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This is the main page for pilot lore available in the game. Under a pilot's skills, up to 3 parts of stories about the pilot can be unlocked. Unlocking the parts depends on the pilot's rank, where the first three ranks correspond to the 3 parts.

If you can't wait to read the lore of your favorite pilot, you have come to the right place! Click on a tab below to view the lore of a specific pilot (you can also click on Main anytime to come back). Some pilots have two or more distinct pieces of lore since they have multiple appearances in the game, often symboling different periods of their career, or different versions of their lives.

Legendary Pilot Lore

Legendary Pilots
Main Adrian Chong Adam OLeary Alex Werner Alexander Frost
Alika Renner Amalia Itegumo Andrey Kvasov APPM-3TR Ariadine Shaw
Arnav Poe Ash Skarsgard Basil Lapatte Bernadette Wolff Boris Crow
Chester Cohen Clive Vicious Cormac de Vos Damned Johnny Drew Tompkins
Eddie Noll Ghost Isabella Porter Iskra Jack Moore
Jad Parks Jerry Fortune Jill Summers Johanna Flynn Kang Strong
Kyle Rogers Lillan Statera Linda Cano Louis Duncan M Brijit
Manni Marie Leclair Maya Patel Michelle Dubois Midea Nerium
Min-ji Novak Misaki Nian Nicolas Wodanson Olga Minia
Peregrin Raine Raphael Petit REDACTED Twins Ricardo Gonzales River Chase
Roberto Baros Rose Lin Sam Stone Samael Johansen Sigrun Valka
Soren de Vos Stanislav Chen Svyatogor Belov Tal Mokri Theseus
Thomas Mindread Tobis Mwangi Trixie Hope Vasilisa Maximova Virginia Walker
Yang Lee

Regular Pilot Lore

Standard Pilots
Main Banished Female DSC Male DSC Female EvoLife Female
EvoLife Male Icarus Female Icarus Male SpaceTech Male SpaceTech Female
Yandi Female Yandi Male


  • Most regular pilots are born within a colony, managed by any of the 5 factions. However, some may be initially born outside of a colony, such as a mercenary base or city that would happen to be beside a colony and then affiliate themselves with any of the 5 factions for educational or other reasons. Or do start in a colony, and are banished due to a crime they may or may not have committed.
    • Regardless of the pilot's early life or affiliation with a faction, they all turn out to be mercenaries. And typically enter into a mercenary camp, are trained, and become part of a mercenary band that partakes in various mercenary missions. Some may open small businesses or take up other hobbies during their mercenary life, as mentioned in some biographies, whilst some may have suffered a tragic loss or a severe injury during a mission or other circumstance.
  • The lore of the military and police/judicial forces of either corporation is rarely expanded upon. However, they are referenced on several occasions.
  • The corporations are capable of making coalitions, when two or more of them share a common goal, despite their rare occurrences.
  • Despite differing racial characteristics, all regular pilots have randomized first and last names, as well as profiles. This can lead to unusual names for certain pilots, such as Oda Castillo or Ekaterina Goldhirsh depending on the profile.
  • Most information in each pilot biography is recycled and reused each time, just in a different order or have singular pronouns changed, often between genders.
    • The only exception to this is legendary pilots, which have their own, unique biography.
    • No pilot lore empathizes on the pilot's later life as a mercenary or cause of death, which would lead to the assumption that all hirable pilots are alive and have not died yet. However, in some unofficial lore, there are pilots that do die. Either behind the scenes or in some other manner.
    • Some legendary pilots such as Kyle Rogers, Jad Parkes, Linda Cano, Yang Lee, and Olga Minina, have multiple versions of themselves for each robot and each one expands the biography of these individuals.
  • While a pilot can be promoted up to Colonel, their title does not carry any significance and does not improve their life's circumstances lore-wise.
  • While most legendary pilots initially come from one of the five corporations, only 9 pilots are initially unaffiliated.
  • While most pilots are single throughout their lives, a few legendary pilots are (or were) married:
    • Soren De Vos lost his wife to a wasting disease, for which there was no cure
    • Kyle Roger and his wife, Kyle left his family behind to find out what happened to Eagle Squadron, with the promise of returning afterward
    • Vasilisa and Svyatogor were married after the Tsar was killed in a challenge
  • Currently, there is no account of any mercenary or pilot being able or was able to pilot a titan. However Yang Lee's bio did mention wanting to pilot one someday, whether or not that did happen remains to be seen.
    • While titans are piloted by pilots just like normal robots are, they may be formed from a special cadre of elite pilots that cannot be switched out due to their skillsets, unlike regular mercenary pilots.
      • It is mentioned that there are piloting academies for each colony. However, it is unknown how long a student would need to train to become a mech pilot, or what the requirements are to be accepted into these academies.

Lore in Special Events

2022 Lunar New Year: Protecting the Settlement

A open dialogue between Yang Lee, Nian, Kephri, The Player, and the Settlement Mayor. Which was able to be viewed as the player progressed through the event operation by completing special tasks.

Dialogue is displayed in order of appearance.

Yang Lee

"Commander! Glad you could join us. I haven't celebrated this holiday with my family in years! I went through a lot of trouble to get some leave from the DSC colony and take my family to this beautiful place. I'm pretty much indispensable at the colony, as I'm still involved with all kinds of military robot affairs. Still, we are here, and I'm happy to invite you to this celebration. There's an independent community here. They don't belong to the corporations and have established a small settlement right here on Mars. The dome protects the locals and helps to keep the oxygen in their homes. This settlement is not the only one on Mars. There are other ones not far from here, with their own traditions and laws, but this is the only one where they celebrate this wonderful holiday! The streets turn red every year and you can hear the roar of exploding firecrackers and fireworks from far away! By the way, you and I have been asked to attend a local meeting as guests of honor! The leaders of all the nearby settlements will be there too and they have something to tell us.

There's still a little time before the meeting, but in the meantime I suggest we should warm up!"

"That's terrible! Did you hear what they said? The settlements get robbed every year and they can't do anything about it! That is completely unfair. The people of these settlements work so hard to grow crops on this unfriendly Martian soil, and the bandits just come on the eve of their favorite holiday and take most of the food! The poor headmen were embarrassed to ask the corporations for help, so they hired some mercenary scoundrels who ran away as soon as the bandits showed their teeth. This was all they could do. I know you, Commander, and I know you are just as disgusted by this injustice as I am. Let's help these hardworking farmers and take out the bandits!

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about these particular bandits. Let's pretend to be mercenaries from different corporations and go on a scouting mission. You don't even have to pretend to be a DSC pilot. I'm also going to try and get some info about them from my old battle comrades at the corp."

"By combining all the information I received, I've managed to get the information I needed! The bandits call themselves the Demons. They are more than just bandits — they are mercenaries who have a proper hierarchy and a very clearly organized structure. Their leader is very smart and rich. You could really call them a proper commander! Since these brigands are looting the whole area, we must speak to the elders from the other settlements. They were at the meeting and I know they saw us, but they don't really understand who we are and what makes us different to ordinary mercs. I'll try to speak to them, while you should show them what we are capable of.

Get enough Honor Points and I'm sure that word of your achievements will reach those elders."


"Word of your honorable deeds has reached even the farthest of the outlying settlements! Yang tells me that you want to rid us of the pesky bandits who leave our children hungry every year. I will certainly do my best to help you. I've already sent a message to all my friends and asked them for the details about the bandits. But there is something that worries me. There are rumors that their robots are as strong as Titans. Now, whether that's just talk or if it's really true, is a question I can't answer. I've seen your hanger, bit I'm really afraid you can't handle them.

Would you mind proving me otherwise?"

"To be really honest. I've never seen Titans fall in battle before. I'm not a pilot and I've never even sat in a robot, so Titans always seemed invincible to me. Who would have thought that they would be destroyed so fast? Anyway, what am I blathering on about, I should get to the point! I don't doubt that you and Yang will be able to give those bandits a beating at all anymore, so I will try to give you as much info as I can. To start with, I actually found a guy who saw the bandits and their robots with his own eyes last year. There was apparently a really odd robot flying through the sky and chasing after him, kind of like a bug with a shiny gold body. I don't know about you, but I sure haven't seen any flying gold bugs yet!

We don't have many leads, so I suggest listening in to Yan-di Corporation radio comms for any info on that robot. If anyone ever made any golden robots, it's definitely them! You've impersonated another corporation's pilot before haven't you?"

Yang Lee


Yang Lee



Yang Lee


Yang Lee


2022 Scavengers

Dialogue is displayed in order of appearance, following the prize track in Operation E.

Adam O'Leary

Hello Commander, long time no see. I think we last saw each other back when Griffin was still in fashion. Those were good times, don't you think? Have you every heard of Theseus? Cool guy. He got us out of a canyon mess like this once upon a time. I was sure that we had no chance. We weren't supposed to be in that battle at all, we were just there to collect all the trash. Some of us weren't even piloting our robots when the canyon turned into a battlefield. We came under a squall of fire and we would have been fertilizing a pile of garbage if not for Theseus, who use his robot as a shield to protect us against the orders of his chief. He is a hero. Rumors of his exploits spread through the solar system all the time. Have you heard of his latest act of bravery on the Valley?

You got here just in time, Commander. My men dug up a very strange character somewhere along their travels. He seems to be unable to even introduce himself and seems to be completely unaware of how this world works. Roberto is looking after him now. Go to him, and he will tell you about the world of scavengers.

Before that, let's shake up the old days and have a little fun. Take any robots that are not produced in the workshop. Let's see who does the most damage.

Roberto Baros

Roberto Baros at your service. Adam already warned me of your arrival. Welcome to our Scavenger settlement. We're the ones they sometimes call the "trashmen". Our traditions of hospitality main I must offer you a meal. How about some delicious fried spikes?

I'm just kidding! Although we rummage through garbage and robot remains, we still eat normal food. We managed to re-tame some types of livestock. See that Destrier all busy herding the sheep and cows over there? Hunting is also still a thing. And we even managed to grow corn in that soil. Just look at that Natasha with the huge plow we attached to her. And we adapted a broken Ancile to cook food in a huge pot on holidays.

Lets get back to business. We recently unsealed a pre-cataclysm bunker. We were sure that it was abandoned, like most. But it turned out to have a resident. I decided to take him with us. We couldn't leave him all alone there, as we had already cleared the bunker itself. It turned out that he knew nothing about what was happening in the world at all. Now I have to babysit him. He doesn't know anything at all. And he doesn't want to do anything. Commander, let's get to know each other a little in battle and then we'll go and visit him. I'm about to go on an outing and I don't want to leave him in the settlement.

Peregrine Rain

No, no, it can't be. This is just a dream. A very strange, terrible dream. I'll wake up now and everything will be the same as before. I'll be in my soft bed, going about my daily business.

So, who are you? Commander? You are different from the ones I saw before. Although you are also dressed strangely, at least you are not dressed in cast-offs. My name is Peregrine. You came to take me away from here to a more decent place. Anyway, what's the difference, I'll still wake up later in a bunker completely alone, without a single soul nearby. And I will live out my days alone. And I will never again wish for my life to change. Since this is a dream, then why should I sit around here? Commander, right? So be it, I'll come with you, show me this world. I'll put up with those filthy ruffians.

Roberto Baros

Commander, you managed to talk him into coming with us. And he even gave his name. Peregrine? The name is just as strange as his clothes. All right, Peregrine, get in the robot with the commander. We'll go on a search for treasure.

If you want to stay with us, Peregrine (and you don't have much choice, frankly), then you need to learn how to be a scavenger. We are called scavengers, not "trashmen", "filthbags", or whatever they call us out there.

So, out philosophy is this: "Anything can be given a second, or even a third life." We once found a Shell which was left on the battlefield. Apparently, its pilot decided that it would be easier to buy a new robot that to transport it to Mars and repair it there. Junk for some, treasure for us. We took this Shell for ourselves, repaired it, installed new shields, painted it, added some spikes and got a fully capable combat unit. And when this robot became absolutely unsuitable for combat, it still never went to the landfill. We have stabilized its core and it now heats our settlement. The shields were still intact, se we put them on our transporter. And the rest went for spare parts for other robots. We sort of gave you a second life, Peregrine, didn't we?

Now take your tools and gloves, we will teach you how to repair robots. You can't be a dead weight on our team. At least until you get into a fight. The commander will now go into battle, try to repair the robots there. And Peregrine and I will fix what the microbots can't.