…A truly elusive robot saboteur and an engineering breakthrough developed by the Icarus corporation. Phantom possesses the unique ability to teleport from one place to another… – in-game description


The Phantom is a medium robot with 1 medium and 2 light hardpoints.


Phantom has a unique ability named Blink. Upon activation, the bot speeds up (amount unknown), sets up a translocator, and activates a defense system lowering all incoming damage by 33% of Defense Points. Secondary activation teleports the bot back to the translocator.


Phantom is relatively durable, similar to the Hellburner in terms of health and speed, however it should still be played carefully. When using Phantom, one has to be on-guard at all times to keep away from robots with heavy firepower, such as Butch, Behemoth in Siege Mode, Fury and a Falcon in Fangs Out. Phantom is also not the best robot in terms of firepower, equaling to that of the Galahad, Invader and Mender. If one is experienced at using the Loki, Phantom can be considered as an alternative, as it can constantly fire its weapons, however it can only teleport to where it was previously, instead of Loki’s ability to use stealth anywhere on the battlefield.

Another very good aspect of the Phantom is its speed. Like Hellburner and Pursuer, one can consider the Phantom a beacon capper, not because of abilities like Haechi and Invader but by raw speed. Phantom can virtually outrun most, if not all, robots in the game, paired with its high durability the Phantom is a force to be reckoned with.

Threat Measure

Similar to Behemoth for its astounding ability, Phantom is actually the first robot to teleport in the game, changing the advantages of the meta robots. Doubling down its ability Blink with 96K HP and 60 km/h, it has 1 medium and 2 light slots as the same with Mender and Invader, but this robot has the ability of teleportation, which can be useful to go against Absorber robots or Dragon robots with enhanced speed and a 90% damage resistance once it leaves its mark of teleportation. It is considered as the worst threat to the Retribution robots. Extreme caution is required when facing the Phantom.

Possible Setups

These setups are recommended for the Phantom:

Close Range (350m or less)

Slot Types Medium Slot Light Slot
#Slots x1 x2
Setup 1
Setup 2
Setup 3
Setup 4

Mid-Range (500-600m)

Slot Types Medium Slot Light Slot
#Slots x1 x2
Setup 1

Mark I Statistics

Purchase Information

Health Speed (km/h)
1 10,000 Components 96,000 60

Upgrade Information

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
2 100,000 102,000 60 2 hours
3 200,000108,00060 5 hours
4400,000115,0006014 hours
52,000,000122,000601 day 4 hours
64,000,000129,000602 days 18 hours
76,000,000137,000604 days 6 hours
811,000,000145,000605 days 4 hours
917,000,000154,000605 days 20 hours
1036,000,000163,000606 days 4 hours
1152,000,000173,000606 days 12 hours
1270,000,000183,000606 days 20 hours
Total198,700,000+87,000+034 days 1 hour

Mark II Statistics

Purchase Information

Note: Level 12 Mark I is required to upgrade (purchase) to Mark II.

Level Cost Health Speed (km/h)
1 500 Au 115,200 60

Upgrade Information

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
2 100,000 122,400 60 2 hours
3 200,000129,60060 5 hours
4400,000138,0006014 hours
52,000,000146,400601 day 4 hours
64,000,000154,800602 days 18 hours
76,000,000164,400604 days 6 hours
811,000,000174,000605 days 4 hours
917,000,000184,800605 days 20 hours
1036,000,000195,600606 days 4 hours
1152,000,000207,600606 days 12 hours
1270,000,000219,600606 days 20 hours
Total198,700,000+104,400+034 days 1 hour

Update History

Version Changes
5.3.0 Robot was added to the game
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