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…Have you been dreaming of a trusted sidekick in battle? Then this one's for you! The affordable yet powerful drone will always be by your side!… – in-game description

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Purchase Information
Purchase Cost 500K Silver
Drone Info
Power Capacity 6Voltage Capacity.png
Slot size 2
SidekickInfobox.pngFloor ornament common.png
Arms Controller Effect Attack Defense Repair
AC-type chip.png A-type chip.pngB-type chip.pngC-type chip.pngD-type chip.png
N/A All chips slots are random

Link 3D Model (external site)


The Sidekick Drone is a Tier 1 Drones introduced in Update 6.3.0 that can install up to 2 Microchips. The Drone can hold up to 6 Energy.

Microchip Summary

Microchip Summary
AC-type chip.png AC  A-type chip.png A  B-type chip.png B 
C-type chip.png C  D-type chip.png D 
Press Down Arrow Button to View the Components of each Slot. Hover over individual Components to view each.

3D Model


Sidekick Drone.png

Update History

Version Changes
6.6.0 Now comes with fixed energy capacity
Power Cell activation cost removed
6.3.0 Drone was added to the game


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