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For every 25,000 damage inflicted on the enemy, your robot receives a small damage boost for the entire battle. Upon reaching the maximum possible bonuses, the robot recovers part of its durability, and it's cannons receive additional damage mitigation. Several modules increase how fast a robot gets bonuses, but not their maximum limit.
— in-game description

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Purchase Information
In-Game Cost N/A
Real Value (USD) Icn info for user popup.png $50
Required Pilot Level Icn info for user popup.png N/A
Passive Module
Additional Damage 0.08% per 25,000 dmg dealt
Repairable Durability 50,000 (after 95 stacks)
Extra Defense Mitigation 20% (after 95 stacks)
Nuclear Amplifier.png
AffectsSelf icon.png
Stack icon.png
Affects Self Effect Limit


The Nuclear Amplifier is a mixed-use passive module. Dealing 25,000 damage to enemies gives your robot a damage bonus (up to 95 stacks). Once you reach the stack limit, you regain a set amount of repairable durability, and gain some defense mitigation.

NOTE: Multiple modules only increase the rate at which you gain bonuses, not the damage itself.


This module has a wide range of versatility. Paired with weapons with high burst damages, the bonuses accumulate very quickly. However, it can also be used for more medium ranged builds. Commanders using weapons with medium to long ranges (600m+) can safely gain bonuses without much fear of retaliation by the enemy; albeit over a much longer period of time. In that case, it's best to drop those bots earlier in the match so that you have the damage mitigation when you need it most. The defense mitigation will become extremely useful in mid to late stages of a match when the enemies begin to deploy their titans. However as mentioned before; more than one module is effectively useless. It is better to utilize your other passive slots for modules like Anticontrol, or last stand.


Purchase Information

Level Purchase Cost Gold Damage Increase Defense Mitigation Repairable Durability Max Damage Increase
1 5000 .3% 20% 50,000 28.5%

Upgrade Information

Level Cost Silver Time Damage Increase Defense Mitigation Repairable Durability
Max Damage Increase
2 40,000,000 2 days 0.4% 21% 60,000 38%
3 40,000,000 2 days 0.5% 22% 70,000 47.5%
4 40,000,000 2 days 0.6% 23% 80,000 57%
5 40,000,000 2 days 0.7% 24% 90,000 66.5%
6 40,000,000 2 days 0.8% 25% 100,000 76%

Update History

Version Changes
7.9.0 Stack accumulation rate decreased (1 stack per 20,000 → 25,000 damage dealt), damage bonus per stack reduced (0.1% → 0.08%), maximum number of stacks increased (80 → 95), Defence mitigation bonus increased (20% → 25%)
7.2.0 Module was added to the game