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A Module is an equip-able item that arrived in version 4.6.

There are currently 8 passive modules and 7 active modules.

Active Modules

This type of module is freely available to all pilots, but only if the robot is already level 5. They add an activation button to the battle interface and are activated in a similar manner as robot abilities. However, in order to use (activate) their abilities, a currency called Power Cells are required. Power Cells can be purchased for gold on the robot load-out screen, or by progressing through the Battle Rewards system.

Currently, all active modules (Except for the Advanced Repair Unit and Phase Shift, which costs 40) require 20 Power Cells per activation. Not all robots come with an active module slot, however, no robot has more than one slot. Lastly, unlike passive modules, these cannot be upgraded.

Passive Modules

This type of module is purchasable via the store, and are available for gold or silver. They can either give you a permanent stat bonus, or a one-time special ability activation (that activates in special circumstances)The most robots have at least 1 slot up to a maximum of 3. The first passive slot is unlocked on a robot once it reaches level 3, the second (if available) unlocks at level 7, and the third (if available) unlocks at level 9.

Lastly, like equipment and robots, they can be upgraded with silver, up to a maximum level of 4 (for cheaper modules) or 6 (for more expensive modules)

Note: Unlike equipment and robots, passive modules cannot be upgraded to Mark II.

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