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This is a portal for all Drones currently in the game. Drones are special support units that will grant special bonuses to your robot, they also come with Microchips, however they do not come equipped with them by default, so you will have to buy them from the Microchip Store, located in the same tab as the Pilot Hiring Center.

General Info

Each drone that you buy has a certain battery capacity range, and will differ each time. Typically, you would always get an even number battery capacity. Their amount of slot types are also randomized, the highest possible amount of the same slot types (as observed in test server) is 5, but it is extremely rare to have more than 3 of the same type, let alone 4 or 5. Despite that the system will always try to balance out the number of different slots for each drone.

As a guarantee, certain drones with Arms Controller Microchips will always have 1 slot, at all times.

You can buy drones in the drone shop, located in the drone hanger.

Note: They are one of 2020’s 3 major features.