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SpaceTech Lead Engineer Daniil Maximov, the designer of the good old Natasha and Vityaz, presents to you his ultimate creation - Murometz. It is a Titan that can unleash a hard rain of missiles upon your enemies. It can also disable the abilities of other robots with its electromagnetic gun.
— in-game description

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Purchase Information MurometzInfobox.png
In-Game Cost Real Value Icn info for user popup.png Exp Level Icn info for user popup.png
TBA 200$


Robot Information
Class Icn info for user popup.png Ability Icn info for user popup.png Faction Icn info for user popup.png
Titan Hard Rain + EMP Blast Spacetechinfobox.png
Base Statistics
PilotRankPrivate icon.png
Shield icon.png
Durability Icn info for user popup.png
Speed icon.png
3 326,000 38
Armaments Standard Paint Jobs
Hardpoints 2x Alpha 1x Beta N/A
Default Weapons 2x Vengeance, 1x Retaliator
Module Slots Legendary Paint Jobs Icn info for user popup.png
Active No coming soon
Passive 4
Other Legendary Pilots
Tier Icn info for user popup.png IV ~
Wiki Class Icn info for user popup.png Light


The Murometz is a Titan with 2 Alpha and 1 Beta Hardpoints.


The Murometz's primary ability is named Hard Rain. Upon activation, the Murometz activates Stealth, then leaps into the air. When at a stable altitude, the Murometz can fly for 8 more seconds, as well as activating its two in-built rocket launchers with info needed. After the ability is complete, the Murometz lands, de-activates stealth mode and enters a 22-second cooldown phase. Hard Rain can be terminated prematurely if the commander clicks the ability button a second time while Hard Rain is active, doing so will cause the Murometz to land and lose all of the bonuses gained by Hard Rain.

The Murometz's secondary ability is called EMP Blast. It can only be activated when the Murometz is locked-on to an enemy target within a 500m range. Upon activation, after slight delay, the selected target will have the EMP status effect inflicted upon them for 5 seconds, preventing them from using their ability or activating their Active Module. This can splash onto several targets, similar to Nodens' suppression charge with a delay. After the EMP status effect expires, the target gains a 5-second resistance to any further EMP. After the activation of the EMP Blast, the ability enters an 18 second cooldown phase.


The Murometz is a powerful Titan, with incredibly high firepower and two versatile abilities making it a terror to face. Due to Hard Rain not only giving the Murometz flight but also activating stealth, provided that the enemy doesn't have stealth-detection abilities the Murometz may be impossible to damage during flight.

The Murometz excels in 1v1 battles, especially against enemy Titans due to both of its abilities featuring armaments which target one enemy at a time. When engaging with enemies, the Murometz should ideally hide behind cover until Hard Rain is ready to use, covershooting where possible to deal maximum damage. When Hard Rain is ready, the Murometz should activate it to jump into the air and activating stealth, giving it a vantage point where it can't be hit but can still hit enemies. Once in line-of-sight of the enemy, the commander should activate EMP Blast to negate the enemy from using their ability, making them extremely vulnerable to the Murometz's weapons and allowing the Murometz to shred them with both its mounted weapons and Hard Rain's built-in rocket launchers. When Hard Rain is about to expire, the commander should move the Murometz back behind cover for a safe landing. If all goes well, the Murometz should be able to destroy the enemy in one or two flights, without taking any damage itself.

The Murometz is also great at supporting allies. Its EMP Blast ability allows it to nullify enemies that are strategically important for the enemy team (for example, glass cannons or healing robots), while its Hard Rain ability allows it to gain a vantage point while still (mostly) being immune to damage, with the added benefit of providing the Murometz with dual rocket launchers for extra firepower against enemies. This role requires a bit of strategic prioritizing, as the Murometz's limited flight time means that the commander should take down important enemies first to destroy the enemy's team effort as efficiently as possible. However, the Murometz can still do much more than EMP enemies when grounded and waiting for Hard Rain to recharge-its hardpoint integrity allows to covershoot extremely well, meaning that in ideal circumstances the Murometz can provide a constant barrage of projectiles at enemies even when not in flight.

One thing that a Murometz commander should keep in mind is that Murometz has by far the lowest health pool of the Titans, having a mere 320,000 hitpoints at base level (surpassed even by Arthur which has 345,000 hitpoints without even counting the shield). Furthermore, the Murometz does not have any way to increase its base damage output or base health pool. Thus, Murometz is very weak if it is targeted by enemy players, and a sitting duck when Hard Rain is inactive.


Purchase Information

Upgrade Information

Hull icon.png
Core icon.png
Engine icon.png
Level Durability Defence
Hard Rain
Defence Mitigation
3 326000 N/D 38
4 32 N/D N/D
5 333000 N/D 39
6 34 N/D N/D
7 340000 N/D 39
8 36 N/D N/D
9 347000 N/D 40
10 38 N/D N/D
11 354000 N/D 40
12 41 N/D N/D
13 361000 N/D 41
14 44 N/D N/D
15 368000 N/D 41
16 47 N/D N/D
17 375000 N/D 42
18 50 N/D N/D
19 382000 N/D 42
20 54 N/D N/D
21 389000 N/D 43
22 58 N/D N/D
23 396000 N/D 43
24 62 N/D N/D
25 403000 N/D 44
26 67 N/D N/D
27 410000 N/D 44
28 72 N/D N/D
29 417000 N/D 45
30 77 N/D N/D
31 424000 N/D 45
32 83 N/D N/D
33 431000 N/D 46
34 89 N/D N/D
35 438000 N/D 46
36 95 N/D N/D
37 445000 N/D 47
38 102 N/D N/D
39 452000 N/D 47
40 109 N/D N/D
41 459000 N/D 48
42 117 N/D N/D
43 466000 N/D 48
44 125 N/D N/D
45 473000 N/D 49
46 133 N/D N/D
47 480000 N/D 49
48 142 N/D N/D
49 487000 487000 50
50 151 N/D N/D
Totals {{{TotalA}}} {{{TotalB}}} {{{TotalC}}} {{{TotalD}}} {{{TotalE}}} {{{TotalF}}}
Grand Totals 6,888

Update history

Version Changes
7.3.0 Special Variant: Zmej Murometz
7.2.0 Titan added into the game




  • Due to the Murometz's bobbing walking animation, it can sometimes enter narrow passages or walk under low bridges that would otherwise be inaccessible to other titans.
  • The Murometz, like the Ao Ming, can carry robots while it flies, but only for a limited amount of time. While it is faster than the Ao Ming, it would be very hard for robots to stay on top of the Murometz while it is walking, due to its collision model moving around more often than Ao Ming's.
  • The Murometz cannot target robots that are below 30 degrees from its field of view, or under it during flight. Making it harder for the Murometz to rely on its ability to win a point blank engagement.