…While active, allows locking on to enemies in stealth mode… – in-game description



The Quantum Radar is an active module, freely available to all pilots, requires 20 power cells per use.


This module gives a robot the ability to target stealthed robots for 6 seconds. It then enters a 25-second cooldown phase.

When Quantum Radar is activated, you will be able to target robots that are in stealth, but you won't get an indicator unless you are targeting them.

This active module is more useful in high leagues because there are more stealth robots. In lower leagues, not everyone has stealth robots so the Repair Unit is considered the better choice, and remains popular at higher leagues.

Update History

Version Changes
5.3 Activation delay removed
4.7.0 Bug fix: Activation can no longer cause pilot's nicknames to not be shown during combat
4.6 Module was added to the game
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