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⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️
  1. This page sometimes consists of controversial information. Please do NOT consider it to be the final or an official statement. The purpose of this page is to collect all the more or less trustworthy information on this wiki and to stop the spreading of misinformation and rumors.
  2. The source of this information would be from the Test Server, Pixonic's press releases, Pixonic's representatives, insiders' information and Pixonic's website.
  3. Please take notice: NO SUGGESTIONS ARE ALLOWED HERE. Only developed or developing stuff can be posted here, with a high probability of being introduced into the game. No past and rejected test server contents are allowed.
  4. If you want to suggest in this wiki or War Robots, go to User Ideas.
  5. We are trying to keep rumors out of this page, so if you are going to edit it, do NOT put your opinions or superstitions here.
  6. Downloads for the Test Server can be found here.

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Note: These sections are updated frequently. All details that are found in each section may be cancelled or scrapped by Pixonic at any time without notice.

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