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…While this module is active, your robot's weapons will ignore any energy shields. Does not affect the durability of enemy shields… – in-game description

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Purchase Information
In-Game Cost 20 PowerCell icon.png
Gold Cost 8 Gold
Required Player Level 20
Active Module
Ability Duration 6 second(s)
Cooldown 25 second(s)
AffectsSelf icon.png
ManualActivation icon.png
Affects Self Manual Activation
Temporary icon.png
Cooldown icon.png
Temporary Cooldown


The Shieldbreaker is an active module, freely available to all pilots, requires 20 power cells per use.


This module gives a robot the ability to bypass enemy robots' energy shields (including Absorber) for 6 seconds. It then enters a 25-second cooldown phase.

This active module is very useful in high leagues due to the high number of Pantheon robots (Ares, Hades and Nemesis). However, piercing Absorber shields is far from the only use of the Shieldbreaker. It can also effectively counter the durable Aegis-class barrier mounted on the Bulwark (although this can be countered easily by switching defense system). Not only that, in lower leagues, Fujin's energy shield poses a serious threat to the kinetic weapons that are popular in the league. Shieldbreaker can effectively counter this threat too, although it isn't recommended swapping out your Repair Unit (an essential) for just this purpose.

One of Shieldbreaker's greatest weaknesses is that it does not allow penetration of physical barriers. 

Update History

Version Changes
5.5.0 Module was added to the game


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