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This is the sixth operation of this year (July 06, 2020). It is the ninth operation overall. Iron Phoenix 2 was the fourth operation of May 26, 2020. The first operation was Operation: Gathering Storm, the second was Operation: Raging Typhoon, and the third was Operation: Cold Snap.

The goal is to earn Operation Experience (OXP) from battles. You earn OXP via Honor Points; the more Honor Points you earn, and the higher your current league, the more OXP you will earn each battle.

Each time you earn enough OXP you receive a prize level. The first level is free and you can purchase an Operation Pass for $14.99 USD to earn another prize line till the end of the operation.

Operations usually last for 60 days, but this operation is unique in that it only lasts for 20 days. It reuses some of the prizes from the second operation Raging Typhoon, except for the fact that Platinum is included. It is a 20-day event.

You must be pilot level 19 to be able to do Operation: Thunderous Roar


Possible Payouts

If you complete the free for all players track and Operation pass, you will receive the following rewards:

Prize track free and paid
Thunderous Roar
Free Pass Paid Pass Total
Silver Ag 6 Mil 27 Mil 33 Million
Gold Au 330 2,700 3,030
Weapons N/A 2 x Dragon Blaze 2 x Dragon Blaze
Pilot N/A Legendary Pilot Legendary Pilot
Platinum 100 500 600
Keys 100 800 900
Robots N/A Experimental Loki Experimental Loki

Complete Daily Challenge to earn more OXP: Every day, there is a bonus task that will give you a bonus 150 OXP and 30 gold upon completion. The task is to earn 300 OXP and can be sped up by 100 OXP by watching an ad. If you fail to complete the challenge for the day, your progress will be saved but the rewards will only increase by 50% of the previous day (meaning if you miss one day you'll get 225 OXP instead of 300). Gold rewards do not increase if you fail to achieve the daily reward.

DailyChallenge.pngDaily Challenge.png

Prize Track

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
FLevel.png Au10.png Tokens10.png Ag500k.png Tokens10.png Au10.png KeyBooster.png
PLevel.png OpDragonBlaze.png PTokens30.png PAg1m.png PTokens30.png PAu50.png PAg1m.png
Level 7 8 9 10 11 12
FLevel.png Tokens10.png Au10.png PCells100.png Pt5.png Au15.png KeyBooster3.png
PLevel.png PTokens30.png PAu50.png PTokens30.png PPt25.png PAu50.png PAg1m.png
Level 13 14 15 16 17 18
FLevel.png OprKeys20.png Pt5.png PCells150.png Au15.png Ag500k.png OprKeys30.png
PLevel.png PTokens40.png PPt45.png PTokens50.png OpChesterCoen.png PAg2m.png PTokens60.png
Level 19 20 21 22 23 24
FLevel.png Au20.png Pt10.png Au30.png Ag1m.png Tokens15.png Au40.png
PLevel.png PAu50.png PPt80.png PAu100.png PAg4m.png PTokens60.png PAu200.png
Level 25 26 27 28 29 30
FLevel.png Tokens15.png Ag1m.png Tokens20.png Au40.png Tokens20.png Pt20.png
PLevel.png PTokens80.png PAg5m.png PTokens90.png PAu300.png OpExperimentalLoki.png PPt100.png
Level 31 32 33 34 35 36
FLevel.png Au40.png Ag1m.png Tokens20.png Pt20.png Tokens20.png Au50.png
PLevel.png PAu400.png PAg6m.png PTokens100.png PPt150.png PTokens100.png PAu500.png
Level 37 38 39 40
FLevel.png Ag2m.png Tokens20.png Au50.png Pt40w.png
PLevel.png PAg7m.png PTokens100.png PAu1k.png PPt200OpDragonBlaze.png