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Phantom - currently being tested


Level 8 statistics:

  • Durability: 125,000
  • Speed: 60 km/h
  • Hardpoints: 1x Medium and 2x Light
  • Ability: Blink
    • Details: Upon activation, the Phantom deploys a teleportation beacon, and gains a 50% speed boost, as well as 50% damage resistance to all damage types for the full duration of the ability. At any time during the ability's duration the ability button may be pressed to instantly teleport back to where the teleportation beacon was placed.
      • Duration: 15 seconds
      • Cooldown: 10 seconds

Behemoth - currently being tested


Level 8 statistics:

  • Durability: 198,000
  • Speed: 41 km/h
  • Hardpoints: 4x Heavy
    • Weapon restrictions: Ancile in back slots
  • Ability: Currently unnamed
    • Details: Upon activation, the Behemoth enters a stationary mode that allows it to fire all 4 of its heavy weapons. When not active, the robot can only fire 2 of its 4 heavy weapons.
      • Duration: ∞
      • Cooldown: 1 second




Phase Shift (currently being tested)

  • Type: Active
  • Cost: 20 power cells
  • Duration: 4 seconds
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • Description: Upon activation, the robot gains invulnerability to all damage and debuffs. However, it loses the ability to fire weapons.

Accelerator (was tested):

  • Type: Passive
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Description: Increases robot's speed by 7% (max level). These can be stacked to increase effect

Fortifier (was tested):

  • Type: Passive
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Description: Increases physical and energy shields strength (25% for physical shields at max level, and 18% for energy shields at max level). Also increases energy shields regeneration rate by 20% (max level)



Game Modes


Other (Technicalities, Stats, Etc.)


Robot/Equipment Balancing

Punisher and Punisher T:

  • Clip size: 220 rounds → 250 rounds
  • Reload: 10 seconds → 8 seconds


  • Shot interval without acceleration: 0.09 → 0.1
  • Shot interval with acceleration: 0.06 → 0.06628
  • Reload: 10 seconds → 8 seconds

Molot and Molot T:

  • Clip size: 70 rounds → 85 rounds
  • Reload: 10 seconds → 8 seconds


  • Shot interval without acceleration: 0,215 → 0.25
  • Shot interval with acceleration: 0,143 → 0.1628
  • Shot dispersion: 0,0216 → 0.0195
  • Reload: 10 seconds → 8 seconds


  • Durability: 132,000 → 138,000 (level 8)
  • Speed: 46 km/h → 49 km/h (level 8)
  • Extra: Upon ability activation receives +20% damage increase for 8 seconds (not stack-able)


  • Extra: During shield activation speed decreases by 25%


  • Durability: 110,800 → 126,700 (level 8)
  • Speed: 51 km/h → 52 km/h (level 8)
  • Extra: During shield activation speed decreases by 15%


  • Durability: 134,600 → 150,500 (level 8)
  • Speed: 51 km/h → 52 km/h (level 8)
  • Extra: During shield activation speed decreases by 15%

Miscellaneous Content


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