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Although the event tokens can be obtained in bulk, there's no sure way to always get what you want in Special Delivery. Pixonic does not ensure a valuable win apart from guaranteed prizes, no matter how many Special Delivery Chests were opened, or real money spent, so refrain from fustration if you do not get what you expect. Naturally, better rewards are harder to obtain.


Special Delivery is a special event-based lottery feature in the game, introduced in Update 5.0, with the War Robots 5th Anniversary Event. It is similar to the Black Market, but uses different currency (event tokens), and contains the newest and meta items in the game.

It is located at the top=left corner in the UI, under the player profile. In the past this button was dedicated for the War Robots Royale, which was later replaced by Hongbao Lottery (during the Lunar 2019 Event), and ultimately replaced by Special Delivery. When a Special Delivery is absent, the Offers available will display in a right-to-left scrolling fashion.

Each themed Special Delivery lasts for around 40 days.



In each Special Delivery since around Update 6.0, there are three chests available, requiring differnt currency.

  • Bronze Chest: Requires 100 Bronze tokens. Contains premium items from around two versions behind, but chances of getting entire items are low (most common prizes are 500 components). Can be opened most frequently, without spending money one can open 3 in 2 days at a moderate level of playing.
  • Silver Chest: Requires 150 Silver tokens. Includes premium items one version behind or new items, while chances of getting full items are still low (most common prizes are 1000 components). Can be opened less frequently, without spending money one can open 1 in 2 days at a high level of grind.
  • Gold Chest: Requires 200 Gold tokens. Provides the most up to date items, and chances of getting full items are high. However, it is very difficult to obtain without spending money, one can open 2 to 3 in the whole event from daily tasks and up to 5 more from Operations.


The possible prize pool can be viewed by pressing the info icon near a chest. Prizes are relatively similar from near events.

  • Bronze Chest: Usually contains 4 main robots/weapons, with their respective components available at packs of 5000, 2500, 1000, and 500. Sometimes their Special Edition is also available, at a very low chance. Other individual prizes such as Pilots, Paint Jobs and Modules are available. Fixed prizes include 300 Gold, 1500 Power Cells, and 150 Gold tokens.
  • Silver Chest: Usually contains 3 main robots/weapons, with their respective components available at packs of 5000, 2500, and 1000. Sometimes their Special Edition is also available, at a low chance. Other individual prizes such as Pilots, Paint Jobs and Modules are available. Fixed prizes include 1500 Gold, 5000 Power Cells, and 150 Gold tokens.
  • Gold Chest: Usually contains 1 main robot/Mothership, with their respective components available at packs of 5000, 2500, and 1000. Individual prizes such as Titans, Titan Weapons, and Modules are available. Fixed prizes include 300 Silver tokens.

The drop rates of items are often concealed by Pixonic unless explicit community request.

Guaranteed Prizes

There are two types of guaranteed prizes for Special Deliveries.

Fixed Guarantee

A window showing counts for opened chests and fixed guaranteed prizes are shown above the chest. 3 specific prizes in each chest are guaranteed after a fixed amount of opened chests. After filling the bar, the next prize will be the guaranteed prize.

Without purchasing coins, it is only possible to get the first guaranteed prize for the Bronze chest at a high level of grind (get maximum amounts of coins nearly every day).

Random Guarantee

For each chest, a bar can be filled under it, showing “XX Remaining Until Special Prize”. After opening XX chests, the next prize will be the premium prize, which is a high quality prize (full items or large quantities of components). The value XX is randomized in a certain range each time it is refreshed.

NOTE: If you are only one chest away from the prize (“Special Prize in the next chest!”) when the event is about to end, do not be worried or freak out. As long as you have coins left, you will get a free chest from the system when the event actually ends, and you will be still able to get it.

Event Tokens

Event tokens is the direct currency for opening Special Deliveries. The designs of event tokens vary each event, based on the theme. They can be obtained in multiple ways, listed below.

  • Freebies. At the beginning of an event, usually 100 Bronze tokens and 150 Silver tokens are given for free.
    • In Update 8.0, for each year of your account age, 100 extra Bronze tokens are given.
  • Daily Tasks. These tasks appear daily in the Tasks section, and if not completed within a day, the next day’s tasks will be in queue, but only 1 of the same task can be in the queue.
    • Honor Tasks. Tasks dependent on grind - that is, constant gameplay. Higher league players can complete this task faster due to Honor Points mechanics.
      • 35 Bronze tokens for 300 Honor Points in wins. (easy, only one win for Masters and above)
      • 65 Bronze tokens for 9,500 Honor Points. (moderate, about 45 to 60 minutes of gameplay)
      • 50 Silver tokens for 18,000 Honor Points. (hard, requires 1.5 to 2 hours of gameplay)
    • Video Tasks. Watch ads for small but free amounts of tokens, recommended for f2p players.
      • 10 Bronze tokens for 1 ad.
      • 5 Silver tokens for 1 ad.
Operation E near complete 8.0.png
  • Operation E. By completing a series of event tasks, players gain special OXP to obtain prizes along the Operation E prize track. A few hundred Bronze/Silver tokens can be obtained, but the most important prize is usually 1000 Gold tokens at the end of the track. After a consistent grind, players can get this prize for free and gain great benefits.
  • Daily Ads Bundles. Ad bundles containing event tokens appear daily in the Offers section. There are usually two tracks, where you need to watch ads to get prizes in a sequence. This is a consistent flow of tokens and is recommended for f2p players.
    • Long sequence: 10 Bronze, 10 Bronze, 10 Silver, 5 Gold
    • Short sequence: 10 Bronze, 10 Silver
  • Offers. Offers of tokens appear daily during an event in the offers section, available for real money. Usually the bargains are low at the beginning of an event, and high near the end of the event. This is reasonable since the earlier you obtain the meta items the larger advantage you get in-game; for players who invest moderately or slightly in the game, always buy the larger deals near the end of an event for maximum discount.
  • Direct Purchase. The most non-economic method of obtaining tokens is via direct purchase using real money in the Special Delivery interface. tokens are bought at original prices, which are extremely unreasonable and exorbitant (intended feature). Never buy tokens like this unless you have an extremely strong financial background (and your funds have better ways of spending, please consider well before doing so).

Event End Prizes 8.0.png

NOTE: Event tokens that are not spent by the end of an event are used automatically by the system. For tokens less than the required amount for opening a chest, the chests is opened anyways (so if you have 5 Gold tokens left, you still get to open a Gold chest that’s worth 200 Gold tokens). Some players prefer to save up all of their tokens until the end of an event to let the system do it all at once, believing they will get better prizes. This is a fun, but prizes are not guaranteed in any way.



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Special Delivery main screen


Special Delivery icon


Very Rare

  • Loki (7% of receiving it)
  • Fenrir (4% of receiving it)
  • Tyr (10% of receiving it)
  • Nemesis (8% of receiving it)



  • 2,500 Loki components (25% of receiving it)
  • 2,500 Fenrir components (22% of receiving it)
  • 2,500 Tyr components (23% of receiving it)
  • 1,000 Gold (20% of receiving it)


  • 1,000 Loki components (36% of receiving it)
  • 1,000 Fenrir components (35% of receiving it)
  • 1,000 Tyr components (32% of receiving it)
  • 1,000 Blaze components (38% of receiving it)
  • 1,000 Calamity components (34% of receiving it)
  • 1,000 Marquess (36% of receiving it)
  • 600 Gold (35% of receiving it)
  • 1,500 Power Cells (46% of receiving it)


  • 500 Loki components (88% of receiving it)
  • 500 Fenrir components (74% of receiving it)
  • 500 Tyr components (85% of receiving it)
  • 300 Gold (91% of receiving it)

Price To Open

  • Open 1 Special Delivery---------100 tokens
  • Open 10 Special Deliveries----1000 tokens

Purchasing Price

"Buy coins" icon

Currency USD

$9.99 = 300 tokens

$59.99 = 1600 tokens

$99.99= 3600 tokens

Currency EUR

€9.99 = 300 tokens

€49.99 = 1600 tokens

€104.99 = 3600 tokens

Currency CNY

¥68.99 = 300 tokens

¥388.99 = 1600 tokens

¥648.99 = 3600 tokens

Tasks During Event

Task Number Request Prize (tokens)
1 Liberate 15 beacons 50
2 Win 3 battles and come in 1st-3rd 50
3 Capture 15 beacons 50
4 Destroy 10 enemy robots 30
5 Deal 3,500,000 damage 30
6 Win 3 battles 20
7 Deal 2,000,000 damage 20


  • Completing every task each day will always reward you with a total of 100 event tokens which is enough to open 1 delivery per day.
  • The Special Delivery is the only way to get the Eldritch Ares or the Imperial Hades.
  • Special Delivery is the only War Robots Event that gives new tasks every day throughout the entire event. Incomplete tasks will be deleted when the new ones come.
  • You can get up to 20 event tokens every game in the last Arena during the event.