…When activated, the robot temporarily becomes immune to all damage and negative effects, but cannot deal damage to enemies. While the module is active, enemy shells fly through the robot… – in-game description



The Phase Shift is an active module, freely available to all players.


This module allows a robot to become temporarily immune to all damage and negative effects for 6 seconds. During this time the robot cannot shoot or repair allies. Also, if the robot has an energy/aegis shield, it will not receive any damage during this time. After 6 seconds, will enter a cooldown phase for 39 seconds. Enemy shells will go through the robot when this module is active.

Another thing to note is that when the ability is active, the robot turns transparent.

The Phase Shift can be utilized to run into enemy territory without taking damage, run away to seek cover or avoid fatal damage that could otherwise destroy the robot. It can also be used to prolonge the duration of the Retribution abilities of the Ares, Hades and Nemesis

As of Update 5.3, Phase Shift can counter both the Lockdown and Suppression effect if triggered while you are currently locked down or suppressed. It will also neutralize DoT and damage from Mercury and Hellburner's abilities while it is active. It will also prevent the Leech from leeching you with its ability.

Update History

Version Changes
5.7.0 Cooldown: 40 → 35 sec
Duration: 5 → 3 sec
5.3.0 Module was added to the game


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