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A Mothership is a large spaceship that carries robots and even titans into each battlefield. Motherships also bridge the gap between how robots in a player's hanger gets to the battlefield.

Hypothesis and Theories

While they are visible in concept artwork and some trailers, they are never seen during gameplay. Instead of players just being deployed from a Mothership, they spawn a few feet above the ground.

As players expend robots, new ones drop in the same manner, which would also support that the Mothership doesn't leave right away after dropping off robots, instead it would hover or stay at the usual spawn area.

A potential reason why Motherships aren't seen during gameplay is because Pixonic has not explored the concept of having a Mothership or there is no reason for it during gameplay. It could also be that the Mothership in the concept art is "too large" to fit in some maps due to its size.

Another potential reason would be that players using specific robots can take advantage of the Mothership being a floating platform, if it was setup that way. While it could potentially inspire different tactics to be used, most players using robots capable of jumping or flight and are using medium to long range weaponry would just stay on top of the Mothership if they are able to. Especially in team death match.

Yet another reason can be that adding huge ships for each of the twelve players in a battle can lead to unnecessary, excess lag and data consumption.

A theory for why drop ships aren't seen during gameplay and why robots are dropped from a few feet above ground, is that they are dispatched via an aerial insertion. In which drop ships would hover over the battlefield and air drop each robot from very high altitudes onto the battlefield. A small discrepancy is that air dropping anything would take some time for it to land, while upon choosing a robot from a hanger, they are dropped almost instantly. However, if you include the lag or delay between picking a robot and it spawning it, then the theory would hold.

Implementations in the 7.3 Update

In the 7.3 Update, the concept of large spaceships called "Motherships" was introduced. According to Pixonic, these motherships are the ships that house your hanger and are indirectly responsible for deployment into the battlefield. They also provide fire support, including providing offensive bombardment from orbit, as well as deploying aegis shields and repairing teammates on the battlefield. However, it is still unknown how they deploy robots onto the battlefield.

On the technical side of War Robots, all motherships are around the height of a titan, and are at least 3 times as long on a default scale of 1.00. Despite the illusion of the motherships appearing larger when viewing them in-game. There is also no visible indication of weapons on the Dreadnought and Mantis, with the exception of Monarch (with only a few low poly turrets visible).

Currently, there are 3 different "Motherships" which are listed below along with their in-game description:

Dreadnought A42 Dreadnoughts have been used since the beginning of the great expansion into space. The A-42 model was fitted with the ability to unleash a laser strike from orbit right onto the battlefield.
Dreadnought A42.png
Mantis A mothership capable of providing you and your allies with repair micro-bots and the Aegis defense system while you are in battle. Unfortunately, the ship is not able to calm the egos of your enemies.
Monarch There is no need to summon monsters where you can be a monster yourself. The Monarch is capable of delivering a devastating laser strike to the enemy
Orion A unique technology capable of creating energy spheres on the battlefield directly from orbit. Neither robots no Titans can hide from this ship!

The damage modifier on Titans affects the damage of the ship and all equipped turrets that deal damage.



  • The Dreadnought A42 can be seen as most similar to the crashed ship on the Dreadnought map. However, the crashed ship may just be an older model or could be a present model that had simply sustained too much damage to bear much resemblance to the A-42 model.
  • From the release of Motherships till now, the current best Mothership is the Mantis. (from most players' perspective)
  • There was some controversy on Motherships before their release.