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General Description

All equipment are separated into 5 different categories.

  • Light Equipment: Equipment that can be put on a Light Hardpoint. Typically has a quarter or half of their medium counterpart's firepower and usually a quarter of their heavy counterpart's firepower.
  • Medium Equipment: Equipment than can be put on a Medium Hardpoint. Typically has half or three-quarters of their heavy counterpart's firepower and has 3 quarters or doubled the firepower of their light counterparts.
  • Heavy Equipment: Equipment that can be put on a Heavy Hardpoint. Typically has Three-quarters or doubled the firepower of their lower counterparts. As of yet, heavy equipment is always mounted on the top of the bot, showing their heavy caliber. Some skirmishes feature robots with their normal hardpoints swapped with heavy weapons, but this isn't usually the case.
  • Beta Equipment: Equipment that can be put on a Beta Hardpoint, exclusive to Titans. Typically has Half or Three-quarters the firepower of their Alpha counterparts.
  • Alpha Equipment: Equipment that can be put on an Alpha Hardpoint, exclusive to Titans. Typically has Three-quarters or doubled the firepower of their Beta counterparts. Always mounted on the top. (For now)

Equipment Catalogue

Robot Weapons


Tier 1
Aphid Explosive32.png
Ecu Shield32.png
Gekko Energy32.png
Molot Kinetic32.png
Noricum Explosive32.png
Pin Explosive32.png
Punisher Kinetic32.png
Spiral Explosive32.png
Tier 2
Arbalest Energy32.png
Gust Kinetic32.png
Magnum Energy32.png
Sting Kinetic32.png
Pinata Explosive32.png
Tier 3
Blaze Energy32.png
Halo Energy32.png
Marquess Energy32.png
Shredder Energy32.png
Spark Energy32.png
Tier 4
Blight Energy32.png New
Cudgel Energy32.png
Kramola Kinetic32.png
Magnetar Energy32.png
Quarker Energy32.png
Rime Explosive32.png
Scald Energy32.png
Scatter Sonic icon.png
Snear Energy32.png
Toxin Energy32.png
Volt Kinetic32.png


Tier 1
Ecu Shield32.png
Molot T Kinetic32.png
Punisher T Kinetic32.png
Tier 2
Ballista Energy32.png
Hydra Explosive32.png
Ion Energy32.png
Orkan Explosive32.png
Storm Kinetic32.png
Taran Energy32.png
Tulumbas Explosive32.png
Tier 3
Corona Energy32.png
Hussar Energy32.png
Igniter Energy32.png
Scourge Energy32.png
Shocktrain Energy32.png
Vortex Explosive32.png
Tier 4
Atomizer Energy32.png
Cryo Explosive32.png
Havoc Sonic icon.png
Hazard Energy32.png New
Mace Energy32.png
Pulsar Energy32.png
Razdor Kinetic32.png
Scorcher Energy32.png
Skadi Energy32.png
Venom Energy32.png
Wasp Kinetic32.png
Weber Kinetic32.png


Tier 1
Kang Dae Kinetic32.png
Nashorn Kinetic32.png
Thunder Kinetic32.png
Trident Explosive32.png
Zenit Explosive32.png
Tier 2
Ancile Shield32.png
Avenger Kinetic32.png
Exodus Explosive32.png
Trebuchet Energy32.png
Zeus Energy32.png
Tier 3
Calamity Energy32.png
Chimera Explosive32.png
Dragoon Energy32.png
Ember Energy32.png
Flux Energy32.png
Glory Energy32.png
Tempest Kinetic32.png
Thermite Explosive32.png
Tier 4
Avalanche Explosive32.png
Bane Energy32.png
Decay Energy32.png New
Devastator Sonic icon.png
Gauss Kinetic32.png
Glacier Explosive32.png
Hammer Energy32.png
Hel Energy32.png
Hornet Kinetic32.png
Incinerator Energy32.png
Nucleon Energy32.png
Prisma Energy32.png
Puncher Energy32.png
Redeemer Energy32.png
Smuta Kinetic32.png
Viper Energy32.png

Titan Weapons


Tier 2
Retaliator Kinetic32.png
Tier 3
Cuirassier Energy32.png
Rupture Explosive32.png
Tier 4
Cinder Energy32.png
Cyclone Energy32.png
Kisten Explosive32.png
Krait Energy32.png
Lantern Energy32.png
Pantagruel Energy32.png
Squall Kinetic32.png


Tier 2
Vengeance Kinetic32.png
Tier 3
Gendarme Energy32.png
Tsar Explosive32.png
Tier 4
Basilisk Energy32.png
Bulava Explosive32.png
Cataclysm Energy32.png
Dazzler Energy32.png
Gargantua Energy32.png
Grom Kinetic32.png
Striker Energy32.png

Special Editions

See also: Portal:Special Edition
Ardent Gust
Ardent Sting
Ardent Viper
Augmented Scald
Baihu Basilisk
Biomechanoid Nucleon
Boombox Devastator
Candy Viper
Composite Calamity
Composite Spark
Corrupted Skadi
Cruel Bane
Cryptic Redeemer
Dragon Blaze
Dragon Calamity
Dragon Dragoon
Dragon Marquess
Dread Incinerator
Dread Scald
Eldritch Kramola
Eldritch Venom
Experimental Spark
Fatal Havoc
Freedom Avalanche
Freedom Cudgel - New
Freedom Hammer - New
Freedom Hussar
Freedom Igniter
Freedom Mace - New
Freedom Skadi
Futuristic Nucleon
Futuristic Quarker
Ivory Atomizer
Ivory Scourge
Lunar Grom
Lunar Squall
Oolong Cinder
Prototype Toxin
Scavenger Blaze
Scavenger Dazzler
Scavenger Lantern
Sheriff Magnetar
Sinister Cryo
Sinister Glacier
Sinister Rime
Sinister Pulsar
Skydriver Cryo
Solid Gauss
Spirit Razdor
Spirit Smuta
Stellar Halo
Stellar Hornet
Stellar Prisma
Stellar Wasp
Techno Atomizer
Teremok Hel
Teremok Snaer
Tiger Scatter
Warrior Scorcher
Yan-di Avenger
Yan-di Corona
Zmej Bulava
Zmej Kisten

Weapons Comparison

Each weapon in War Robots can be compared to 'like' weapons across hardpoints. The table below can be used to compare each weapon's increased effectivness to other weapon that effectively work the same way as thier light counterpart.


These weapon comparisions were done by first listing the damage per second (DPS) of each light weapon. With the light hardpoint DPS value set as a baseline, the percentage increase in DPS for medium and heavy weapons (of the same type) was calculated by dividing the light weapon DPS into the DPS of the both the medium and heavy versions. This calculation reveals the % increase in DPS for each medium and heavy weapon counterpart.

Understanding the Data

Most medium and heavy weapons gain an increased DPS compared to thier light counterparts. But not all increases are equal! When selecting weapons, it can be helpful to reference this table to show how to gain the most value when choosing weapons by slot. Example:

  • A commander is deciding what weapons to mount on thier Natasha. Natasha has two light and two heavy weapon slots. Assuming that the commander wants each slot to carry 'like' weapons on each slot (avoiding weapon mixing), she can see that equiping Sprials with Chrimera's provides a massive jump in DPS between the two slot types (+275%). The same is true for Rime/Glacier (+152%), Shredder/Puncher (+229%), and Punisher/Avenger (+175%).

Commanders would do well to avoid assuming that DPS will always be signifigantly increased by larger weapons. Quarker/Atomizer/Nucleon is an excellent example: The heavy slot Nucleon does only +22% more damage than a light slot Quarker. This knowlege can help commanders get the 'most bang for thier buck' when choosing weapons!

A Final Word: DPS isnt the only factor to consider in choosing weapons. Reload time, unload time, range, secondary effect and much more go into choosing the right weapon for a commander. That said, this table provides some insight into weapon weighting and can help commanders when outfiting robots for battle.

Weapons Comparision Table

Family Name Hardpoint DPS DPS % Over Light Notes
Overheaters Quarker Light 3600 0%
Atomizer Medium 4100 +14%
Nucleon Heavy 4400 +22%
Energy Corrosives Toxin Light 1800 0%
Venom Medium 2700 +50%
Bane Heavy 3800 +111%
Kinetic Corrosives Sting Light 4,092 0% Sting has a much shorter shot interval than Wasp and Hornet. This in turn shortens unload times, thereby increasing DPS. However, total damage per magazine is still weighted appropriately (L-2,660, M-16,440, H-44,880). In addition, Sting fires a 'Volley' tragectory, making it operate in some was simular to a shotgun.
Wasp Medium 2,740 -33%
Hornet Heavy 3,740 -9%
Freezers Snaer Light 1720 0%
Skadi Medium 2310 +34%
Hel Heavy 3590 +109%
Machine Guns Punisher Light 1,778 0%
Punisher-T Medium 2,889 +62%
Avenger Heavy 4,889 +175%
Autocannons Molot Light 1,298 0%
Molot-T Medium 1,953 +50%
Tempest Heavy 3,163 +143%
Energy Charge-Ups Arbalest Light 2,450* 0% The MUCH longer reload time for Trebuchet explains it's much larger shot damage (24 secs for Trebuchet vs 6 secs for Arbalest and Ballista).
Ballista Medium 2,970* +21%
Trebuchet Heavy 7,700* +214%
Kinetic Charge-Ups Volt Light 3,185* 0%
Weber Medium 4,900* +54%
Gauss Heavy 5,320* +67%
Flamerthrowers Blaze Light 3,146 0%
Igniter Medium 4,360 +39%
Ember Heavy 5,940 +89%
Short Range Bonus Spark Light 1,165 0%
Scourge Medium 1,430 +23%
Calamity Heavy 2,324 +99%
Energy Shotguns Halo Light 7,333 0% For Shotguns, smaller hardpoints have shorter shot intervals.

This in turn shortens unload times, thereby increasing DPS. However, total damage per magazine is still weighted appropriately (L-11,000, M-15,000, H-34,500)

Corona Medium 6,000 -18%
Glory Heavy 6,900 -6%
Kinetic Shotguns Gust Light 6,467 0% For Shotguns, smaller hardpoints have shorter shot intervals.

This in turn shortens unload times, thereby increasing DPS. However, total damage per magazine is still weighted appropriately (L-9,700, M-14,850, H-43,200)

Storm Medium 5,940 -8%
Thunder Heavy 8,640 +34%
Sonics Scatter Light 4,700 0%
Havoc Medium 7,070 +50%
Devastator Heavy 10,300 +119%
Freezing Rockets Rime Light 3,733 0%
Cryo Medium 4,800 +29%
Glacier Heavy 9,389 +152%
Short Range Rockets Pinata Light 7,841 0% For Short Range Rockets, smaller hardpoints have shorter shot intervals.

This in turn shortens unload times, thereby increasing DPS. However, total damage per magazine is still weighted appropriately (L-11,730, M-21,500, H-38,410). Despite its slower shot interval, Exodus still has a higher DPS than Pinata due to it much higher shot damage.

Orkan Medium 7,167 -9%
Exodus Heavy 8,350 +6%
Medium Range Rockets Pin Light 2,840 0% For Medium Range Rockets, the light hardpoint has a longer shot interval, but (curiously) a MUCH higher shot damage than its heavy counterpart. However, the total magazine damage from the heavy slot is still much higher, due to its much larger magazine capacity.
Tulumbas Medium 5,870 +107%
Avalanche Heavy 3,875 +36%
Short Range Cluster Missiles Aphid Light 9,352* 0%
Vortex Medium 11,598* +24%
Thermite Heavy 16,200* +73%
Medium Range Cluster Missiles Spiral Light 2,760* 0%
Hydra Medium 5,580* +102%
Chimera Heavy 10,350* +275%
Incendiary BLASTCHARGE Rockets Scald Light 1,049 0%
Scorcher Medium 1,469 +40%
Incinerator Heavy 2,080 +98%
Energy Lockdowner Rifles Magnetar Light 2,250 0%
Pulsar Medium 2,727 +21%
Energy Machineguns Shredder Light 3,938 0%
Puncher Heavy 12,975 +229%
Semi-Auto Plasmoids Marquess Light 2,240 0%
Hussar Medium 2,840 +27%
Dragoon Heavy 3,255 +45%
Homing Machineguns Kramola Light 4,756 0% Smuta has nearly the same damage output per second as Puncher (which is considered by many to be the strongest heavy weapon in the game)
Razdor Medium 6,089 +28%
Smuta Heavy 11,400 +140%
Explosive Shotguns Cudgel Light 5920 0%
Mace Medium 8460 +43%
Hammer Heavy 11280 +90%
Radiations Blight Light ? 0%
Hazard Medium ? +?%
Decay Heavy ? +?%

* Refers to Damage per Shot rather than DPS (single shot charge-up weapons)