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While the robot's durability is at a critical level, all weapons have increased damage. If the robot has several such modules equipped, their damage bonuses are combined, and the critical durability threshold is increased
— in-game description

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Purchase Information
In-Game Cost 5000 Gold
Real Value (USD) Icn info for user popup.png N/A
Required Pilot Level Icn info for user popup.png N/A
Passive Module
Damage Boost 10%
AffectsSelf icon.png
Affects Self Permanent


The Overdrive Unit is a passive module.


This module can grant a large stackable bonus to a robot's overall firepower (weapon damage). It cannot be placed on a Titan.

This module can add a very high damage boost to any standard robot similar to a Thermonuclear Reactor. The difference being that the Overdrive Unit adds a larger damage increase than the Thermonuclear Reactor however, with the disadvantage of the damage increase only being active if the equipped robot's durability is maintained below a fixed threshold. It should be noted, that if the robot's durability gets repaired enough to surpass the activation threshold, the module will deactivate until the robot's durability is back to being below the threshold.

The Overdrive Unit's base damage boost at level 1 is 10% with an activation threshold of 50% of a robot's durability. So it's important to upgrade this module, as its damage bonus increases by 3% per level to max level of 6, for a total of 25% additional damage. The activation threshold of the Overdrive Unit also stacks in 10% increments. One module equipped on a robot will activate it's increased damage bonus at 50% hit points. Two modules will activate at 60% and three at 70%. If pilot activates healing skills, healing modules or gets healing from other robots which increases the robot's hit points above the activation threshold then the damage bonus is removed until their hit points drop below the threshold again.

The Overdrive Unit is a perfect compliment to "glass cannon" setups, as it takes advantage of it's already high damage output, if they can maintain a damaged hull. Some robot examples would be the Leech, Ares or Spectre. They can potentially activate it faster with their low health pools, and if played cautiously after activation, they will be able to output a huge amount of damage.

When the Overdrive Unit is activated, the said robot will start emitting glowing yellow strips of light. Caution should be taken when attacking a robot like it, as it will deal huge damage to you while active, but you can take advantage of it by using the Pantheon or the Leech with their abilities active, as it will either indirectly or directly harm them.


Purchase Information

Level Purchase Cost Gold Damage Increase
1 5,000 10%

Upgrade Information

Level Cost Silver Time Damage Increase Activation Threshold
2 40,000,000 2 days 13% 60%
3 40,000,000 2 days 16% 70%
4 40,000,000 2 days 19% 70%
5 40,000,000 2 days 22% 70%
6 40,000,000 2 days 25% 70%

Update History

Version Changes
6.0.0 Module was added to the game