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Igniter (Medium Blaze/Ember)- was tested


Compact flamethrower that burns targets with a high-temperature mixture, ignoring both energy and physical shields. As any flamethrower, it's effective mostly against slow target at close range.

Level 8 statistics:

  • Hardpoint type: Medium
  • Damage type: Energy & Explosive
  • Damage: 249 per liter
  • Clip size: 300 liters
  • Range: 350 meters
  • Rate of fire: 30 liters/sec 
  • Reload: 5 seconds

Hussar (Medium Marquess/Dragoon) - was tested


Automatic energy weapon, perfect for firefights at medium distances. Possesses high accuracy and reloads while firing.

Level 8 statistics:

  • Hardpoint type: Medium
  • Damage type: Energy
  • Damage: 2,250 per charge
  • Clip size: 8 charges
  • Range: 600 meters
  • Rate of fire: 2 charge/sec 
  • Reload: 1.5 seconds per charge

Avalanche (Heavy Pin/Tulumbas) - was tested


Level 8 statistics:

  • Hardpoint type: Heavy
  • Damage type: Explosive 
  • Damage: 800 per rocket
  • Clip size: 24 rockets
  • Range: 500 meters
  • Rate of fire: Unknown
  • Reload: 0.8 seconds per rocket


  • Anticontrol (Anti Lockdown/Suppression Module)
  • Death Mark (Damage Amplifier module)
  • Advanced repair unit (Faster repair module)



Game Modes


Other (Technicalities, Stats, Etc.)


Robot/Equipment Balancing


Miscellaneous Content

  • Combat status panel
  • Pilots!
  • New Shield Style
  • New Beacon Effects
  • KOTH coming back with new changes

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