold (can still be produced via Workshop 2.0)
5.3.0 New limited edition skin: Neon (Operation: Gathering Storm)
4.8.0 Total Upgrade Time: 49 days 8 hours 30 minutes⟶39 days 13 hours
4.7.0 Total Upgrade Time: 58 days 17 hours⟶49 days 8 hours 30 minutes
4.5.0 Total Upgrade Time: 64 days 17 hours⟶58 days 17 hours
4.4 New skins: Hornet, Neon, and Marvellous (Halloween 2018)
4.3.0 Speed decreased by 9%
Stealth duration decreased from 4 seconds → 2 seconds
Ability recharge increased from 18 seconds → 22 seconds
4.0.0 Value (USD): $300⟶$100
Total Upgrade Cost: 76,810,000 Ag⟶198,700,000 Ag
Total Upgrade Time: 30 days 15 hours 30 minutes⟶64 days 17 hours
3.8.0 New skin: Crimson (4th Anniversary)
3.6.0 Robot was added to the game



  • The Spectre was the first robot with four medium hardpoints that can all fire at once, the other robots that also has four medium hardpoints are the Leech, the Typhon and the Fafnir.
  • This robot was very controversial when it was in the test server. It was perceived that four medium weapons able to fire all at once on one robot was too powerful
  • And indeed, it was very powerful, prior to HP nerfs that limited the power of Spectre. Pixonic describes the robot as a glass cannon. However, because of its ability, it's difficult to actually damage it
  • During testing, it was named "Exorcist". This name was later changed to "Spectre" because it was too controversial
  • Spectre has below average health for a medium robot in return for high firepower
  • The "Marvelous" skin may be a reference to Marvel's "Iron Man"
  • This robot was added on January 31, 2018.
  • the word "spectre" apparently means ghost.
  • The Spectre has a much more noticeable jerk to its walking animation when turning in place, compared to other robots.