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Leech - tested


Designed by Evolife.

Ability: Repulse. Leech gains a temporary speed boost (amount unknown), and gets 90% damage resistance. Then a lock on button replaces the ability button, which can be used infinitely (technically, it can be only used 10 times, due to ability duration and lock on time). While targeting an enemy within 600m range, pressing the ability lock on will “mark” the enemy and redirect 50% of the damage Leech receives from enemies to the chosen target. Lock on requires 1 second, and will not be lost (looking away from the target or getting the crosshair out of the region of the two green lock on brackets does not effect it) unless the enemy is killed, the ability duration ends, or Leech targets another enemy with another press of the lock on button. It can also bypass any sort of cover or shielding.

Ability duration: 10 seconds. Ability cooldown: 20 seconds.

Durability at level 8: 94 600 Speed at level 8: 48 km/h




Accelerator (was tested):

  • Type: Passive
  • Cost: Unknown (probably 2 500 Au)
  • Description: Increases robot's speed by 7% (max level). These can be stacked to increase effect



Game Modes


Other (Technicalities, Stats, Etc.)


Robot/Equipment Balancing

Punisher and Punisher T:

  • Clip size: 220 rounds → 250 rounds
  • Reload: 10 seconds → 8 seconds


  • Shot interval without acceleration: 0.09 → 0.1
  • Shot interval with acceleration: 0.06 → 0.06628
  • Reload: 10 seconds → 8 seconds

Molot and Molot T:

  • Clip size: 70 rounds → 85 rounds
  • Reload: 10 seconds → 8 seconds


  • Shot interval without acceleration: 0,215 → 0.25
  • Shot interval with acceleration: 0,143 → 0.1628
  • Shot dispersion: 0,0216 → 0.0195
  • Reload: 10 seconds → 8 seconds

Paintjobs, alternate models and other aesthetic features

Griffin alternate model


Ao Jun alternate model

Miscellaneous Content


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