Hello, this is Ragnorak's 2nd Fan Works page, as the 1st is Robots and Weapons Handiwork. In this page, every user is allowed to write down their own nicknames for robots and weapons in the WR game. Remember, it cannot be insulting, or it will be removed from the page.

Ao Qin (Any energy weapons): Buzzkill (PhantomPhoenix)

Blitz (4x Pinata) Death Chicken, or Soviet Death Chicken with pins (PhantomPhoenix)

Falcon (3x Thunder): Cossack Killer (PhantomPhoenix)

Falcon (Ancile + 2x Exodus): Cloak and Dagger (psychotic_wolf13)

Mercury (Exodus + 2x Pinata): Silent Killer (MegaMutant456)

Inquistor (Calamity + 2x Scourge): Blue Havoc Springer (Ragnorak Ghost)

Kumiho (Any setup really): Zoomiho (Tylertheboss524)

Hover: Hoooooooooover (with any long exposure weapon) (Hiawee)

Loki (Aphid): Stealthshot (THRYLLR)

Fenrir (Avenger + 2x Punishers) : Ramming Wolfpower Gunner (Ragnorak Ghost)

Cossack (1x Shocktrain) Shockack (Cooldude87)

Fenrir (2x Scourge + Glory): Berserker

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